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Has anyone ever noticed there are rarely stories given through 'sources' with Nash?

All stories generally have direct quotes from him or lack the anonymous 'source'.

I don't buy this story because it is well known Nash's inner circle is extremely small and they do not play these games through media personalities such as Aldridge. It is just now how he has ever operated - even when PHX let everyone go who was a part of the Suns glory years and deep playoff run in 2010.

Personally, I think this source is a person connected with the Knicks. I believe Nash to stick to his word and make a decision within 4-5 days. I think the last bit of business is to hear what Dallas says.

Nash spurning the Raptors now would have devastating effects, in my opinion, on his role with Basketball Canada and his Canadian business ventures in retirement.

This is all my opinion.
I totally agree. Nash has to know that he is walking a very fine line... he either solidifies his place as a national hero, or upsets his entire home country and fans of his home country's only NBA franchise, for teasing them and seemingly stringing them along... whether true or not, he will get nailed to the wall in the court of public opinion, should he choose a team other than the Raptors now (god help him if it's the Lakers)!