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Thread: Will Raps someday have their own Big 3?

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    Hard to say. Toronto has served as a farm team for it's entire history. It's a new concept that good players would seek to play here or even stay here long term. If Toronto gets a big three they may have to develop it from within, or at least two of them from within.

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    I beleive the teams that are over the cap will be hit hard next year so a team like the Lakers who are somewhere in the range of $80+ million in payroll might be looking to start fresh with young players with smaller contracts. Could be a good opportunity to pick up a player like Gasol. Atlanta just did themselves a favour by trading Joe Johnson's hideous contract, but a small market team like Memphis will have some tough decisions to make...ditto OKC. The opportunity will be there to pick up a couple of good players, but we'll need for either Ross of Val to show star quality to make it a big 3.

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    Quote Mack North wrote: View Post
    I think everyone is putting a lot of hope in with JV. Dude hasn't even stepped on our court yet and he's being branded into a Big 3. While I'm definitely hoping he becomes a great player, it's way too early to even think about it for me. As for the rest of our team, I don't see any of them playing for a Championship. Not here anyways.
    That is exactly why I didn't mention him. I think that based on watching Ross in one of his Raptors Tryouts, he can shoot the ball really well. He was hitting nothing but net each time he made a basket. He has the chance of making a name for himself if he stays humble and healthy and gets a chance to really play.

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    I can assure you that if we ever do have a 'Big 3' or a perennial all-star even, it would most likely be a result of organic growth within. It's difficult to imagine marquee free agents/talents wanting to come to Toronto.

    That, of course, can change if the team starts winning in the playoffs.

    Hopefully, in the next year or 2, we could get a taste of the post season with our core & hope they develop into something relevant for other players to want to say: "I have a short list of teams I would want to negotiate with: Toronto, .... etc."

    Go Raptors haha
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