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Thread: PG options

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    Quote Jclaw wrote: View Post
    Our PG option is Jose. Of all the weaknesses on this team, PG is not the glaring one. If you had one stat to measure a PG with, what would it be? Assists. Points would be great but the rest of the team can do that. Rebounds? Rest of the team. Defense? It's team defense. So, assists it is. There are 30 teams in the league and Jose was #4 last year. We all lauded Nash for getting so many assists with no 20pt scorer on the team. We had not 20 point scorers either. No one will say he's Nash. But if you're looking to see who can steer the ship this year, we've got a pretty good one under contract. Take the year to find the replacement for next year. Build the rest of the team first.
    its never been about Jose not being good enough.. he just doesnt fit the style of play..his defence is an issue but if he pushed the ball & shot as good %wise as nash this debate wouldnt be going on...

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    Quote optifan wrote: View Post
    Ok I get the Lowry thing. Great defender, proven starter, good offensive numbers etc. and clearly an upgrade over our currents PGs. But how much of an upgrade? Bayless' stats per 40 min are not much lower than Lowry's per 40 min. Also, Bayless stats as a starter (although a small sample size) are actually better: 18 ppg and 7 apg from what I recall. Also Bayless is a bit younger than Lowry and will only improve.

    Why aren't we giving this guy the chance to start and see what he can do? If it doesn't work out, he's not under contract beyond this year anyway.

    Again I sort of get the Lowry appeal and wouldn't be too disappointed if we get him. But I feel like we already have something similar right under our noses. And don't get me started on going after Dragic or Lin rather than giving Bayless a shot. That would just be nuts in my opinion.

    Yes what I'm proposing is not the sexy option, but when you look at it logically and objectively, am I wrong?

    Give Bayless the reins and see what happens. What've we got to lose?
    Firstly, per-40 minute stats mean a lot...more when the player is capable of earning close to 40 minutes per night, which Bayless has not been able to do on teams that have had roster space for him to work his way up.

    Secondly, Lowry may also improve and has shown more improvement in his career, in terms of earning a starter's spot and running an offense, than Bayless has so far...You're basically banking that in the 2 years age difference until Bayless catches up, he'll become a better player than Lowry. I don't buy that. Lowry led a subpar group of talent, other than Scola (their roster is not that good, talent-wise), to a winning record. Also Dragic stepped in and they continued to play well. What is the biggest difference between Dragic-Lowry and Calderon-Bayless??? It's that both in the former are actually PGs, while Bayless is not (maybe someday....not soon).

    What you're proposing is not the sexy option, but it is the wrong option. Jose is a better option, and re-signing him instead of Bayless is also a better option. Jose is only 30, and his game has never depended on athleticism, as his haters like to point out he lacks anyway. He can plug until we find a better replacement, or in the worst case an injury takes him out. When you look at it logically and objectively, getting Lowry, who has actually been improving instead of more or less sitting still for 2 years, to play with Jose and also sell Jose on backing him up in the future, makes the most sense out of the options left. Realistically, it seems the only way to improve our PG position moving forward with the options on the table.

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    I merged the "PG Options", "Why not Bayless" and "Lets roll with Calderon" threads into a single "Raptors 2012-13 Starting PG Options" thread.

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    Landry Fields is NOT trade bait. Look, if you overpay a guy by double his value, there will be zero trade market for him. Rondo? Why even dream like that?

    Here's the list of Raptors players with anything close to "trade value":

    Calderon's expiring deal (if we are willing to take a bad contract back).