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Thread: Toronto Raptors season preview -

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    Perhaps I'm being a bit over optimistic, but the way I see it there is a decent chance that one of our two rookies (okay 3 if you count Acy, but I'm not) might be able to make an impact this season. If that is the case and either Val or T. Ross can have an impact on the team this season I think we may have a legit shot at .500 this season or dare I say better.

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    Quote NoBan wrote: View Post
    Thanks for compiling and posting. Good stuff.

    After reading the blurbs and pondering the upcoming season further, my expectations are starting to become more clear. We're going to be improved from a talent perspective, and we're going to be improved from a teamwork/coaching perspective. But it feels one year early for us to make an impact. We've got too many young, inexperienced pieces; we're still a little more potential than substance. We need another year of overcoming adversity, establishing team solidarity and learning how to win.

    This will be a year of a solid, well coached young team competing heartily with more talented, veteran squads. We'll fall short, learn our lessons, and remain positioned to entrench ourselves as a playoff team in the years to come.

    It will be 5 years in the lottery, so we really need to show some moxy this year to keep fan interest up. Seems like this team and this coach could make that happen.
    solid post.

    I am really hoping for 8th seed but the reality might be above.

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    I would almost prefer (in a way) that they just miss the playoffs, so we can get back some certainty back in our future 1st round picks. That's an asset we would likely need to acquire a very good wing.

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    If we "just" miss the play off but end up in the lotto then Houston gets our pick. Would love that they got it this year and something terrible happenned to a key guy in the Wiggins year. Wiggins on Raps is >>>>>>>>>>than anything else that this team has going for it atm.
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