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Thread: Calderon's Suitors

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    Default Calderon's Suitors

    Whether it's now or midseason or end of the season, Calderon is on his way out of Raptorsland. Here are some of options that each and every NBA teams can offer.

    ATL - Zaza Pachulia + 2013 1st round pick for Calderon + 2013 2nd round pick
    Why: Zaza can be that veteran C for us and start immediately while Jonas gets ready for the season. Calderon would be a third stringer PG behind D.Harris but provide veteran leadership in assists for the team.
    BOS - Avery Bradley + Brandon Bass for Calderon + Amir Johnson
    Why: Bradley can turn out to be a terrific scorer for the team as a backup PG/SG while Brandon Bass can be that backup PF/C for the team, no pain in the loss of Amir Johnson
    BRK - No one of required services at the moment
    CHA - No one of required services at the moment
    CHI - Joakim Noah + Luol Deng for Calderon + DeRozan + Ed Davis + 2013 2nd round pick
    Why: Luol Deng is a great defender and just entered his prime, he can be our 3 of the future for at least four years whereas Noah can battle the starting C position with Jonas
    CLE - No one of required services at the moment
    DAL - Vince Carter + Shawn Marion for Calderon + Linas Kleiza
    Why: From a fan favorite, we get back the original Air Canada back whereas Shawn Marion will once again reprise his roll as our starting 3 unless one of DeRozan or Fields prove they can handle the rest of the 3 in the league
    DEN - Wilson Chandler for Calderon
    Why: Straight up trade, the Nuggets need a backup PG for Lawson while we get Chandler, a legit starting SF, although I would love to see Galinari instead but prying the Italian Elvis will require the Italian Magician
    DET - Tyshaun Prince for Calderon
    Why: Straight up trade, Calderon can backup Stuckey or B.Knight whereas T.Prince is a great veteran and defensive minded player for the Raps
    HOU - No one of required services at the moment
    IND - Danny Granger for Calderon + Ed Davis + Rookie Terrence Ross + Future 1st rounder
    Why: Granger nearing his prime is a legit 20+ppt player on any given night, pairing him up with DeRozan will solve our 2-3 spot for years to come, the question is, does he want to play for this team or not given the fact, he chose not to work for us during the draft. Calderon is a great backup for Hill or can battle for the starting lineup for the team. Davis will replace David West one day whereas T.Ross will immediately start for the team while pushing George to his natural SF position
    LA Clippers - No one of required services at the moment
    LA Lakers - Steve Blake + Matt Barnes for Calderon + 2013 2nd round pick
    Why: Blake is a decent backup, not as great as Calderon but shall suffice for the Raps whereas Barnes was a target from Colangelo three years ago and he can be a decent backup if one of Kleiza or D.McGuire is injured.
    MEM - Josh Selby + Darrel Arthur for Calderon
    Why: Selby was great in summer league and can be a decent backup for Lowry whereas Arthur, a great rebounder will battle Jonas for the starting C position
    MIA - Norris Cole + Shane Battier for Calderon + Kleiza
    Why: Cole was great in the season but his skills diminished during the playoff, possibly due to lack of experience but a decent backup PG he is and given the right atmosphere, he could turn out to be a great player down the road. Battier is a decent veteran, just what the Raps need, although he's exactly a doppleganger of Landry Fields or someone Fields tries to immitate
    MIL - No one of required services at the moment
    NYK - No one of required services at the moment
    NOH - AFA + Roger Mason Jr + 2013 1st round pick (Top 10 protected) for Calderon + Ed Davis
    Why: AFA can be a great backup or immediately start for the Raptors, i think AFA can turn out to be a terrific player given the right coach and right atmosphere, he could be a better James Johnson. RMjr is a decent backup SG. The Hornets don't have a legit PG and Calderon fits the roster while Davis can become a greatbackup for A.Davis.
    Ohklahoma City Thunder: No one of required services at the moment
    ORL: Rights to Moe Harkless + JJ Reddick for Calderon + Amir Johnson
    Why: Reddick is just the backup SG we need whereas Harkless can be a terrific player at the 3 for us. Calderon is a decent backup PG whereas Amir will battle the starting C with Vucevic.
    PHI: No one of required services at the moment
    PHX: Wesly Johnson for Calderon
    Why: An unimproved player for a veteran sounds right if you are Wes.Johnson, a high pick out of the 2010 NBA Draft, overshadowed for the Timberwolves, he can be a great backup or 3 for us whereas Calderon will backup Dragic.
    POR: No one of required services at the moment
    SAC: No one of required services at the moment
    SAS: No one of required services at the moment
    UTAH: No one of required services at the moment
    WAS: No one of required services at the moment

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    Since it's a Thursday night and I don't have lectures on Friday, I guess I have the time to tell you why each of these are dumbest trades ever...

    Atlanta: No need for Calderon. They have plenty in PG, Devin Harris and Jeff Teague, who are both very capable point guards. So there's no point for Atlanta to get a 3rd string point guard getting paid $10.5 million for a very capable center in Zaza and a first round pick. Anyways, Calderon is definitely gonna leave Atlanta next year since he's not gonna sign up just to be a 3rd string PG with the Hawks.
    Boston: No way they are gonna trade Avery Bradley unless they are getting a SG of greater or equal talent and potential.
    Chicago: I don't know what you smoke when you make these trades. Noah isn't going anywhere! If anything, Chicago wants to get rid of Boozer over Noah. You're not gonna get Deng and Noah together for Calderon, Derozan, and Davis. Firstly, they won't want either Calderon or Derozan since they don't fit in with their major defensive culture. Secondly, you would be lucky if Chicago gave you Deng for Calderon, Derozan and Davis let along both Deng and Noah.
    Dallas: This isn't really a trade that won't happen for reasons that the teams won't do it, but I don't see why any Raptors fan would want Wince back.
    Denver: Really? Wilson Chander for Calderon straight up? Firstly, they are insanely stacked in the PG position (even more so than Atlanta) with Ty Lawson and Andre Miller. Secondly, if you want Wilson Chandler, you're gonna have to give up more than just Calderon. You would probably have to AT LEAST add in either Amir or Davis such they are somewhat lacking in the PF position. Even then I doubt they would do it.
    Detroit: Trade doesn't work since the Pistons are over the luxury tax after the trade...
    Indiana: Why would we do this trade? For him to leave in 2 years or complain and ask for a trade? There goes our assets.
    Lakers: Matt Barnes signed with Clippers...
    Memphis: Thank god it's not some really stupid trade involving Gay. Frankly, I won't believe in Selby until I see him play in the NBA. Summer league doesn't mean jack! You can average 30 points in the summer league and still be a bum in the NBA!
    Miami: Firstly, why the hell would want to help the Heat after they took Bosh from us? Secondly, they are not gonna trade away Battier when he was playing so well for the in the Finals and helping them win the Championship...
    New Orleans: Why the hell would want to give up their 2013 1st round pick and especially for Calderon and Davis? Yes, the Hornets are still without a good PG, but they aren't stupid enough to give away their 1st round pick for Calderon and Davis especially when they can get a good prospect in next years draft (despite it being weaker). They are still a growing team and one more good prospect would sent them back to the post-season.
    Phoenix: That's all we need. Another shooting guard to add to our collection. Wesley Johnston is gonna be no more than a 3rd string on our team. I'm pretty sure we can at least get something better than Johnston with Calderon...

    Well that about sums it up....