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Thread: Charles Barkley's preview of the Raptors 2012-13 Season

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    Quote ebrian wrote: View Post
    Is that not the way trending and projections work? If I'm way off base please tell me, but your projection for Kyle Lowry becoming a star player for this team -- is that not based on his previous track record as a defensive guy and his brief success as a starter in Houston? Are projections not based on what a person has done in the past? If not then what do you base it on -- gut feeling?

    This also reminds me of a person trying to shake a bad habit, who says 'from now on, I'll stop doing this', and then an hour later they catch themselves doing it and they say 'starting.. now!', and then they do it again and they say 'seriously though, starting NOW!'.

    At what point do you look at Colangelo's history and say 'from this point on, he has been doing really good work'.

    Because the way I see it things were beginning to look good again with the hiring of Casey. That was his "!" moment for maybe the 11th time overall. They went after a defensive guy who had just come off building this awesome defense for the Mavs who had just won a championship. Even JV, despite my reservations was at least in line with the new team building philosophy. They came off a year where their defense was much better than average. They had managed to mold the team in such a way that the culture had changed, not necessarily by winning but by being able to preach defense and the players buying into it. They were building from the ground up, harvesting young talent and adding key veteran leadership in reserve roles in order to ensure young players were learning and growing.

    Then, they went after Steve Nash which had nothing to do with any of the above. A complete 180 degree turn back to the old ways. A quick fix. Defense.. nah, let's get Steve Nash. Youth? Humbug! Get me Wayne Gretzky on the line! We'll sellout all our games! Then came the Landry Fields accident and subsequently getting Kyle Lowry. This is the "seriously though.. starting NOW!" moment for those in the forgiving mood.

    And nothing has really transpired since then for me to think that he has turned over a new leaf. Basically all he's done since the latest pressing of the Reset button is sign Kyle Lowry, and that only happened because thankfully the Lakers jumped in and saved the day.
    You do make a good point, but it actually does not apply to the Raptors, since, the Raptors is a team, a combination of players. Of course you can make assumptions on how a player *may* play for the next season because players tend to stick to habits, style of play but assuming a team will be the same as the previous season when it has almost an entirely different roster for the upcoming season, is inaccurate.

    I too was actually deterred the first time i heard that the Raps were trying to get Nash. From a basketball perspective, it made little sense to me, but the NBA is not about just basketball anymore. Having Nash here will definitely boom the business side for the Raptors. It would be a feel-good story having a canadian MVP play for a canadian team and having a superstar of Nash's calibre may entice other superstars to explore canada as well.

    I dont think BC actually made disastrous moves in the past, things just did not work out.

    I think the current Raps roster could do some good things this season and possible do a bit of damage in the east. If you were expecting BC to have built a contender in a span of one off season then i think thats a bit to over the top.

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    Quote NoBan wrote: View Post
    Guys, bashing Barkley for not knowing about basketball is just plain dumb. The dude has more basketball IQ in his foreskin than all message board posters in the world combined.

    I understand he's go unique delivery. I understand he's not vigorously reviewing stats and working sources behind the scenes, but the guy knows his shit. He knows what it takes to win in the NBA. He can quickly assess a basketball related situation and determine a valid point of view based on his own unique perspective.

    Chuck is spot on - we don't have the horses to compete in the deepest division in the NBA. His indifference towards the Raps is not something exclusive to him or to the Raps. It's what national media members do to perennial lottery teams. If you are dismissing his point of view because you don't think he's qualified to speak on the subject, then you are kidding yourself.

    What I do agree with is that our spot of last in the division is not a foregone conclusion. However likely it may seem, injuries happen, relationships implode and guys exceed expectations all over the league. Like everyone else here, I'm hoping for a better result than a 5th straight lottery and the Atlantic division cellar. But at the same time, the only realistic response to Chuck here is that he's correct and we've got work to do to prove him wrong.
    So you appreciated the level of insight he brought in to that segment did you? I particularly liked the way he jousted with 4 and 5. That was