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Thread: RR NBA Dynasty League - S1

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    The two players I am going to resign are Larry Sanders and Jarrett Jack.

    Everyone else (Dudley, Miles, Beverly, Blatche, Harris) will be unrestricted.
    To clarify on this, I could not resign Harris anyways as he was picked up after I was over 40.
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    any update on our fantasy draft?

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    Quote koncept wrote: View Post
    any update on our fantasy draft?
    Quote coastal wrote: View Post
    So, if we end up using the draft lottery to determine our draft order, here are the NBA teams our lottery teams would be associated with. Playoff teams to be ordered from 9-16 based on their finish in the regular season.

    Vykis - Magic
    Kadazzle - Bobcats
    Koncept - Cavs
    The Coach - Suns
    Mack North - Pelicans
    Keeping it Real - Kings
    JBML - Pistons
    Coastal - Wizards
    Hey guys, sorry was on Vacation.

    I actually really like this idea suggested by Coastal for deciding the draft order.
    I guess now that the Lottery has already been decided we may get more people disagreeing, but as commish, I would say going forward, this will be how we decide draft order, unless there are any serious contentions.

    So with that, the Lottery Picks for 2013 will go as follows:
    1. Koncept
    2. Vykis
    3. Coastal
    4. Kadazzle
    5. The Coach
    6. Mack North
    7. Keeping it Real
    8. JBML
    Thats assuming Coastal placed those in the correct order. I just got in last night from Italy, and work today has been crazy, so I will double check his efforts, but I have to assume he was accurate.
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    Not much time at hand at the moment for any leaguestuff, but I'm in favour of this as well.

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    I will be resigning Felton and Kirilenko. Koufos will become a free agent.