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Thread: Brian Colangelo's legacy in Toronto

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    Default Brian Colangelo's legacy in Toronto

    Roy Hibbert and LaMarcus Aldridge? NAAAHHH I want this guy..

    Here are some hi-lights the most egregious of all (not posted) is drafting Bargs over Chris Bosh's high school pal LaMarcus Aldridge. 20pts/8reb %50 fgp 3 years and running.

    Colangelo has tied his wagon to Bargs and made up the whole roster to support his perimeter style of play from the power forwards to the coaches right on down. When BC leaves town (sooner rather than later now I hope) it will be because that first critical move of Drafting Bargs.

    September 12 2012 - Signed forward Dominic McGuire
    July 11 2012 - signed guard Landry Fields to an offer sheet.{omgthismayendhim}

    December 12 2011 - Signed guard Anthony Carter.
    December 11 2011 - Signed center Aaron Gray
    December 10 2011 - signed forward Rasual Butler. {fail}
    November 20 2010 - JJack and Marcus Banks / David Andersen -> Hornets for Jerryd Bayless & Peja Stojakovic.
    July 8 2010 - signed center Solomon Alabi {fail}

    August 18 2009 - Traded Carlos Delfino / Roko Leni Ukic Bucks -> Amir Johnson / S Weems.
    July 21 2009 - Signed guard Jarrett Jack (one of his best moves IMO gave up nothing)
    July 4 2009 - Signed Hedo Turkoglu $54M {fail}
    May 11 2009 - Signed head coach Jay Triano to a contract extension.{fail}

    December 14 2008 - Signed center Jake Voskuhl.{fail}
    December 3 2008 - Fired head coach Sam Mitchell and named Jay Triano interim head coach.{fail}
    July 28 2008 - Signed guard Willie Solomon.{fail}
    July 16 2008 - Signed guard Roko Leni Ukic.{fail}
    July 9 2008 - Traded TJ Ford, forward Maceo Baston, center Radoslav Nesterovic &Roy Hibbert to the Indiana for Jermaine O'Neal & Nathan Jawai; {hugeepicfail}
    July 8 2008 - Signed guard Hassan Adams.
    Draft 2008 - Selected center Roy Hibbert (17th overall pick).
    October 31 2007 - Signed forward Kris Humphries to a contract extension.
    Signed forward Maceo Baston.
    July 11 2007 - Signed forward Jason Kapono {fail}
    July 10 2007 - Signed forward Jamario Moon
    May 22 2007 - Signed head coach Sam Mitchell to a contract extension.{fail}
    October 31 2006 - Signed guard TJ Ford to a contract extension{fail}
    July 27 2006 - Signed forward Uros Slokar.{fail}
    July 26 2006 - Signed guard Fred Jones {fail}
    July 25 2006 - Signed forward PJ Tucker.
    July 24 2006 - Signed forward Jorge Garbajosa.
    July 13 2006 Signed guard Anthony Parker and waived guard Andre Barrett.

    BC I used to be a fan but now I am done... go away.
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    Those are some stinkers, but trading away Hedo and managing to get Lowry bring things back a little bit

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    its funny, but for all the issues at SF we've had over the years, and yet we traded away a guy like Delfino who's actually quite effective. I never really understood what happened there.

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    we had chris bosh as our pf why draft aldrige ???the only prob is thinking bargs was a center

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    *BRYAN Colangelo's legacy will be two Daniel Stern trophies(once they rename it in 10 years). Until then he'll keep selling us on crap every year.

    Can we please stop with the Roy Hibbert pick. He wasn't likely to be our pick anyways, we drafted him only to trade him for JO who was a proven commodity back then.

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