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Thread: Good things come to those who waits! Unless you're a Raps Fans.

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    Default Good things come to those who waits! Unless you're a Raps Fans.

    So here we go again. Lots of talks around Raptors Republic about Barg, Casey, BC, DD, Fields, Ross, and everyone else on the team. Every year we have new players come in and every year we keep hearing, be patient, things will change. Let's be happy because at least we are going to be in the lottery. But what good is being in the lottery if the guy that has been making the picks remains the same guy. I mean, other than Jose, players still on the team has been chosen by BC. We won the conference once because we still had left over players from the GM before BC came here.

    I got my girlfriend involved in watching the Raps when Moon, Parker, Bosh, were here. Even though we were losing games, she enjoyed watching because she said "At lest they can't get any worse!" She stopped watching games with me because I would yell at the TV because of either the Refs, or the coaches but mostly because of dumb plays by players. Now she say "Wow, why can't the raps play like such and such team. Those guys are working so hard. Even when they are losing they still work hard." When the raps are winning she would say, "They'll find a way to lose this game" Mostly she was right. So instead of looking for another team to cheer for, she just decided to stop watching all together out of respect to me! lol

    Most teams in the us would not attend a game because the team sucks. Not Canadian teams. The Blue, Raptors, the sole Canadian teams in a US dominant sport gets a steady turn out. Not because of their teams winning, but because they feel that they need to support their Canadian team no matter what.

    It has come to the point where I believe that Fans need to start demanding better quality products. Just like we would in a restaurant or any other service industry. If you don't like the product of a restaurant or store, we just don't go there anymore or demand our money back.

    Let's demand better product from MLSE and everyone else involved.

    Come on Canadians, let us toughen up when it comes to our sports products!
    PEACE (P)eople (E)verywhere (A)re (C)reated (E)qually! Peace, a word to live by!

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    At the start of the season, I would have said that I was happy with the direction of the team, even if they wound up missing the playoffs. I was glad when MLSE stopped listening to the fans (quick fix win now approach) and started listening to BC (true rebuild in the wake of Bosh departure), even if it meant a few more rough years (wished last year had been an outright tank job though, which would have been in the best long-term interest of the team/franchise/fans). Heading into the season we had a decent, young team, filled with players who had potential and who would be good trade assets, while also having pretty decent long-term cap flexibility.

    After the poor start, the team's defensive regression and pathetic offense, Fields being a complete failure thus far, Bargnani's inability to recapture the '13 game good' form from last season (though his last 2 games have been big improvements, fingers crossed) and DeRozan getting a huge premature extension (killing that aforementioned financial flexibility and negating the drafting of Ross - neither should ever be a starting SF), I can't help but feel discouraged.

    However, I have to defend BC a little bit, at least as so far as drafting goes, certainly the past several years. Even if they haven't all panned out as expected, the drafting of DeRozan, Davis, Valanciunas and Ross were all pretty decent picks and pretty well regarded as good picks at the time of the draft. Ross was a bit of a reach, but the jury is still out on him at this point - only time will tell. Assuming DeRozan's future was truly unknown, then it made sense why positionality factored in at least partially, when deciding between a few guys who were roughly tied as BPA.

    My biggest concern is BC's ability to make that one big move, to truly turn this team around. Part of it might be completely out of his hands - ie: inability to find a trade partner willing to give back fair value (of course, how much is it BC overvaluing his guys, we'll never know). However, I worry that his past ways (and possibly through input from MLSE) could be resulting in him being 'gun shy' now, out of fear of making a move that ultimately gets viewed as a bad move, a poor fit, or a band-aid solution. One example of that is the rumor that Iguodala could have been acquired prior to the Howard trade, for a package of Calderon & Davis & Ross. Frankly, I would have done that deal immediately, without hesitation. I could understand a reluctance to include Ross if he was being viewed as a replacement for DeRozan, but it's hard to accept that logic in the wake of DeRozan being re-signed (too early and for too much in my opinion); if the signing was based on potential, improvement shown last season and financial comparison of new salary to what the cap hold would have been next offseason, then none of that was a revelation that came about during training camp (ie: the excuse for not trading Ross doesn't hold water).

    The team desperately needs an influx of legitimate, established starting-caliber talent. Lowry is the only 100% starting quality player on the team. A Bargnani that returns to '13 game good' form consistently, while being asked to be a #2/#3 scorer, would be starting quality, in my opinion. Aside from those 1 or possibly 2 players, the rest of this team is 2nd unit quality at best. Without hugely significant improvements in dribble penetration and outside shooting, DeRozan is now a $9.5M 6th man scorer, rather than a young, expiring $3.3M trade chip with promise. I believe Valanciunas will become a star C, but he needs a year or two (he's the only 'untouchable' guy on this team, IMO). Calderon, Amir, Davis, Fields, Kleiza, Ross (though he needs a couple seasons) are all capable backup players, who shouldn't be asked to contribute more than 15-20 MPG. Gray is a decent situational C, but the other 4 (Acy, McGuire, Anderson and Lucas) shouldn't be anything more than garbage time or inujury replacement players. BC needs to turn all his depth and assets into something truly valuable, with a starting SF being the most glaring need and the most obvious target.

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    It all starts with the Toronto