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Thread: Plan for the Raptors Future.

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    Quote Halifax Raps Fan wrote: View Post
    Harrington better than Bargnani???

    I have read your posts for quite some time and it is clear you are a AB hater. No problem with that personally, but if you want to add credence to your arguement, put some thought into it...please!
    Go to the bargnani thread and look back at some of the posts from Matt. He was a serial bargnani apologist. At least he was man enough to change his opinion when he knew he was wrong,.

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    Quote BrydenB wrote: View Post
    Been reading the boards for a month or so. Thought it was time to register and start contributing. Pleasure to be here!
    It was good, although it seemed to use logic and reasoning. Theres no room for that here. Move along.

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    Quote SitnonDfence wrote: View Post
    It was good, although it seemed to use logic and reasoning. Theres no room for that here. Move along.
    Sorry! I'll cook up some nonesensical rant to post tomorrow!

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    Quote raptors98 wrote: View Post
    Another possibility:
    Think we should trade Bargnani this year, but still win enough games so we lose our pick and thus keep it in 2014.
    At the end of the year Calderon expires.
    Then during the off season trade Lowry to a really bad looking team (Sac, Dallas by then, New Orleans) for their first round pick.
    In the 2014 draft we will hopefully have 2 top 7 picks and that will give us a shot to rebuild by the draft like OKC...because like OKC, we are not a free agent destination
    This seems like the most plausible scenario. 2013 is not going to be a good draft, would be much better to wait and rebuild through the 2014 draft. Hopefully the Lakers keep playing like crap and we get to make the Gasol trade. Then we do as good as possible while still missing the playoffs and move Gasol in the offseason for more draft picks/devlopment pieces.

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