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Thread: Grange: What is Colangelo's biggest error in Toronto?

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    Quote Lark Benson wrote: View Post
    This may not qualify as a single error, but to me the biggest issue has been an excessive amount of roster turnaround that has produced zero continuity/growth and unearthed zero consistent role players. You would think that after 7 years of constantly bringing in new faces, a few would have stuck (outside of Amir Johnson, who is obviously overpayed). But after 7 years of trading away second round picks, taking flyers on guys like Moon and trading for high draft picks that had fallen out of favour with other teams, there is literally nothing to show for it. I can forgive the draft picks, I can forgive the deals that didn't pan out, I can forgive not fully committing to the rebuild, but how you can turn the roster over year after year and not find a few players to keep long-term is a bit mind-blowing. It just speaks to how fractured and uncertain the team's direction has been year after year, how BC has been reacting instead of planning ahead.
    Yep he's been in panic his entire tenure. Seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    Quote hotfuzz wrote: View Post
    Here's what Colangelo had when he signed.

    1. A star on a rookie contract (Bosh)
    2. A 1st overall draft pick.
    3. A weak division.
    4. Tonnes of cap space.
    5. 2 players who played in rookie challenge.

    That was then and here we are now. The second worst team in the league with only 2 wins in the playoffs to show for in the last 7 years.

    +1 Sometimes when I think I'm being too hard on BC, I remind myself of exactly this. How many lifetimes would it take any other GM to screw up a situation that starts this way, the way BC has?!

    For me it was never 1 single move that pinpoints BC's idiocy, its been the entirety of his 7 year stretch. *IF* I had to choose one though (and I guess this still technically isn't just one), it would be Bargs and all Bargs related moves as a whole. #1 pick in a weak draft? Take a soft jump shooter that plays the same position as your allstar instead of trying to trade down or package with another guy for a wing to compliment Bosh. Trade for JO? Compensating for Bargnani's crappy defense and protect Bosh. Bargnani up for an extension? Bid against himself. and an overbid at that. Now finally, holding onto Bargs until his value is at an all time low and splintering this team.

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    Trading for Jermaine Oneal was when BC started making his shitbed. The franchise was at a crossroads, had to make a move and it was the wrong move, in hindsight. Even going in there was a very high risk, with a very low reward. Everyone knew J.O. wasn't going to be the same guy he was before his knees went, despite how healthy he said he was.

    Anyways, I guess my main reason is based on where this team would be at if we had drafted any of the listed players instead of trading our pick for J.O. (brace yourself):

    -Roy Hibbert
    -Javaale McGee
    -Ryan Anderson
    -Serge Ibaka
    -Nic Batum

    Not saying any of these players would have dramatically changed the course of things, but that was a tough pick to give up for what we got. We even traded away our second rounder in the same draft (ended up being Goran Dragic). ouch, hindsight is a b****!
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    Quote KHD wrote: View Post
    Firing Sam was not a mistake, just badly timed. The man was a terrible coach. His successors haven't been