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Thread: Raptors have a chance at the #1 pick and it's a weak draft?

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    Quote enlightenment wrote: View Post
    2 top 5 draft picks is asking a lot, and involves another tanked season but I am sure it is possible.
    If we can keep our core and still draft twice (involving one for Wiggins), we will find ourselves with an incredibly balanced team, age wise, and talent wise.
    We could be lethal if it happens, and maybe for the sake of future raptor fans, we need to take that route.
    I think the best thing for the Raptors management to do is to try and win every single game possible. That is the only way to achieve a top draft pick. If they purposely try to get #1, they are likely to select 8th.
    "Championships are what we live for, now lets go win them."
    Tim Leiweke

    Basketball has clear winners every night --
    except at the draft, which is all homework, politics and chance.

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    Quote Employee wrote: View Post
    Ok Ok I hear what you're saying. I agree all those guys I listed may not be franchise players but all of them have a good chance of being an all star. Those drafts like in '03 happen so rarely. I don't think it's happened since then. How many times does a draft happen and people are saying more than one person is a definite franchise player? Not too often.

    Also sometimes in takes a few years before people realize that a player can be a franchise type to build around (K-Love, Nash, Rondo, etc).

    I know Wiggins is supposed to be the next LBJ, but man when people say we should be trying to get him (and Im not saying you said that Mink) ? Two more years of tanking? It's not like it's so easy to get a team to trade for a top pick next year. Every team is gonna want this guy.
    I hear ya. Being terrible for another 2 years would be painful as all hell and that still wouldn't guarantee anything. The 2014 draft is shaping up nicely would but another late lotto pick, or anything out of the top 3 really help turn this franchise around?

    You're also very right about drafts like the '03 one being rare with only the 84 (MJ/Stockton/Dream/Barkley) draft and maybe the 96 (Kobe/Nash/AI/RayRay) draft beating it out. Maybe a better example of deep drafts (but not once in a generation) would've been the '98 Draft (Pierce/Vince/Dirk/ Jamiseon), 2001 (JJ/PGasol/TonyP/Arenas) or '95/99. The main point being that in a good draft year you have a shot at more than one franchise guys and multiple all star or near all star level players and theres talent beyond the lotto. A weak draft class is one with more questions than answers, few to no franchise guys and more projects than sure shots.

    I wish they would figure out a better college to pros system that would allow guys to see were they may be drafted or even get drafted but still stay in school. Too many guys come out each year not ready and it really dilutes the draft and overall talent level of the league. 2014 has some definite one n done guys in Wiggins and Jabari Parker (both of whom are next level elite talents according to the current scouts) and guys like Andrew Harrison, Noah Vonleh and Julius Randle who look very good early on. Only guy I can name off the top of my head in 2013 is Shabazz and I think that's more for his name than his game.

    I really hope we fall out of the top picks and it goes to OKC. Maybe we could trade them something to get our pick back? Perk/Maynor +#1 for Jose/Ed+#2?? money and contract lengths and an overabundance of 1st round picks already on the team would be OKCs motivator and Ed would arguably be a poor mans Serge while Perk is overpaid...just sayin
    LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!

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    Shabazz had 25 point 4ast 2rbs 8/14 FG 3/6 3FG 6-6 FT last night in 26 mins

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    Quote Chr1s1anL wrote: View Post
    Shabazz had 25 point 4ast 2rbs 8/14 FG 3/6 3FG 6-6 FT last night in 26 mins
    We're winning now, who cares? We'll end up with the 4th pick anyways!
    Keep Calm & Chive On

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