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Thread: Rebuilding: Who Is Doing It Right?

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    Which team do you see having the best team on the court three years out?

    I like New Orleans cause of Davis and another high pick or two that are coming... I also like Portland. I'll put Orlando here only because I like what the new GM has done and I think they'll figure it out.

    Which team do you see rebuilding to mediocrity?

    Toronto. Detroit. Cleveland.

    Which rebuild do you see failing completely?

    Sacramento. Phoenix.

    Who is still lottery bound 3 years out?

    Sactown, PHX. Probably Toronto. Washington.

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    Best team in 3 years - Portland, Cleveland, NOH

    Mediocrity - Toronto, Phoenix

    Fail teams - Washington. (Oh god Washington ). Sacramento.

    Lottery Bound in 3 years - Any of them. Some will realize they attempts have failed and start over. The mediocre teams could easily be sitting in that 10-7 range and be hit or miss lottery wise. But Washington (oh god Washington ),and Sacramento

    Question: how does Dallas fit in here? They are retooling, but not rebuilding.

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    I would say Dallas isn't truly rebuilding until the Dirk era is complete. No doubt they need to make some serious moves in the next two before Dirk truly fades

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    Dallas is retooling, but, depending on their moves, and how Dirk pans out in the next few years, i think they're bound to Mediocrity until they find a big talent again.

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