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Thread: Under The Radar? No, proven.

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    On playing the older wings...I don't see it as a huge problem, and definitely not an Alan Anderson problem. Right now he's stronger and does more things than Ross. That doesn't mean Ross can't take a couple of his minutes. And if Fields comes back, and you know, is worth even half his contract, PIetrus should become the 5th wing. He clearly just does have knee issues, so his legs are not there a lot of nights.
    Having a guy like Alan is good. He does play hungry, as they have been saying so much lately. That is great to have in general, but especially at a position where there's competition. I don't think it matters so much if he's a vet or a young player. He might take a few too many shots, but he does generally earn his minutes so it forces Ross to do the same. Don't think it's a coincidence they've both been playing well lately, especially given they share time on the court.

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    Quote RaptorReuben wrote: View Post
    Since we drafted Ross, the first couple weeks, I'm not gonna lie. I was a little disappointed because we didn't draft Austin Rivers. He had one good game in the Summer League, the rest were fairly mediocre. From that point on, I sort of threw Ross under the radar, and sort of just said "yeah, yeah, he'll be okay."

    Being a huge Derozan homer, with people comparing the 2, I found it silly (I still find it silly today with the complete differences in style of game-play), because Derozan also has the potential to be very good. I guess I was going under some tunnel vision at the time, and not truly recognizing that Ross was (and still) a project.

    But, ever since he started getting some burn, man he hasn't disappointed. The guy can handle the ball, he can shoot from basically anywhere on the floor, arguably as good as athleticism as Demar (some say better), wonderful on-ball, system defender, and he knows the game of basketball. Not to mention the stage presence he possesses. Every time he touches the ball, it gives you a random feeling he's going to pull off something spectacular.

    So, my point is, Terrence Ross has proven me - probably many as well - wrong. This guy is a really good talent, with really good potential. I'm just excited to have two really good wing players, who will be with this team for awhile, and both willing to grow and get better at each part of the game.

    Time to get my head out of my Derozan homer head, because there's no doubt Ross has the capabilities to be a better player than Demar, not to mention he could be an elite wing in the league.

    With all the Bargnani stuff going on, and the BC mistakes, I'm just happy to know we've got a really bright future (near, and far) with Ross, Derozan, Valanciunas, Lowry, and Davis.

    Oh yeah, forgot Jonas Valanciunas is on this team... That's a good thing by the way.

    I agree with everything you said except one thing T-Ross AINT NO PROJECT, we won't have to wait 2 seasons for him to develop a jump shot or learn how to play D. I think what we wanna know is, what is he ? because by watching him play in this 5 game winning streak, the Raps could have a legit player ready to contribute NOW, not next year or the year after that. He's got the shot, the athleticism and D, and all he needs is MINUTES. I try to find someone to campare him to, but everyone i find is either an all star or HOF and i just don't want to make that comparison YET.

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    Quote mountio wrote: View Post
    Not sure about that .. hes shooting 33% from the floor (2 of 9 last night) on the year, despite being "on a hot streak". I agree he has brought us some good minutes .. but he is very confused between what he is (defense, rebound, hit the open 3) and what he thinks he is (offensive scoring threat, guy who deserves to get plays called for him). Weve squeaked by so far (and dont get me wrong AA is THE reason we have won a couple of games in this steak) - but it will end badly and is already headed that way .. these stats dont lie
    I sort of agree, and sort of disagree if that's a possibility. :P

    Anyways, I don't think he is one bit confused. Alan Anderson has been doing what he is (Defense, rebounding, hitting the 3), also adding in his capability to take people off the dribble, and I believe he's been delivering when plays are called for him. He's been a spark off the bench, I guy a team needs who can carry the team for a stretch/period of time to keep the game in rhythm, keep it close, or to help get back into a game.

    He has been shooting inefficiently, but he's a guy who brings energy to the table when the team is need of a boost. Whenever he hits the floor, it seems like this game is in slow-mo. I don't like the nickname, but it sort of says what he is: "Everywhere man."

    Rebounds, scoring, defense, hustle, tenacity. I do agree he takes some un-called for shots, and make some rather weird decisions, but he seems to be able to make them anyways.