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Thread: MLSE needs to take NBA & officials to task

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    Quote Soft Euro wrote: View Post
    I'm already imagining a home town official making a dubious call against his home town team and going to a bar afterwards, thats going to be fun!
    Haha, great times would be had.

    EDIT: For the record, I was just making a point. I don't truly propose such a solution.
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    he'd end up in the hospital lol
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    Quote RandomGuy wrote: View Post
    We can blame refs, altitude, temperature, announcers, cars outside the building, but the thing is that players have to grow some balls and do not get into situations like those, do not let the game be decided on last shot by others, simple as that.
    The players are busting their Ass out there Amir Ed Andersen... bottom line they are getting screwed over by the league
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    someone in the organization needs to go off in the media. atleast show us you care dont just bend over. someone like fields or lowry needs to say something like they way things are called for them was way different in ny or houston

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