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Thread: NBA Apologizes to Raptors...Again

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    Quote Arsenalist wrote: View Post
    Oh my goodness ... this is getting ridiculous.
    Someone start a Petition at and make them fix this BS.
    In Masai we Trust.

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    The NBA: Where Sh!tty Officiating Happens to Everyone

    Zach Lowe ‏@ZachLowe_NBA

    1) I hate moving screens and wish refs would call them more consistently. 2) That Collison screen was especially obvious/NFL-like.
    Larry Coon Larry Coon ‏@LarryCoon

    Yep, not well officiated. RT @MeMattP Refs doing their best to ruin this game
    Denver vs. OKC.
    "Championships are what we live for, now lets go win them."
    Tim Leiweke

    Basketball has clear winners every night --
    except at the draft, which is all homework, politics and chance.

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