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Thread: ESPN Top 25 Players Under the Age of 25 - Guess which Raptor made it?!

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    Default ESPN Top 25 Players Under the Age of 25 - Guess which Raptor made it?!

    Interestingly enough, Boss is getting some media hype in the US.

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    for those that can't read it...

    Current: Davis is finally seeing his production match his potential, and the Raptors are now one of the NBA's hottest teams since he has moved into the starting lineup. Davis has real talent to "feel" out a defense's weaknesses and earn easy baskets by moving to the perfect spot on the floor. He gets a lot of dunks this way, and he finishes a high rate of his non-dunks too. Davis works at rebounding every shot, and does so effectively, while making very few mistakes with the ball. -- Thorpe

    Future: With his performance over the past month, Davis has earned the right to stay in the starting lineup after Andrea Bargnani returns, and he might not give up that role for years. Strength remains an issue for the rail-thin Davis, especially in terms of defending the post. ranks him 124th out of 152 qualified players in points allowed per post-up. -- Pelton
    he has a terrible WARP, though i have no idea what it measures exactly.

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    Glad he made the list. Can't read the whole thing but THUMBS UP! I guess...
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    Cool, where did he place out of those 25 players? The article (insider) only shows the top 3.

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    He placed 24th

    1. Durant
    2. Westbrook
    3. Griffin
    4. Harden
    5. Rose
    6. Irving
    7. Ibaka
    8. Love
    9. Lopez
    10. Curry
    11. Faried
    12. Holiday
    13. Anthony Davis
    14. Monroe
    15. Ryan Anderson
    16. Batum
    17. Thad Young
    18. George
    19. Cousins
    20. Jennings
    21. Lillard
    22. Sanders
    23. DeAndre Jordan
    24. Boss Davis
    25. Eric Bledsoe

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    Good company for Davis.
    "When Life gives you lemons, you clone those Lemons to make super lemons!"

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    Jeff Teague
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    Kemba Walker
    Tristan Thompson
    Dion Waiters
    Danilo Gallinari
    Andre Drummond
    Brandon Knight
    Klay Thompson
    Chandler Parsons
    Ricky Rubio
    Al-Farouq Aminu
    Eric Gordon
    Evan Turner
    Tyreke Evans
    Kawhi Leonard
    DeMar DeRozan
    Jonas Valanciunas
    Derrick Favors
    Gordon Hayward
    Bradley Beal
    John Wall

    did not make the list.

    I am sure there are PLENTY of GMs (read 0) that would draft Ed Davis before John Wall and Ricky Rubio if there were to start a new franchise today...