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View Poll Results: Is Demar a top three mid-range based shooting guard?

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Thread: Is Demar one of the three best midranged shooting guards in the league?

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    Default Is Demar one of the three best midranged shooting guards in the league?

    I didn't hear Matt Devlin's Demar is the best mid-range shooting guard in the league comment, but it struck a chord when I read about it. Around the league, how many midrange shooting guards are there anumore? Kobe gets a lot of his points from there, and I guess you can say Wade but most guys are either 3 point shooters or slashers at that positing these days. Looking around, I don't see any reason why Demar isn't top three as a SG who gets most of there points from mid range shooting.
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    Accounting for all SGs

    10-15 ft he ranks 56th in fg%
    16-23ft he ranks 26th in fg%

    Narrowing down the minutes (using 20+ min)

    10-15 ft he ranks 32nd
    16-23ft he ranks 19th

    Attempts from 10-15 ft he's tied for 6th
    Attempts from 16-23ft he's tied for 1st

    Quick conclusion - he's one of the 'best' SG in the league at attempting mid range shots. Not even close to being one of the best at making them though

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    Was there also something about total points scored?

    I mean, that is awesome, unless you are taking ridiculous amounts of shots to get them.... oh wait.
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    i think this ranking is by default since 1, there been a complete lack of true SG in the draft the past few years..2. most SG can hit a three, & its widely known that long 2s are the worst shot to take in b ball

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    Quote Craiger wrote: View Post
    Not even close to being one of the best at making them though
    A couple things jump out at me from that link you posted that I feel should be included with the stats that you've used.

    Not really arguing one way or the other, the mid-range shot is a terrible shot to rely on .. but if you can make it work for you, then why not; just providing the facts.

    -he's tied for 2nd in makes per game from 16-23 feet, at 2.1 per.
    -he's 8th in makes from 10-15 per game.
    -most of the guys 'ahead' of him, percentage wise, only attempt 0.1 per game; not really valid statistical evidence.
    -League average is 38% from 16-23. Demar hits 41%.
    -League average is 42% from 10-15. Demar hits 36%.

    If you account for the all the data, I'd say that Demar could be counted among the more profficient mid-range scorers in the game.
    BUT with such a small group of guys who actually shoot the mid-range is it really much of an accomplishment to be counted among them?

    Regardless, I'm a huge fan of Demars game.
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