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Thread: CNNSI's view on Colangelo's plan in wake of Gay Deal

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    Quote CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    Calderon wasn't in the team's long-term plans.

    Davis/Amir are both young PFs with very similar style games - they make each other redundant.

    Gay is only 26, so he is now part of the team's young core, but at a position that was sorely lacking.

    Financial impact aside, the Raps traded a backup PG on an expiring contract and a redundant backup PF for one of the top 10-15 SFs in the league.

    Toronto now has good young core of players at more positions than they did before the trade
    C: Valanciunas
    PF: Johnson
    SF: Gay
    SG: Ross, Fields
    PG: Lowry

    Plus, it's almost guaranteed that the trading isn't done yet. I think Bargnani is 99% gone and I would hope that options to trade DeRozan would also be exhausted. I also hope that Anderson is cashed in while his value is peaked. Once all the moves are done, it will just make this Gay trade look even better.
    Agrede with everything. We traded 2 players we didn't need for 1 we SORELY needed.
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    Quote Axel wrote: View Post

    That would still be a happy reprieve from our constant lottery ways. Ultimately, I'd be ok being mildly competitive for the next 3 years, then blowing it up if need be. We need some playoff games to boost morale.
    This bugs me a bit though, because it has clouded the long term future of the team a lot. It could just be a lot of false hope that does nothing in the long run. Morale only matters on the team, and they probably wouldn't like being a mediocre team that gets beat in the 1st round a couple of times.

    A lot will be said with BC's next move. If Bargs is traded and we have to take on a useless, bad salary, we are in the selling hope or false hope cycle. BC will have fans believing we are a good team...just one or two moves from something special, but basically incapable of actually making such a move and taking that next step. If it brings back something the team needs...say a vet with real championship experience, like Pau, or a vet with almost as much experience, but more upside, like Millsap...or relieves capspace (both Pau and Millsap do that, as I'd be ok with Pau's bloated contract for only a season), and if it doesn't bring back a useful player, minimum a 1st rd pick without also tacking on a terrible salary....then we might be on the path to actually winning.

    In my mind, there is actually only one logical reason to make this trade: BC believes Ross and JV will be very special, and that Gay won't decline for another 6-7 years. He wants them to build chemistry and still convince Gay to re-sign as a 2nd or 3rd option for something like $8-10 mill a year...BC knows this sacrifices any chance to build on the current team, but believes this team will struggle to add a significant FA (which is fair, because FA is a crapshoot....usually best reserved for rounding out a roster than building a core), that we'd still be at least mediocre enough without Gay to not have a chance at a high/top lottery pick, and so believes the next chance to re-model is in 3 years or so, anyway, when they'll be deciding what to do with JV and Ross, and clearing money.

    Basically, this deal works if Bargs is turned into anything useful, and anything other than another bad contract. And it works if it convinces Gay to be a stay for less money when he's up for a new deal...If Ross and JV are potential all-stars, and frankly I could see either one being a better all around player than Gay relative to position, they are the future, but the future of the team has to look good for them to want to stay.

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    Quote Gman wrote: View Post
    Wow, talk about writing in a vacuum. I appreciate the glass half empty attitude but at least acknowledge there's some f*cking water in the glass. This is a little ridiculous. Gay is having a down year because Memphis's entire philosophy is to pound it inside to their bigs and then Gay ends up being relegated to a spot up shooter which is not his strength. He's a cutter and slasher extraordinaire...

    Let's acknowledge that we have one