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Thread: Websites can't agree on Raptors official Logo. What is it anyway?!

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    Default Websites can't agree on Raptors official Logo. What is it anyway?!

    Lets change it up from the Constant Rudy Gay talk;

    So after being on ESPN and seeing them using the old Purple, Black and Red Logo with the Dino on it:

    (which actually got me a little ticked)

    Or on, where they use the similar, but different logo, with the updated Colours:

    I couldn't help but think to myself, not only do those Original Style logos not appear ANYWHERE actually related to the Raps anymore, but didn't the organization get rid of it all together a few years back??
    I thought they made the switch to:
    as evidenced by it being ALL OVER their website and the Court they play on.

    Or do the Raptors just have WAY too many Logos to begin with?
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