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Thread: Everything Rudy Gay

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    Quote Raptor_11 wrote: View Post
    anyone catch the Gay interview on NBA tv?
    Nothing serious, they just showed Rudy's shot chart vs Celtics, how efficient he was and quick interview.

    Talked about:

    Eyes surgery
    Working with Hakeem and expanding game
    Main goal is playoffs, but doesn't want to talk how further they'll go

    He also encouraged people to vote on fan night voting Heat vs Raptors.

    Dennis ended show in Halloween spirit.

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    That was a bit retarded...... a bit.

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    Quote ReubenJRD wrote: View Post
    Watching last night's game, Boston would double-team/send help defense as soon as DeMar would turn his back on the defender. So... That answers that, I think. If a team full of defensive perimeter players (Bradley, Wallace, Lee) would be throwing doubles at him, I'm be certain he'll see more in the near future.
    I would be shocked to see that consistently. Boston only sent the double when Demar was going against the undersized Avery Bradley. I don't remember seeing any when Demar was guarded by anyone else.

    Demar wont have favourable match-ups in the post for a lot of games this season. If you are counting on that to open up Lowry's shot, then Lowry will be limited to a few minute stretches per game.

    Until Demar/Gay learn to pass out of their drives, or the team gets a real post presence, Lowry will struggle to get open looks on the perimeter.

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    Jesus the negative attention and criticism is getting worse and worse.....

    Last night Rudy Gay did something few people in NBA history has ever accomplished. He took 37 shots from the field and managed to get only 11 to go through the hoop. Many people took to Twitter to celebrate this accomplishment. Here is some of what people said:

    ‏@TheNBAUpdate Rudy Gay FEWEST POINTS ever (since 1984) for players averaging 20fga/g through their team’s first 8 games.

    @TheNBAUpdate Median score for a player with 37 or more FGA: 48 pts.

    @tomhaberstroh Most shots Kevin Love has taken in a game this season: 25. Kevin Durant: 24. LeBron: 20 … Rudy Gay MISSED 26 tonight.

    ‏@tomhaberstroh Prior to tonight, 72 players had taken at least 37 shots since 1985-86. Only 1 failed to score 30. MJ = Rudy Gay.

    ‏@TheNBAUpdate DeRozan and Gay go 17/62 (27.4%). Ironically, the Raptors are also playing their “star” players $27.4 million

    ‏@ArturoGalletti Congrats to Gay for being the 2nd player to make as few as 11 fg on at least 37 fga He needs to sue his eye doctor.

    ‏@TheNBAUpdate Rudy Gay’s 29 pts on 37 shots is the fewest pts for any player taking 37 or more shots (tied with MJ who had 29pts on 39 shots 11/3/97)

    Even I chimed in on the story.

    @wagesofwins Gay hits 11 of 37 shots and is ESPN’s “Top Performer”. Quick snapshot of what’s wrong with NBA analysis.
    The only