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Thread: Toronto gaining recognition.

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    Quote TRex wrote: View Post
    I heard that Gay is a go tonight!!! Also heard that JV and AB might also play!!! If this is true and CP3 is out for LA. Then i think this is a game we SHOULD win.
    Bad prediction.

    The Raps didn't win, they totally dominated. Then rubbed the Grizz teams' faces in the drool they left on their bibs.

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    Quote Puffer wrote: View Post
    Bad prediction.

    The Raps didn't win, they totally dominated. Then rubbed the Grizz teams' faces in the drool they left on their bibs.
    Read the comments in the Raptors game thread. I did after the game. It was priceless reading the tide turn on the opinions.

    The thing to keep in mind, as I'm sure many are aware, Gay has not practiced with Toronto yet. He woke up yesterday morning at 5am, took a private jet from Memphis to Toronto, did his physical/presser, and played.

    I'm starting to feel a little excited.
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    Quote Jclaw wrote: View Post
    how was butch carter not on that panel?!
    LOL seriously, I feel like it was a "ghosts of Raptors past" edition of Gametime

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    Quote yertu damkule wrote: View Post
    oh, c'mon.

    1) derozan hits circus shot to beat orlando;
    2) it's a highlight, so these guys are aware of it;
    3) they remember him in the dunk contests;
    4) they then take 12 seconds to peruse his stats;
    5) they take note that he's scoring in the high teens;
    6) they conclude that that means something (since, y'know...POINTS!!).

    the whole 'american media' & whether they are pro-raptors or anti-raptors is a strawman. they are pro-story. if there's a story somewhere that will generate interest among their viewers - or generate new viewers - then that's what they are 'pro.' since 99% of their interest lies in cultivating the US market, any 'story' concerning the raps has to be significant enough to be of interest to joe-average american fan. and, sorry, as much as we gnash our teeth at the shitty luck the raps have had with officiating, pretty much no one outside of raptor fans gives a flying fuck...and hence, it isn't a story.

    now, if the same thing had happened to, oh, say, the knicks (3 (potential) losses directly attributable to bad officiating, impacting their record/playoff seeding)...well, holy shit, the world might as well be on fire...because people in their market would care.
    holy sh&%! my man, you hit the nail right on the head! Ill co-sign everything you just said.

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