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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Default Boozers D

    Quote white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    Defense is a team thing that everyone has to commit to. Bargs' man D has been good for a couple of seasons now, but he just is very rarely engaged in playing team D, filling spaces and helping properly. He also doesn't rebound, which a lot of coaches try to tell guys is the most important part of D, because solid D doesn't matter if you can't get the ball. Boozer definitely rebounds, and he's clearly been committed enough to fit into maybe the best D in the league.
    Remember Casey is a defensive coach, even if thibs couldn't teach him good defense, Boozer has a possibility in fitting into Casey's defensive system regardless and proving everyone wrong on D. Given the age of 31, he still has a good couple years left in the tank in terms of offense and D

    Also, Boozer is better than Bargs at D than he ever will be
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    Quote Rapstor4Life wrote: View Post
    Update seems aptors are the ones holding back The deal would include Bargnani + "fan favorite" (shudders) JL3 for Boozer and Nate Robinson....

    Chicago seems to be the ones pursuing this deal not Toronto as much. Interesting Maybe Boozer and that rookie guard of theirs would do it.

    well i like that Nate was included..hed be a great backup... im also glad though that the Raps are going to keep there options open on this one...No sense in rushing things... these discusions may up the ante on other teams offers & get the ball rolling for another potential deal

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    Quote heinz57 wrote: View Post
    i found that the big problem was the allocation of my attention... like, you know when you go with your friends... there's certain beats to a game... you kind of instinctually know when idle conversation happens and when it doesnt... you know when you're supposed to be paying attention, and when you can start pointing out the hot chick a few rows in front of you is showing ample thong..

    she had no effing clue... asking questions on fast breaks.. then during timeouts would be quiet... it was a whole lot of awkward
    Lol I don't think it would work for me. I'd probably get pissed and tell her to F off lol, I get intense during games

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