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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Why didnt they do this with Bargnani??

    Couldve helped.

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    mixed feelings but starting to come around. I was initially in the camp of hold on to him and see what we can get in the summer but it appears that there is a deadline coming up regarding the luxury tax that puts an extra ace in colangelo's hand that he won't have this summer. It's nice to say we'd rather have someone else but are we really going to get someone else for him?

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    Quote jimmie wrote: View Post
    You're still basing this move on getting rid of Bargnani. That's ludicrous, IMO. The Toronto Raptors do not NEED Carlos Boozer to be a more successful and talented team. They need something, but it doesn't have to be Carlos Boozer. There are much better ways to annually spend 15M a year on an old, declining PF.

    As for stats, read my sig for my view on that.
    Not when the alternative is spending $11M per year on an underachieving, on-court deadbeat. The difference is $4M per year plus any tax and the MLE going from full to mini. I am not sure why anyone would care about the extra money when the team is owned by 2 multi-billion dollar media empires and I am also not sure what free agent coup the Raptors are going to land with a mid-level exception.

    Due to the CBA, and even with the amnesty, the Raptors have no way to spend the money elsewhere. Obviously Bargnani is going to return jack shit and it is painfully clear that his value is never going up. He is what he is.

    As for unfounded and baseless opinions, maybe I should look at editing my sig for my views on that.
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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I can't wait to read the Bulls' fans messages should this deal happen.

    Boozer is still a better player - both offensively and defensively - than Bargnani.

    This season Boozer OffRtg 101; DefRtg 100
    This season Bargnani OffRtg 95; DefRtg 110

    Boozer career OffRtg 110; DefRtg 102
    Bargnani career OffRtg 103; DefRtg 111

    Not to mention Boozer actually hits the glass and gives you 8.5 more possessions per 48 minutes.
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