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Thread: franchise outlook discussion

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    Quote Axel wrote: View Post
    I really like Landry and think he would be a good fit as a short-term solution.

    Even if we do move Bargnani, what are we going to get in return? Surely no team is going to give up the rugged interior player who can score on the blocks for Bargnani. Any deal for Bargnani wont likely solve our PF problem, which means Amir + what-ever stop gap solution we can find. A cheap option like soon to be waived Hakim Warrick might be realistic but not exactly inspiring. Until we have a first round pick again, we might be stuck with Amir/Bargnani.
    Don't know. I agree with you about the PF's probably 99% sure that Bargs won't return a PF (interior scoring or not) of good value in a trade. Hence why I would've been ok with "garbage" trades where instead of trying to land a player who's a problem for another team that will hopefully work out (Boozer, Gordon, etc), just get some assorted pieces....For example, going into the summer, things change a bit maybe even with offers that were already out there. Maybe Bryan didn't care for Philly's Hawes package because they wouldn't throw enough extra in....well Philly will have capspace this summer, so maybe instead of taking back things BC doesn't want, Philly could just offer Hawes + cash (becomes a tpe) + 1st rd pick in this year's draft (if Philly doesn't plan on keeping their pick). I would take that....I have no clue how realistic it is and I'm just talking out of my ass...but I'd take it.

    *not even sure if Philly would have the space...they should have enough expiring deals with Bynum needing a new contract, but logistics of the offseason with capholds and crap like that always confuse me
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    All of you guys are forgetting that DeMar doesn't get paid 9.5 mil until next season. This season he only gets paid around 3.5 mil which is UNDER-paid for someone who puts up 17.5pts, 4rbds, 2.5asts, and 1 stl.

    We all know DeMar is the type of player that improves every single year, and now with Rudy along side DeMar can hopefully go workout/improve with Rudy and help Toronto have one of the best 2-3 punches in the league.

    Remember, next season after his improvement in the off season is when you should be asking yourself if he's overpaid or not, not when he's only getting paid 3.5 mil (this season).

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    I underestimated the impact that Gay's arrival would have on this team in the short term. Beyond the fact that he's the best offensive player the team has had since Bosh, Gay seems to have infused the team with a boost of confidence. I thought that there would be an adjustment period between DD, Gay and some other players but the chemistry has been solid right off the bat. They are still a flawed team but the game's have taken on a different feel in the short time that Gay has been there. The game winners and clutch shots have made those who shouted for a "closer" so loudly look pretty smart.

    The Raptors and Gay may be experiencing something of a honeymoon effect too though. Gay feels liberated from leaving Memphis and the Raptors organization are beyond thrilled with their new shiny toy. Lowry is also feeling like a brand new man. Right now, everything is great. Things may not stay this way when the team is navigating through adversity over the course of a long season however. Gay's also come as advertised with regards to his volume shooting and low efficiency offense. DeRozan is a very similar player. Traditionally, this has not been a successful model for building a winning team, despite their short term success. All in all though, over the course of a full season I'd predict them to finish somewhere between 7-9 in the East.

    The Raptors real problems are when you start asking how they get over that next hump. They are pushed to the luxury tax threshold, so improving through free agency is not an option. They've traded away this summer's lottery pick, and next season's selection would likely be between 12 and 19. The chances of finding a guy that can take you to the next level with that one single pick are very, very slim.

    So the Raptors only real way to keep improving is via trade. The players that the Raptors would most like to move - Fields, Kleiza and Bargnani - are coincidentally enough, the ones with very low value. You can pretty much rule Kleiza out with the latest report that his career is in jeopardy with knee issues. If the small chance that someone wants him for salary relief next summer becomes a reality, they sure