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Thread: The "future" is about building around Gay

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    Quote special1 wrote: View Post
    Are you crazy??? I would trade Ross JUST to get rid of Bargnani! Lets be HONEST here..... Who here wanted Ross over Barnes or Lillard or Drummond????

    Raptor Fans fall in love with our players tooo easily. If Ross was as good as you thought he was - Why can't he find time on the court?? Do you realize that we're like 15 games below .500?

    I want Ross to turn into a perennial all-star too! BUT Im not willing to wait 7 years like we did for bargnani! Ross NEEDS a whole lot of improving to do! I really hope he does BUT I would trade him faster than I would trade JV OR DD if it could bring us back something good (in a package).

    Keep in mind we still have fields, DD and Rudy to make up for the loss of Ross.
    First bold: Only Drummond was available, so that's stupid, that's like being upset that we drafted Demar instead of Harden. I would never take Drummond, thinking from draft perspective, considering JV was coming in. I think JV has much more skill, but Drummond has much more athleticism. As a long term investment, I'll take skill over athleticism. Drummond also had some character questions in the draft, so I'm sure when you add that, it was a non-starter to management, as it should've been given the other holes on this team at the time. Ross was still the best wing available at their pick, and there were not other PGs behind Lillard available. I suppose you could argue they should've drafted a PF, but with Bargs, Amir and Ed, that would be very difficult to do.*(and oh wait, they did, Acy)

    Second bold: Raptors fans also can have "grass is greener on the other side" syndrome. Everyone is always the right fit until things fall apart. Every PG we brought in against Jose was "more talented' until they couldn't win the starting job because they obviously weren't. People getting overexcited by acquisitions like Fred Jones and Juan Dixon.....Seriously...Ross is a young high potential player on a rookie scale contract. It is a gigantic gamble to trade him away unless you are getting an all-star player (not a borderline one, a genuine one).

    Finally: Who says it would take 7 years? It's only been a few months fer chrissake...even perennial all-stars don't always show it in their rookie year. Have some patience. He has boatloads of athleticisim and more skill than Demar had as a rookie, so I'd give him some time. Unless we're getting an all-star who still produces, it is really risky and absurd, IMO, to trade Ross.
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    first off, no one is going to give up a young talented PF prospect, for an underperforming bargnani and his overpaid contract.

    Secondly, you suggest: "Terrence Ross needs to be packaged along with our expiring for a backup SG, someone in the mold of Reddick who can hit open jumpers or beyond the arc." dafuq? isn't terrence ross that player to begin with?

    thirdly, it is way to early to categorize what valanciunas's celing is. (sabonis gortat ilgauskas, all white but different style of player)

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    Quote Red and White wrote: View Post
    Id take James Harden and a second round draft pick.

    In seriousness, I do not understand why some consider Amir to be untouchable. The whole point of someone being "untouchable" is that they would be very difficult, if not impossible, to replace. Guys like Lowry (who the team shopped at one point of this season), Amir, and to some extent Demar (even though I like him and Gay together), are all "touchable".

    JV, Ross and Gay are the only ones I would deem untouchable, but that does not mean all the other guys I want to trade.
    Oh man, James Harden. I actually LOL'd and my kid said, "Daddy, why are you laughing, did you read something totally unreasonable on the internet?".

    If you don't rate Amir or Ross, why do you think Houston would? And to top it off they'll give you their prized free-agent signing who is widely considered to be a max-player back in return.

    Trading Amir makes zero sense. He's one of