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Munir Ajani
May 10th, 2016

Can your roommate Lori play the 2 spot? Please? I fucking promise I'll pay her more.

Apr 23rd, 2016

Can we draw up a play for derozan to miss the bus home?

ramed nazored
Feb 23rd, 2016

I'm reading a lot of rude comments on the Knicks and I don't get it. They took Bargs, refused to take Lowry, they let us beat them 3 or 4 times each year, and this year we get their lottery pick. They've been doing everything in their power to make us a better team so let's be classy and thank them.

Talha Umar
Nov 29th, 2015

I'd rather see an apology from masai for extending ross's contract

Nov 4th, 2015

JJ should just start live-blogging the games on twitter.

Ryan Robinson
Oct 20th, 2015

We had League Pass Premium last year and went with the basic League Pass this year. One of the differences is being able to pick between home and away coverage. Now we'll just get the home team no matter what. But last year we developed a few preferences about the broadcasters:

The Celtics are the worst.

Rockets are indeed pretty bad, too.

The Spurs broadcasters are boring, even though the team is far from it (my favourite team after the Raptors)

Cavaliers are generally pretty good, fair and in depth.

Clippers are good.

Philadelphia is pretty good, in large part I'm sure because they don't care about their team or the actual game so they give pretty fair analysis of the other team.

Raptors were probably a bit better than average, although that may just be my bias talking.

Jun 28th, 2015

Solid read. The issue I have is that DeMar is firmly a 3rd-tier player that benefits from always having the ball in his hands. Add in that Casey refuses to criticize or curb his penchant for hijacking the offense to get his shot off, and it can quickly turn into a player believing they're much better than their statistics and results indicate. We can talk about how the % of the cap he would theoretically take up is relative to the future market value players of ilk will have when the cap increases, or we could have an honest discussion about what gifting $20M+ annually to him would mean for roster construction going forward.

He's been a good citizen of the city, kept his nose clean, worked hard, and showed up every night. But he's not good enough. He can't carry a team through the playoffs, much less the regular season shooting a decent percentage for a SG. I'm already hearing a lot of, "Well, somebody is going to pay him, so it might as well be us.". That never ends well in the NBA. Can he be the best player on a championship or NBA Finals team? No. Aside from the flashes of hitting the low-percentage shots he lives and dies on, we have seen nothing to indicate that he'll suddenly turn a corner after 6 years in the league.

I would stop short of calling this another Bosh situation; say what you will about CB4, but he was a perennial All-Star and a legit top 3 power forward during his Toronto days. That Colangelo repeatedly botched attempts to build around him says more about the former GM than it does about Bosh. I won't rehash all of DD's shortcomings here, but Masai must realize that building around one of the least efficient wing scorers in the league is a fool's errand. Will he get paid? Of course he will. But I think we can agree that if DD is this team's 1st or 2nd best player, the ceiling of the Raptors tops out at a second round exit. That's good enough for some fans who just want to win something of consequence, but if the endgame is a championship, DD's time in Toronto is drawing to a close. 3 playoff wins total in 6 years? Thanks, but I'll pass.

May 5th, 2015

Remember in casey's post playoff presser, where he said he wouldnt have changed anything about his strategy for the playoffs. That right there should be enough to get him fired. He pretty much blamed his players and acting like his system was good. Thats what he did all season is throw his players under the bus, mostly jv Ross and jj. Saying they need more effort, growing, better iq's, nah casey your the one who needs to get better. Im happy coach nick exposed you like the gabage coach you are

Apr 22nd, 2015

Nail in Casey's coffin tonight. For those who don't think it's the coaches fault, it's time to be enlightened.

Wittman is going all in on guarding our guards. Double teaming high in the post, ignoring the bigs completely on P+R, leaving open lanes in exchange for no threes. On offence he is running high P+R to death. They are attacking our slow-footed guards on every possession. No post-ups, no swing around the perimeter. It's either drive and finish, drive and kick, or drive and find the rolling big. His bigs are crashing the offensive glass every play as he knows if the penetration gets past the guards, the Raps interior D will be switching and helping, left unable to box out anyone. He is not running anything through Gortat or Nene, two more than capable offensive threats, because the advantage isn't going 1-on-1 inside against JV, AJ, PP. This was used by WSH all season, but Wittman has recognized the better bet of attacking guards.

This all makes sense in designing an offense and defense to combat the Raptors strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Time for Casey's prep for this series. He put Hansbrough in the starting lineup. For the life of me I can't understand why, except for he wants Amir on the 2nd unit for help reasons, which is not working. His offensive scheme has not changed one iota for this series. ISO guards, swing on the perimeter, drive and try to get fouled. Hasn't adjusted whatsoever to Wittman by posting bigs, or passing to them on P+R. He keeps Vasquez on the floor when he is getting killed on D and not offering any ball movement or shooting. Keeps JJ pinned to the bench when he can guard 1 through 5. Talks about needing spacing on the floor when Washington is doing just fine with one shooter out there. His big offensive plan is to run. Repeatedly yells GO, GO, GO when they finally secure a defensive rebound, even though Washington is already setup defensively, and his team is not a run and gun team. Blamed transition D for Washington scoring so much in the 2nd quarter. Most of those WSH scores were 5-on-5. They are not running us out of the gym, they are picking us apart.

He clearly has no idea what to do. In the playoffs you should know all of your opponents tendencies and have a plan to go against your own to throw them off. Washington knows our tendencies and hasn't even had to change theirs because Casey hasn't done anything to stop them.

Series will be a sweep, and if Casey is back next year, there will be one less fan watching.

Apr 3rd, 2015

I'm perplexed by Casey's substitution of Vasquez into the game. Did anyone else notice this?

With 3:25 to go, Casey subs Vasquez into the game for Ross. Clearly, Vasquez isn’t there to help on D so he must be there to help “generate some offense” (Armstrong’s words) right? No. The 4 plays after the sub were:

1) Vasquez inbounds to DD who takes a quick midrange shot.
2) Vasquez quickly passes to Lou, who passes to JV who gets fouled.
3) Vasquez doesn’t even touch ball. Lou brings it up, uses screen, hits a 3.
4) Vasquez quickly passes to DD who drives inside and hits a tough layup.

Vasquez didn’t contribute ANYTHING to the offense. No creativity, no P&R, nothing. But of course, because he’s in there, he has to defend. So what does he do on defense?

1) Fails to stay in front of D-Will who hits Lopez for a pass for an easy shot.
2) Overhelps on P&R, leaving D-Will open for a 3.
3) Fails to stay in front of D-Will, forcing JV to help, leaving the rebound open for Thad Young.

In the 3:25 that Vasquez was in there, he did nothing on offense and cost us possession after possession on defense.

That's not to say it’s all his fault. He can’t improve his defense, speed or offensive capabilities all of a sudden. He is who he is at this point. The real problem is, what the fuck is Casey thinking subbing him in? If you’re going to bring Vasquez in to enhance your offense, I get that, but at least run something to get him involved.

Despite everything we'd done wrong until then, the game was still easily winnable. But of course, Casey's trying to fuck us over with every chance he gets so we lose to my most hated team in the league. Well fucking done.

ps. not that these grades matter but DeMar deserves a big fat A+ after this one. A near triple double, countless big shots and keeping Joe Johnson in check for most of the night. What more can you ask for?

Mar 30th, 2015

Casey's the evil stepmother. Derozan, Lowry and Vazquez are the defensively inept stepsisters. And JJ is Cinderella trying to do all the right things in af'd up place so he can get to the ball(the playoffs). A tenuous metaphor but I had to have some fun with this stupidity.

Mar 7th, 2015

5 Things I thought .. no I KNOW I saw……

1.For a jump shooting team we sure don’t make shots when we NEED them. Wide open looks and we miss them. Lots of them. Each time we drew close and could make a move to go in front we missed.

2. Speed in any sport is feared. We have none. Zero. There is not one person on this team that can motor up and down the floor with speed and just put guys out of position because they are scrambling to get back. I chuckle when I hear Matt Dumlin
saying “ Casey wants them to run.” Run with what? We have Clydesdales not

3.Basket Ball IQ is in pretty short supply on this team as a whole. The two guys who I see as the smartest players (Fields and Hayes) simply don’t have the skill level at this point of their careers to see the floor in meaningful stretches to help out. Backdoor cuts, hell any cuts for easy baskets for the Raps are as rare as those who think Joey Crawford should still be employed in the NBA.

4. I saw this during the first big test of this year vs. the Bulls back in November and its still true 60 games in. We have very little in the way of interior rebounding after JV sits down. It’s killing us. We get a stop and lose the weak side board and bingo they get fresh 24. Then theres the nagging feeling that unless we buy JV a Kentucky hoodie he may never get as many minutes as needed to adjust to this.

5. For the first time this year I felt like throwing tomatoes at these guys. Get close and then miss wide open looks. Get close again by going inside then move away
from that strategy as a conscious choice not because its being shut down. We exert no pressure defense in the backcourt after getting close again and momentum is about to shift. We just let them walk the ball up unimpeded and they got time to gather themselves Kyles two meaningless 3 pointers with 30 seconds to go sums up this effort tonight. A day late and buck short.

OK vented. On to OKC and file this in the trash bucket under “For sore eyes only.”

Mar 7th, 2015

Except Charlotte's coach saw Casey was playing Patterson at centre and immediately brought back on Al Jefferson. Casey decided to leave JV out.

Casey is a dunce of epic proportions

Nate Solomon
Feb 27th, 2015

This I can explain. His low usage rate when he is on the floor minimize his impact on team stats, such as team O/D rating and even plus minus (since that stat also accounts for the other members of the rotation. However, when he is being used, his individual stats, or the stats that are only dependant on his contributions, he looks pretty good, pretty great even.

Basically, like what everyone else has been saying, it comes down to usage rate. Involve him enough in the offense and there's no reason why his individual efficiency won't be reflected in the team stats.

Now here's where you might say "but the raptors lose more when he shoots more than average, so the usage rate argument doesn't hold up". That's a fair point, but I would argue that Jonas often gets those extra field goals when A) the guards are putting up a ton of bricks and Jonas is cleaning the glass, or B) he's a last resort after its clear that the other scoring options aren't working. In both scenarios, the team as a whole is playing below average, so it makes sense that they would win a lower percentage of games.

I can haz Nobel prize now?

Feb 22nd, 2015


Feb 9th, 2015

Here's a poem that came to my mind.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.
I cocked that joint back
And banged it on you

'95 till Infinity
Feb 5th, 2015

Our opponents over the next 8 games are a combined 268-126 (.680 win percentage). Oh, and our record vs +.500 teams this year is only 10-12, which is even worse than it seems considering how we won 1/2 of those games (including OKC, Memphis, Atlanta, Cleveland). How the Raptors respond to this adversity and perform over these next 8 games will offer a true indication of where this team is at as a playoff team.

Something's gotta give here..

I only hope that whatever led to Jonas assuming a more prominent role offensively towards the end of last year happens again this year... and soon. Over the last 17 games, Jonas played 32.5 mpg and averaged 16 ppg and 10 rpg with only 9.9FGAs (.583%). These stats went up to 18/11 over the last 9 games of the year.

Jan 22nd, 2015

I didn't know I had Tourette's syndrome until last night. My wife is very concerned. We have a top 5 center that is treated like the big oaf in the catholic league , that is a little touched and he smells a little. What gets me is our guards and wings don't feel it on the court , shit it ain't the coach , looks like the coach lets them jack up anything they want . Maybe it's a cultural thing , you know , the big oaf ain't cool , can't dance right , doesn't listen to the right beat. But why go there , people will just hate on me and call me the big oaf lover. The big oaf went toe to toe with the best in the league and in my opinion was the better player. To bad nobody on his team could see it .

Jan 8th, 2015

I hope that there is a coach here that can explain this:

Mid way through the first quarter and well into the second when you’re down double digits and you bring in Vaz and company and start the 3 guard set the team passed the ball a million times and guess what happened?
Well you seen the game I don’t have to explain.

Then Casey starts the second half with his iso Lou game , now remember during the run in the first half Lou had about 4 assists, he was playing a hell of a game.

You could see as soon as Vaz came in (second half) what Casey’s plan was, give the ball to Lou (you know that little bounce pass is the and then everybody put their finger up their respective rears because the play is the iso Casey extravaganza AND believe me I don’t blame Lou for this!

This all Casey’s master plan that busted right on his face in about 5 minutes, the team went from 58-53 deficit to a 71-56 one. Lou bricked four and a turn over, AGAIN I don’t blame Lou entirely for this, the guys were playing so well for a quarter and a half, Lou was driving and give it up and the other guys were making the shots they really looked like a good unit.

Then Casey changes the PROGRAM! I just don’t get this guys !

Oh well, something got to change here this is a little more then a slump. Hey Casey maybe that passing thing is ok, it may work! Actually it worked for the end of the first and the full second. I bet there were more passes on that second quarter than the whole game.

Just a thought.

Jan 1st, 2015

5 Things I think I saw and see..

1. First and foremost that was one hell of a ball game. Big time heavywieght fight and we lost on a split decision. Some one had to lose and to bad it was us. Still anyone who doubts we have the cajones to play in the top tier of the leagues teams can now sit quietly in the back row.
2.JV's game last night was effing great while he was in there. He beat the snot out of Freeland on offense and defense. He hit a couple of those 10 foot jumpers and if he keeps his beak shut the calls he missed will come his way. He has gained the confidence of Kyle that when the ball goes in to him its not a charity possession. Now he needs for Dwane to trust him when the game is being won or lost late.
3. 24 hour rule but over all the game was well officiated. It takes just one curious call to really make you scratch your head and issue oaths like malocchio on the stripes. That clear path call nailed it shut last night on us. In game where they "let em play" that was inconsistent with what the standard that was being adhered to and bad judgement. I bet on the official game review this comes up. Again I'd take this crew over some of the thieves we have seen in the past (Ed Malloy and Monty McCutcheon and Violet Palmer)
4.The first signs of the grind of the season and DD being out caught up with Kyle last night. He is money on those shots he missed by an inch late. You get tired. It happens.
5.You can see why that team will go through walls for Dwane. Lou has a bad nite and Dwane says you just have em. Next question. Remember the Randy Carlyle "just adquate" zinger on Riemer last year.

AND 1.

DD is coming back and he is just going to make us better. Buckle up its going to be a great ride to the second season and then the fun really starts.

Dec 20th, 2014

I was at this game in Auburn Hills tonight. Couple things: Sat 5 rows off the floor next to Andre Drummond's mom and Grandma who were across the aisle from us, so the family section. Paid $120 the day tix went on sale. My point is, that's is a way cheaper way to see the Raps if you can make the drive. Second point, the palace was absolutely FULL of Northern Invaders. We drowned out any and every detroit chant, defence chant, Drummond's mom who was quite vocal. And the Detroit fans, by the end were literally like "what the fuck is going on?" Where did all this people come from. It was so amazing to take over another team's building. As though we were trying to outdo the fans who rocked the Cleveland game. And to top it all off fuckin George Clinton was the halftime show! The raps players were loving it. And when the fight nearly broke out (malice at the palace 2) it would have been complete pandemonium, cause I swear it was 50/50 ratio of Raps to Pistons fans. The Johnson dunk was over Drummond and I want the poster. Nice work to any of the Republic who were at the game. Best Raps game I've ever gone to.

Dec 4th, 2014

When MLSE puts up Kyle's statue, it needs to have him taking a charge.

Nov 22nd, 2014

I listened to the Cleveland commentators the whole game (I do this often now since I find the it to be comedic gold). Some things that were said:

- WeNorth (commenting on the WeTheNorth campaign, apparently the can't read the giant letters on the giant banners in their own stadium properly)
- One announcer forgot DeRozan's name, called him what's his name as he went to the free throw line
- Commentators were saying the Cavs should start hard fouling Lou, "put him on his britches". More than once.
- Were in disbelief when Amir hit a three

Was pretty funny

Nov 20th, 2014

Changed my mind; I do have something to add: TRoss. I generally doubt that players pay attention to what-all’s being said out there (out here) but I wondered a couple weeks ago when, as the griping-crescendo was building and about to peak towards TRoss, he seemed to break out of whatever low-level of funk he was in, to suddenly play a bit better. So … I’ll throw two cents into the internet-ether to say that TRoss would be a much-much better player and would earn himself many extra-large paycheques come contract time, if he would decide once-and-for-all that he *had* to be better and to start by driving hard to the hoop, and often! I don’t expect to see an ego-maniacal-attitude (can you imagine, tho? Damn, he’d be dangerous). But if he got a little bit angry or impatient (even) at his slow progression, thus far … it couldn’t hurt.

I remember reading a lot of years ago how then-captain Bobby Clarke of the Philadelphia Flyers was pissed at one of his talented line-mates (Bill Barber, I think) who was sleep-walking, so between periods, he yelled at him loudly and whacked him hard with a stick, across his shin-pads … and it worked. (Next period, the guy scored, the team won, etc, etc.) So … maybe a fellow Rap could … you know, wake him up, just a bit more? A stick probably isn’t necessary, but .. maybe throw a shoe at him? Because he’s too talented to not be on his way (yet) to becoming a big star in this league. So c’mon DeMar. Give him a little Compton-style. Get him angry. Without JJ for a bit, you’re gonna need him.

Oct 24th, 2014

Air-balls should be called ‘Drakes’. As in, ‘Amir shot a Drake and then James Johnson shot a Drake.’
He won’t mind. Too much.

Oct 24th, 2014

Air-balls should be called ‘Drakes’. As in, ‘Amir shot a Drake and then James Johnson shot a Drake.’
He won’t mind. Too much.

Oct 14th, 2014

Fun fact of the day: Bruno has made more 3s in this preseason than Landry Fields in his career as a Raptor.

Aug 1st, 2014

i think about this topic alot... a few other effective/efficient ways to create a more soccer-like atmosphere in the arena:

-Use the jumbotron: all euro soccer fan groups have a leader to shout out instructions/songs etc.. the jumbotron could be used in the same way at the acc - for example: if a player gets hot his name can flash up on the screen (kind of like they have now with "D-Fence!"), "everybody jump" to get everyone in the arena to jump (looks great), flash up longer chants than just few syllables - some euro supporter group chants are full songs

-Eliminate the music: please please please stop with the music during play... it adds absolutely nothing and creates a Disney-like mood which is an atmosphere killer... possibly just leave the drum to serve as rhythm for chants

-Eliminate the circus surrounding the game: mascots, cheerleaders, stupid games during time outs... this is absolutely unnecessary... you are watching the best basketball players in the world, appreciate it! there is no need for anything else there to entertain you... focus on the basketball game

-More flags, especially like the big "We The North" one we had in the playoffs... should have those large flags for every big game and with different things drawn/written on them (not just "We The North")

-Banners - encourage fans to bring banners and hang them from the upper bowl terrace... it would look amazing if the entire upper bowl was covered in flags/banners... the banners can also indicate different parts of toronto/ontario that different fans come from

Just a few things off the top of my head, but i think these can be easily implemented and would significantly improve the atmosphere in the arena

For anyone that wants to see a good basketball atmosphere, youtube "partizan basketball fans" or "red star basketball fans"

Jun 29th, 2014

Somewhere Dwayne Casey is letting out a silent scream into the night as his beloved Salmon is being snatched away by a Hawk.

Jun 27th, 2014

Just because the tv guys said ‘he’s 2 yrs away from being 2 yrs away’, it doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near true. They didn’t even know who he was and they certainly didn’t scout him.

Masai was obviously — or apparently — one of the few who actually scouted Bruno .. and maybe what he saw was so unbelievably amazing, he just kept quiet and hoped like hell that whoever else scouted him didn’t have the balls to take him before he got his own chance to do so.

Masai isn’t a dope .. and he’s been planning for this draft night for a long time.

It’d be hard to believe that Masai just got stupider basketball-wise than every Raptors fan who’s upset about this pick.

Jun 24th, 2014

easy simple, they will take a point guard if both Ennis and Payton are gone at #20, they will take KJ McDaniels. Two teams will be potential changing the entire draft, one is Cleveland, other is the Chicago Bulls. Assume they traded their two picks for a top 10 to get Stauskaus or McDermontt. Then either Ennis or Payton has a higher chance to be available at 20. If Bulls stick with their two picks for sure they will take a PG off the two.

May 14th, 2014

Update: I was fired…

Stef 511
May 6th, 2014

This was good. Worth the time to keep going back until I heard it all.

I’m a ridiculous homer during the season but less so in the summer (which starts today, sad as that is) .. so … while I love all the good things about DeMar and his (yes, ever-improving) shooting prowess as well as the couple other things about his game that he works on (like, regular season dishing that he didn’t do enough of during the playoffs), I wonder .. can DeMar get *smarter* and learn to handle the ball at least reasonably well so that he doesn’t get himself trapped in stupid ways as he seems to routinely do? Don’t really know. Can we win a championship with DeMar? Tough question. Tough answer: no, not if he’s the second best player on the team. [PS: Can’t believe how much I love that Bosh idea Steve had. That’d be SO awesome. If only it was anywhere near feasible.]

I also don’t know if we can win a championship with Lowry if he’s our best player. Luv-luv-LOVE Lowry — how can any Raptors fan not, I know — but .. at 6 ft, can we win a championship with Lowry? I mostly go with ‘yes’ but .. only if he’s our second or (preferably) third best player. We saw yesterday — and at other moments against the Nets — how much ‘6 ft’ can limit a main guy in a crunch in this league. Definitely a keeper but we just as definitely need more talent around him.

Casey. Huge respect and I sincerely believe that with any other coach that we’ve ever had here, we don’t even make the playoffs. But .. all the questions asked and points made about Casey’s possible deficiencies don’t escape me, either. Can he grow to the point where he can lead a team anything like what, say, Pops leads his team? (And scoff, sure, but why *not* compare with the best?) Not sure .. but I actually like to think, that yes, maybe he can get there. He’s intelligent (though maybe not savvy enough as yet) and what he did with this team to get them to do what they did is very hard to measure. But I’d keep him. Especially if George Karl (somebody seriously said ‘George Karl’? Come. On. Anyway, Masai would never do that) is the alternative. I can’t think of too many — except Pops, maybe Thibs — who I’d rather have at this moment in time. But I agree with getting him a new offensive assistant or two, for sure.

TRoss is the biggest of the interesting questions, to me. On the one hand, he’s got talent that oozes to the ridiculous-good. On the other hand, I’m not sure if it’s his bashfulness (?) or just his youth that makes him so reticent at times to use that crazy talent. Kind of frustrates me to where one day I’m thinking we should never, EVER trade this guy, (who knows how good he’ll actually get to be?), all the way to thinking we should see what we could get for him in a package, right now. I’d love to see him angry, like really pissed-and crazed-with-ego so he could get a glimpse of his own self of how good he could actually be. But it’s hard to know if he has that kind of passion or competitiveness in him. If so, he could be so good he’d be dangerous. (But that passion-thing is a main part of the ‘big question’ about TRoss, I think.)

Also .. Drake’s influence (? if that word can be used here) isn’t what Rap-brass would like people to believe (obviously) but .. I don’t think it’s worth absolutely nothing. (Everything little thing, ya know?) I don’t know if I’m the only Raps-crazed fan who went way out of his wheelhouse (like I did) to make a point of getting his last album (once he became Raptors-related) but .. I’ve actually gotten to know it some and as a part of yesterday’s extra-special ritual (to, you know, make sure that if they didn’t win, it wasn’t gonna be *my* fault), I had it on the headphones before fully waking up, 1 through 15, and then again on the speakers (not too loud) while making breakfast. (To the light annoyance of the missus.) (Though she did almost laugh when I was singing one of the lines he repeats that cracks me up, ‘niggas talk more than bitches these days’.. . A middle aged white guy should not be singing that, I know. Which is probably what cracks me up about it.) Anyway, Drake’s ok, far as I’m concerned. He wears the Raps-love on his sleeve, which is alright by me. And doesn't hurt a thing, maybe even helps, who knows?

Leiweke not being able to get Phil Jackson as a coach means nothing, imo. The energy it takes to coach a team is far more than what it takes to GM a team, partially from L.A. at that, after all. I would figure, anyway.

Keep or lose:

Jonas? Keep. No question, big part of the future.

DeMar? tough one but .. Lose (I’m very conflicted though; I’ll change my mind more than once on this, I’m sure).

Lowry? Keep. Of course.

TRoss? Keep. If he blossoms and grows (physically / mentally), we’ll have an exciting player. But I’d love to hear that a good coach / mentor type was planning to spend serious time with him, this summer. Some tough love wouldn’t hurt.

Amir? Keep for bench.

This podcast was way better than most stuff like this anywhere. And nothing ‘Raptors’ comes even close that I’ve heard or seen. Cheers.

Apr 30th, 2014

This will probably get lost in the comments, which could be a good thing.

Surprisingly met someone from the organization and he was kind of enough to have a good chat, not sure why he told me this when it seemed kind of confidential.
- Lowry, 2Pat, Vasquez: the intention is to resign them. They aren't going anywhere!
- Salmons and Hansborough won't be on the roster next year
- Jonas' ego has been big as of late. His double-doubles, numbers and offensive overall is great, but he isn't playing defence/calling+stepping on screens, disrespects the refs and isn't being a good teammate. They are trying to reel him back to earth, but the coaches felt hooking him early and cutting his minutes (even in a playoff game!) would help him learn
- Fields is really hurt. His elbow is affecting his hand it's not even funny. The back spasms didn't help when he flipped over Livingston
- The best lockeroom to be around, getting Vasquez, Salmons, Hayes and 2Pat was a blessing
- The refs screwed them over in game 3, but they made it 'more fair' in the 4th game - here' hoping game 5 isn't reversed on them
- Coach Casey really-really-really has a hold of the team, he's made them come together, but who knows if he's coming back
- He says he might head to New York to join Steve Kerr
- The offence was always the same, but they keep adding wrinkles. He kind of agreed in the beginning it didn't work because of egos, but the trade worked out for both teams

Apr 26th, 2014

Casey supposedly the defensive mind behind Dallas' championship team. Hard to believe from this showing. How the fuck do you let Pierce, Johnson and Williams all shoot above 50% when none of them average above 45% on the season? Time and time again all 3 blow by their defenders. And we're supposedly the younger team.

Williams has legit handles and Lowry's doing the best he can.

We play Johnson so stupidly. Whoever's on him gets too tight and Johnson slowly blows by him after lulling him to sleep with the set up dribble. Guy falls behind slightly and Johnson floater. Same thing for 3 fucking games. I haven't seen Johnson make a shot with a hand in his face yet. We need to back off slightly and see if he can make a contested shot with a hand in his face. I'd take that over the blowby anyday.

Pierce keeps seeing Patterson/Amir on him, and has been abusing. Amir fell to the floor for the countlessth time trying to keep up with him. Patterson and Amir aren't taking advantage of Pierce on the other end so why play them?! Just adapt to small ball, or figure out a way to make them pay for going small.

Apr 18th, 2014

Many will flock to that tub of Brooklyn tears to take pails home to cleanse themselves as well
A pilgrimage of sorts

Alexey Ots
Apr 1st, 2014

hey guys, idk if you all saw the Strombo show last night on CBC with GM Masai Ujiri, but I was in the audience taping and there was some stuff that didn't make the 15 minute interview. The interview was over a half an hour long. Some very interesting things:

1) He retold the Lowry story about sitting down with him at the beginning of the season and challenging him to change the stigma of his reputation.

2) He said had a chat with Terrence Ross on Sunday March 23rd, about his sleeping habits, that he needs to get more rest.

3) He retold a story about meeting Nelson Mandela in Africa with Dikembe Mutombo, DeSagna Diop, and a couple of other younger players. Dikembe yelled at the younger players for not dressing better (they were in sweats) and told them to go back up into their hotel rooms and dress proper to meet Mr. Mandela.

4) George asked Ujiri about Phil Jackson's impact coming to the Knicks and he said "He said he didn't care, and that it wasn't a factor to him" Then he just plainly stated and I quote "I HATE THE KNICKS!" - M. Ujiiri

5) I was in the crowd yelling "Raptors" loudly a couple of times during the applause and at one point, I yelled "RESIGN LOWRY" and GM Ujiri was looking straight at me. He had a deer in headlights type look, but then kinda smiled.

6) Talked to George afterward and asked him about asking him about resigning Lowry, He said he couldn't ask that and that he wanted to ask him and also about Amir's knee instead, but didn't also.

7) Masai repeatedly made it known throughout the interview, that Toronto is his home that he loves it here and that he is fully committed to making the Raptors a top team over time. That he really doesn't leave town in the summer, and his phone is always on for work purposes 24/7.

8) He credited BC for bringing him into the Raptors and making the draft picks of DD, Big V, and getting Amir. He says that the Raptors fans should give Colangelo more credit.

9) He thinks its crap that people perceive Toronto as a place players don't wanna play at. He says look at the top teams in the east, Miami is nice sure, but he personally hates the city, and how anyone thinks its warmer or better in Indiana or Chicago is beyond him. Toronto is the best in his opinion.

10) When he walked out by me, I bowed to him and personally thanked him for fixing the Raptors. Just a very awesome person, who I am glad is the GM of my favorite sports team.

I was disappointed that they edited the interview so much to only about 10 minutes. George S. did a great job and he truly is a huge raps fan. If you watch the episode, I am the guy in the old school purple raptors JYD jersey at the end waving the jersey for a split second as they zoom into the person holding the placard at the end. Not an april fools post BTW

Mar 31st, 2014

I watched the Heat coverage and they talked about our historical absence from the playoffs the whole game. It was all about coaches' losing records and only one playoff series win and only one division title.. and on and on. The Raptors lost tonight, but I liked the way they played. They'll re-sign Lowry and nurture our young guys, so the future is bright. Before when people asked me what team I liked I usually responded "The Raptors, unfortunately." And I thought, I don't even live in Toronto any more so why aren't I watching the Spurs every night instead. Why can't I be Zach Lowe and escape fandom. I even rationalized that I need to stop being a superfan once I turn 30 and instead watch the contenders.

But I'm happy to have put that crazy idea behind me. I watched our Raptors this year and I know that I will never stop being a Raptors fanatic. I will be emotionally invested 82+ games per year and I will die a Raptors fan. For all the frustration these decades have brought, there is nothing like watching our guys compete, and I mean really compete. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I think we're building a culture in this club to compete every night and I'm desperately hoping we can hold onto it.

Mar 31st, 2014

A wild Landry appeared.
It used smart cut to the basket.
It was super effective!
Landry is evolving!
Landry evolved into SemiBench-Landry
It learned "huge dunk!"
SemiBench-Landry is trying to learn "huge dunk" but SemiBench-Landry already has four moves
Delete older mvoe to make room for "huge dunk"?
Yes delete sit-on-the-bench

Mar 17th, 2014

Stripes has shown the potential to perform at this level even as a rookie, but given Casey's preference for veterans, it's obvious that he won't even see the court now that 'The Raptor' is back. That said, I also don't believe in losing your job to injury and let's not forget that The Raptor is 'elite' at what he does. lol.

Mar 10th, 2014

I think the 2007 Raptor team's biggest problem was a lack of secondary scoring option. We had Bosh (who was neutralized by Mikey freakin' Moore), and everyone else. Was any team scared of Calderon or Parker dropping 25? Definitely not.

This year, we've got 2 legit scorers in Lowry and DeRozan, and even Salmons and Vasquez have the ability to turn a broken play into 2 points. I'm not suggesting this current team are worldbeaters, but their offense isn't as one-dimensional as the 2007 team, without even saying anything about the improved defense.

Feb 18th, 2014

Mr. Lowry......Tear down that Wall.

Feb 12th, 2014

Patrick Patterson reminds me of Doneyll Marshall

Feb 5th, 2014

I was just thinking myself of how the fans will react when Rudy returns. If he gets booed it will be another blemish that this franchise and fan base can do without. Please, for the love of all things sacred, do not boo this guy. Sure he didn't play very well in a Raps uniform, but he didn't dog it, or try to force his way out. he just didn't fit. I don't think anyone would boo Nash and he CHOSE NOT to sign in T.O., AND
we got stuck with Landry who's signing was made as a strategic ploy to
land Nash.

Lets stop looking back and start looking forward as a fan base.

Jan 30th, 2014

Please for the love of the basketball gods, change the Pizza Pizza give away from winning a free slice when the Raptors score 100, to winning a free slice when the Raptors hold their opponents to 95 or less. We have a head coach and team that hangs their hat on defence, so it would only make sense. It's embarrassing to hear the fans cheer for pizza instead of their team. It's even uglier when they boo the team, especially in a win, because they didn't make the century mark. People who do that should be ashamed to be at a game. If a slice of pizza was that important to you, maybe you should have spent the money you had for the ticket on dinner instead. Though maybe it just proves the old adage of "Never get between a Canadian and something for free." So, if people want to be that crazy over a slice of free 'za, then lets at least harness that potential into something better. Think of the frenzy those fans would be in cheering on the defensive end, especially as it got into crunch time. I can almost hear it now, it would be empowering.

Jan 28th, 2014

Seems to me that Casey was really trying to get fired as long as Gay was on the team.

Feather Ruffler
Jan 27th, 2014

God damn it I'm proud to be a Raptors fan !!! There are franchises that try to manufacture grit and determination and sell it as fools gold, but this team is the Rocky f-in Balboa of the NBA. Brooklyn even has "Skinny Drago" with Andrei Kirilenko.

Jan 12th, 2014

Give me a break with tanking shit already. Are you telling me that Magic, Bucks and Philly are gonna win a championship in next 3-4 years? Because they tanked this year? Get the fuck outta here. After all the years of being Raptors fan this is year when you are unhappy? And what's up with the whole. "Lowry will leave, Lowry will leave" whining. If you can't keep players like Lowry to stay in Toronto then wtf are thinking tanking for a superstar. How the fuck are we gonna make him stay? Billboards and T-shirts saying "Please Stay" Insecurity with some people. And it sickening to try to put fans on some guilt trip saying "Oh you'll be sorry" and "I told you so" bullshit. Hoping teams and management fails so you get to prove your point. Just watch basketball, enjoy the game god damn.

Jan 3rd, 2014

Heres what the comparables are... If we re-sign him.. This is Ujuri's biggest decision IMO and the timing of it will have to be deft. We could wind up with no Kyle and no trade if Ujuri waits to long. Not sure what the current CBA says about sign and trades these days. This is what he will be looking at in terms of salary an the term will be as important...Long term commitments come at a cap space price. FMV for Kyle is between 8 and 9M per year.. .He is in the Jrue Holiday / Mike Connley class of player.. Dallas overpaid on Monta Ellis.and Ty Lawson money would be overpaying as well..

2013 PGs NBA Salary Grid

Top Tier $$$- Some are worth it some are nott
Joe Johnson $21,466,718
Dwyane Wade $18,673,000
Deron Williams$18,466,130
Derrick Rose $17,632,688
Russell Westbrook $14,693,906
Tony Parker $12,500,000
Rajon Rondo $11,954,545

Mid Tier - Kyle thinks he fits here...

Monta Ellis $11,000,000
Ty Lawson $10,786,517
Steve Nash $9,300,500 - Just a bad deal here...
Jrue Holiday $9,213,484
Jameer Nelson $8,600,000
Rodney Stuckey $8,500,000
Jeremy Lin $8,374,646
Mike Conley Jr$8,000,001
George Hill $8,000,000
Goran Dragic $7,500,000
Kyrie Irving $5,607,240 - Expect him to sign for Top Tier $$$$

Lower Tier...
Jason Terry $5,225,000
Louis Williams $5,225,000
Ramon Sessions $5,000,000
Andre Miller $5,000,000
Jose Juan Barea $4,687,000Luke Ridnour $4,320,000
O.J. Mayo $4,200,900
Kirk Hinrich $4,059,000
Steve Blake $4,000,000
Raymond Felton $3,637,073
Aaron Brooks $3,396,250
Damian Lillard $3,202,920 - Expect him to sign for Top Tier $$$
Jerryd Bayless $3,135,000

Jan 2nd, 2014

So we go from everyone preaching "tank", to "fools gold" being the new favorite phrase. Now we get to look forward to a year of people saying "division champs" with "air quotes".

Jan 2nd, 2014

As a pro tanker, I cant rationalize tanking this year anymore. MU has no choice but to let these guys play and try to add at the deadline. Damn, call me crazy but if he can add a legit star SF or PF, I think this team can be really, really, good. How he will do it I have no idea.

Dec 29th, 2013

Good assessment. Almost very good. We'll give you an A- . What holds you back is the observation that Lowry needs to be traded.
Right now, without inside info, we're not sure what NEEDS to be done with Lowry. By the looks of the last few games and certainly tonight he looks like he needs to be extended. However none of us know how much and how long he's asking for. Maybe too much. Maybe not.
Unless he signs an extension, he probably isn't going to bring back a great deal, but of course,you and I don't know.
What we do know is that trading Lowry at this time is probably going to result in a tailspin, probably enough to get sixth or seventh lottery pick. The common consensus is that there are seven or eight top quality draft picks. However experience and common sense says MAYBE there are two or three all-stars. One or two may slip back at the next level and one or two may stay in college and shoot for #1 pick next year. Is it worth tanking for the dregs of the "Big Eight' if it means tearing out the drive shaft of a unit that's running pretty well right now?
Losing Lowry for nothing would hurt. So would watching the Raps slip back to the kind of performances we've seen in recent years.
Saying we need to trade Lowry is as big a load as saying we need to keep him. It depends on a lot of things the guy on the street doesn't know and Masai does. Fortunately for us, it's him making the call. Again, good article.

Dec 19th, 2013

JV: coach I go in now?
DC: it's to early to go in to the locker room, game isn't over yet.
JV: I mean in the game
DC: why? Go sit on the bench, Landry will show you how its done.
JV: Coach, I think I can score 30 points too if I got 26 shots and 10 foul shots/
DC: hahahahah 30 shots hahahahaha go sit for another 5 minutes just for thinking that
Okay now Terrence, I would like you to meet Alan Ander....I mean John Salmons, he will be taking your go sit beside Jonas so you can watch and learn. Hahahaha 30 shots...that guy jonas kills me...


Dec 13th, 2013

Although this is more repetitive than Will Lou's recap, one could borrow just one of his sentences and concisely summarize the game -- and the past week's trend -- as follows:

Amir Johnson
"The Gay trade has done him wonders,"

Jonas Valanciunas
"The Gay trade has done him wonders,"

DeMar DeRozan
"The Gay trade has done him wonders,"

Terrence Ross
"The Gay trade has done him wonders,"

Greivis Vasquez
"The Gay trade has done him wonders,"

Ladies and gentlemen, the above are the starting 5 of your 2014 Toronto Raptors.

mike, prague
Dec 12th, 2013

Wow this sucks. The tank job has just been put into nitro-mode.

Dec 4th, 2013

I'm pretty sure in every time out, Casey just writes "Pound the Rock" on the clip board, and the Raps head out on the floor dazed and confused....except Amir because his dyslexia reads it as "Shoot a 3, you are Ray Allen"

Dec 1st, 2013

The good news is we started better and JV played good with Tyler the bad news the new bench had one of the worst games ever getting outscored 72-16 and out rebounded 26-7 with about half of those seven rebounds coming off missed FT. Don't think I've ever seen that many bench points in a regulation game that was close until the final part of the 4th. I think Nate Robinson had more in the 4th than our bench did all game.

If Gay/DD/Kyle shoot under 40% on over 50 shots and add in 10 or more TO we have no real shot of winning. It also didn't help that Denver couldn't miss a jump shot for anything and if they did miss one they got a long rebound right to one of their guys.

Tyler ended up having an Amir type game in the Amir role since we don't have enough shots for those 3 players to get their shots along with JV having a good game. The sooner Gay is gone the quicker this team can start become a team. Hans took a total brick jumper but only touched it 5 times in the paint and he had 2 buckets, 2 sets of FT and missed a tip shot in the last 60 seconds or so.

Speaking of Amir was bad again he's another who could benefit for more shots as long as they aren't three balls. Hope he can shake off the demotion and bring it better than he did today. Zero points, 3 rebounds with 2 off missed FT and a -16 in 14:26 was rough.

I wish Casey would just pick a back up PG and let them go for a while. He's been teasing all 3 of Stone/Buycks/Augustin with limited PT but hasn't committed to anyone for more than a few games. I think DJ is the best and if we got him going he could maybe build trade value but at least pick on guy and give that player a fair legit shot.

We desperately need to drop one of our volume shooters to open up shots for the others. I feel the other guys tend to take worse shots since they know they're going to get limited shots a game so if they have any kind of look its going up.

Nov 27th, 2013

Being a fan of this team maked me feel like I'm in a Japanese game show. Graphics are exploding everywhere and I'm running through a maze of oatmeal while wearing spaghetti underpants and a tinfoil Pokemon hat while screaming my head off and I don't know why. Also, everybody else is screaming too. Stop the madness.

Nov 11th, 2013

It's like the old people you see at the slot machines. One more pull and this time, it's going to pay off big....OK, one more pull. OK, I won 15 dollars. I lost 25 dollars (the players I had) to win the 15, but now I have 15 dollars to develop into more money. One more pull and I could have something to build on the money I lost, and come out ahead in the end. I could hit it big and win the 50 dollar pay-day prize. All I have to do is get rid of (trade your best players to tank) the money I just won. Hey! I won the 50 dollar prize! I lost 75 to get it (just have to trade for/draft more quality players to actually go with the new guy), but hey! I got the prize! Then you look over and someone who played only 5 bucks just hit the 1,000 dollar big win. Now you're pissed, because you just gave away 75 dollars to make 50....Which you could develop into a payday. One more pull. Take the 50 and blow it up, because this time, you might really get lucky. Put it all on one pull, because big risks always (It's got to be like...75% right?) lead to big rewards....right?

Nov 6th, 2013

My first in person game this year. A few things
- Our best lineups were either a) early when we punished them down low and maybe either Haslem guarding JV or Battier guarding Amir pay down low. Not sure why we didnt go back to this more. Yes, we have to match up on D, but casey caters to the other teams style too much as opposed to exploting mismatches
- In Casey's defense, in the 1st half, we did seem to have a lot more motion / semblence of an offense. Even a decent amount of inside out. No idea why it faded to iso ball.
- Our best lineups included both TR and JV! (what a shocker .. our young players might be good!!?). Both of these guys need more minutes - I know i keep beating the same drum, but whether you want to win now or develop, heavy minutes for these two is the right strategy
- LF is actually a useful player this year .. its nice to see. Shot is still awful, but we seem to have more offensive options so we are able to hide him better given Amir is a quasi option on offense, as are DD, RG, KL, TR, etc (and we dont play Gray any longer .. that was a deadly combo last year when we played 3 on 5 with Gray/LF
- All in all, some good things, but some frustrating things.
- Also, totally agree, LBJ is just disgusting. Total man among boys .. when he turns it on, he is just beautiful to watch

Nov 5th, 2013

Let's be honest:

1. Rudy is a very inefficient scorer. Period. Yes, his career FG% is 45%. But his FG% has actually declined for three straight years, a slump that has been headlined by the baffling disappearance of his three point shot.
2. Derozan is also not an efficient scorer. He's been okay this year, but he's averaging more points because he's taking more shots, not because he's suddenly developed a new offensive repertoire.
3. Neither Derozan nor Gay are good all-around players. Gay grabs a decent amount of rebounds for his position, but he's a poor passer. Derozan is not a good rebounder and he's not a good passer. Neither are consistently competent defenders.
4. Gay and Derozan are complemented by a score-first point guard who might be even less efficient than they are. Since 2009 Lowry has shot around 41% from the field.

In conclusion, there's a simple, sad reality here: Derozan, Gay and Lowry are all score-first players who can't score efficiently. They have overlapping skills and have reached the age where future improvement is almost certain to be incremental. All of them are athletic and flashy, but none of them are good all-around players, which is reflected in their mediocre advanced stats. This in an NBA where advanced analytics are driving an increased emphasis on efficiency, which has helped Lebron and Durant become such offensive wrecking balls. Derozan, Gay and Lowry are all about 10 or 15 years behind where the league is today.

No team is going to win anything significant by starting these three guys and paying them over $30 million/year. Period.

Oct 28th, 2013

Arsenalist, I used to think you where so wise
in the ways of basketball,
now I have opened my eyes
and realize you don't know much at all
if you think that Fields is worse than Wright,
Then I think you're wearing your hat too tight.
Though I would still invited you to a kegger,
I wish this site was run by Craiger.

Oct 8th, 2013

After a game of Tommy & the Boston Monotones, I knew I needed a long walk to shake the crystallizing going on in my brain. Short dock did the trick.

Was happy to see Ross start off well - albeit, it is preseason. More notably though, is how much moxie Sullinger showed tonight ... albeit, again, it's that preseason thing going on. Never-the-less, he was impressive. And Boston or not, I really hope Canuck Olynyk has a good year - good to see Northern talent out there.


Oct 4th, 2013

Bleh, nothing turns fans against their own teams like having the government hand tax money over to millionaire/billionaire owners. Bad idea all around.

Nice notes from training camp though. This is a team full of good guys who work hard and are pretty sincere - it makes them a lot easier to root for.

If Austin Daye can shoot 40% from three, it'll be interesting to see him compete with Novak for minutes. One of them may become expendable.

I hope Terrence Ross gets it in gear this year. He's still as young as some rookies coming into the league, though.

A little disappointed by yesterday's (?) comments from Rudy Gay about just firing up shots. That kind of "You don't know me!" determination to not listen to detractors but to stick to your game - that gets a lot of guys into the pros against some tough odds, but once you're in the NBA you've got to be able to learn, develop, and evolve. Dammit, Michael Jordan and LeBron James adjusted their games SIGNIFICANTLY as their careers progressed, and they're two of the all-time best. That kind of "ignore the naysayers and just do your thing" attitude is why guys like Allen Iverson have short careers. You've got to adapt and evolve, man. The team will be a heck of a lot better off if Gay's shot selection (and ball movement!) improves.

Aug 29th, 2013

Whether your a pro tank or pro playoff, they've got to play JV for the success of the team. Pure experience and big minutes will help him and the team either way you look at it. Even if they make the playoffs they'll have no chance of making it a respectable series without his presence inside. They have no choice no matter how you look at it IMO.

A Raptors squad that stumbles into the playoffs and than gets swept because of inexperience and an absence of inside presence won't carry over too much positivity and hope going into the next season. BUT you let JV play big minutes and learn all year, and allow him to show true grit in the playoffs (despite a likely 1st round exit) while it becomes his coming out party and changes the teams mentality going forward.

Aug 1st, 2013

Quentin Richardson - keeping front office staff gainfully employed since 1997!

Jul 17th, 2013

"He might only have a year or two left in the tank"

Dude, he's been running on empty for so long that he's had to get out and push.

Jul 5th, 2013

Exactly. The sense of entitlement of some of these pretty good but not great aging players is quite hilarious.

Doug H.
Jul 4th, 2013

He's no Dwight Howard but what a signing! Didn't think we'd get him.

David Bassily
Jul 3rd, 2013

I gotta get my two cents on this before anything happens. There's a chance that Ujiri takes this deal, a lot of people think its good for Toronto because Rudy gay is a low efficiency shooter and is getting paid up the ass. At the same time Stucky and Villanueva are expiring contracts that would clear cap space for next season. I'm hoping that this deal does not happen and that we keep gay. Numerous reasons, firstly if we cleared a bunch of cap space who would you sign as a FA, no one in the NBA gives a shit about the Raptors because they're in Canada. Attracting a star is hard even if you have the money. You will no doubt have to over pay to convince him to come to Toronto. The way to undo this is to MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!! Toronto can't switch countries but what they can do is try and make playoffs to at least have some people think we aren't total dog shit as well as being Canadian. This year the east absolutely blows. I can see Atlanta, Boston, and Milwaukee not making playoffs. That means 3 teams that didn't make playoffs last year could replace them, Philly just lost holiday and so guess who that leaves knocking on the door to the playoffs... us. Lastly, if the objective is to tank and get a good draft pick that is so fucking dumb. There are like 6 other teams tanking because next years draft is so good. But even if Toronto tanks, I can only see us getting like 13th in the east, no way we suck worse than charlotte and Orlando, plus the wizards suck as well so best case we get twelvth in the east and have like the 6th best odds at landing a first overall pick once the lottery rolls around. Then we get our 6th pick in a good draft and get a kid who is probably going to be as good as gay, but waste like 3-4 years developing him in the process. Anyone dreaming of getting wiggins is doing just that... Dreaming. He's Canadian but there's no way we manage to suck so much ass next year that we get the first overall pick or even a top 5. Best to try and round up the best team we can get now in order to get like a 6th seed in the playoffs and hope for a miracle run.
Jun 28th, 2013

Ok, first of all to say that he wasn't willing or didnt get tunnel vision is wrong. He did try to make those trades, he made his offer and it was not accepted. Swinging and missing is not the same as not swinging at all.
On top of that the very same picks we were after
were traded to other teams. So saying that we don't know what the price of said picks is also wrong. We know exactly what the price was because they were given away to other teams right before our eyes.
It's possible that our offer(s) were equal but simply not accepted. You can't blame the GM in that case, but the fact remains that he swung and missed and trying to spin that as something commendable is out of line.

Jun 26th, 2013

Very interesting discussion with some good points made, but as both a Raptors fan and a sports psychologist from London who has followed Football all my life I fail to see why we should model our future around Arsenal? Since the departure of rare talents like Henry and Bergkamp they have not been serious contenders for years. I personally much prefer the Barcelona system focusing on developing homegrown talent who take pride in wearing the badge and leave everything on the field. With the emerging talent coming out of Canada I think it would be great to build a team around players who the fans can really get behind and can play in Casey's system. Getting the players on board with the vision of the management is really the key to improvement, as the roster itself will unlikely be significantly different come October but the attitude and goal of the team can be adjusted.
I agree that stability is important and I believe that is what Uriji is looking for by starting over, there is no point in stability if you have no faith in the pieces. If Uriji knows who is and who isn't going to be involved in our long term future then he should look to shift those pieces as soon as possible.
With regards to JV, I agree. He is a talent, but if we are sticking with Casey long term then I don't see where he fits? But i guess that's why I haven't got any executive of the year awards.

Tyler Sherkin
Jun 3rd, 2013

JV is a project with upside, not a focal piece. MU is doing important things right now, but his hires will be as important as firing the old guard like Kelly. We still have to sort out a long-term coach and handle the roster issues mentioned above. I think Lowry IS the backup guard, though.

May 30th, 2013

"Tell me you can feel the pride radiating from Rudy Gay every time he hits the court with a cartoon dinosaur slapped across his chest..."

Kelly doesn't even know what the raptor uniform looks like....

May 24th, 2013

After listening to Tim's interview I feel a refreshing sense of hope regarding the Raptors. Irrespective of how the team plays this season it seems that a foundational change is on the horizon, which will hopefully result in a complete overhaul of the team and its league wide perception. I'm a lifelong Raptors fan and will continue to be one regardless of wins/losses or playoff position. I do feel we have some strong pieces, specifically JV, with whom the franchise can build its future. I've seen the game enough to know that the best NBA players all share some common characteristics which include determination, intelligence and a burning desire to win. JV embodies these characteristics they're plainly written on his face any time he's in the game. We need to pair him with a high quality power forward and a traditional point guard. I know a lot of people don't like Derozan but I actually think he's developing well and seems to have a strong understanding of which areas to improve on. Rudy Gay and Bargnani need to go and we need to develop a deep bench which could potentially be anchored by TRoss but for that we would need to get much much stronger. Toronto needs to stop acting like some kind of second rate team. We're the fourth largest market in North America, the city continues to gain recognition along multiple platforms and we have a fan base second to none. Lets hope Tim can deliver.

Apr 28th, 2013

True enough regarding players not wanting to be here. That is old world Antonio Davis/Steve Francis nonsense. It is no secret players love coming through Toronto and as the league has gotten younger it has also seen that sentiment disappear. Rudy/Amir and Demar love it. I saw Kyle at the island airport and unprompted he started to tell me how much he loved it here. Jennings loves it. AI loved it and god knows KG has long loved the ladies here. An the tattoo shops. It's the organization they don't care for. Or rather, the losing.

Apr 26th, 2013

It will simply be "F U" 50 times.

Apr 18th, 2013

Judging by the broadcast last night (Matt and Leo particularly) this has to be the greatest 50 loss team in the history of sports!

Paul Pellico
Apr 15th, 2013

aaron gray just an a-?
the guy should get that for his having no fouls going into the second half having played the bigs from brooklin to a dead stop.
his minutes on the floor were immense...and his picks were awesome.
what does he need to do for a regular a?
score the most points?
play point guard?

Apr 5th, 2013

Aside from the greats to ever play the game, most successful SGs do one of two things - shoot/score or defend.

Unfortunately Demar can do neither well. He's neither a Rip Hamilton or a Tony Allen. He's neither Ray Allen or a Bruce Bowen.

He's a Desmond Mason. Which is basically a high flyer that has no specific skill or ability.

But whats worse is even what he's best at, jumping high, isn't combined with explosiveness or agression. He needs to build momentum to get up and when anything slows that down it turns into a lay up attempt. Even when he's got a full head of steam going, a player challenging Demar almost always forces him to alter his shot. Its probably why Ross already has a longer highlight reel video archive than Demar.

Demar is fast and can jump high - but isn't quick, explosive, agile or aggresive. Combined with limited ball handling, passing, shooting and defensive instincts. Well you aren't left with much.

But he's a good guy and a hard worker.... so thats awesome.

Much like Bargnani, he's been improperly used, developed and payed, because good ole Bryan thought he saw something special in him. (Or just thought he'd see lots of dunks so he could sell more tickets). Had this organization accepted Demar's limitations from the get go... had pushed him much more into a role playing position, emphasized him learning and improving defense instead of trying to get him to improve the offensive skills he never had to begin with, he might actually be useful. Instead, again much like Bargnani, its a player with glaring weaknesses who needs to be compensated for instead of having a strength that could be used to fill a need or a role. Yet he's managed to become a 'core player', whose contract is eating 15% of the salary cap, and is taking minutes away from players who show more ability and usefulness (Ross).

Its just amazing how the more things changes the more they stay the same.

I like Demar, I wish more players in this league had his attitude. But he is, yet again, a great example of Bryan Colangelo's failures.

Mar 28th, 2013

Amnesty Colangelo.

Ron R
Mar 21st, 2013

WOW. Fantastic read. I had also applied for the spot and wanted to wish you a warm congrats! I absolutely agree with everything you said. I've been reading articles here for a long time and this is my first post. I've been saying everything you said to my buddies all season. I didn't like the trade when it happened and I like it less now. I actually tweeted a couple of days ago that Gay reminded me of Vince in the tail end of his time here. It's eery. All the talent in the world, and completely nonchalant with it. It's so frustrating watching him take 25+ shots a night to come up with 21 points. YES he's hit a couple game winners, and has managed to string some nice scoring nights together recently, but look at his turnovers??! How many times does he attract double and triple teams driving into the paint, well almost in, and instead of passing it to an open man he fumbles the ball out of bounds. Over. And Over. I can't say I blame him for fading in the fourth quarters. The reason the Raps have been failing in the fourth ALL SEASON LONG rests solely on one mans' shoulders. Coach Dwayne Casey. He has the most deficient rotations I have ever seen and I've been following the Raps since day one against New Jersey back in 1995. He routinely runs Gay, DeRozan, and Johnson 40+ minutes a night! Gay doesn't usually get a break until 3 minutes into the second quarter. There is no way they can sustain a high level of play for 48 minutes when they are going up against RESTED starters in the fourth. And I won't get into his lack of offensive sets. What this team lacks is a veteran warrior like Charles Oakley to get these kids to start playing correctly. ENOUGH jump shots from 6 feet behind the 3 Pt line (Gay, I'm looking at you) when you can easily take a couple of dribbles in and shoot from the actual, yanno, line? OR, even better, take it to the hoop and prove you can play at an elite level. If the coach can't reign in his players from taking all of these ridiculous long contested shots whenever they aren't isoing DD or Gay. We will regret losing Eddie one day (I for one already do). JV is the future of this franchise (assuming we don't lose him as you mentioned due to our insanely mishandled salary cap) which is sad because we actually would have a chance to keep him here since he isn't from the States and isn't in a rush to flee south of the border like Gay will unless the Raptors throw another mountain of money at him. Ugh, makes your head hurt doesnt it? Jonas needs to continue to get 30+ mins a night until the end of the season, win, lose or draw. And so does Ross. We have no choice BUT to develop these two if we hope to get any better. I have a feeling DD is close to his ceiling, unless his suddenly realizes he should ALWAYS be geting inside....Oh Charles, where are you when we need you? Anyways, I figured I'd finally jump in and say something after reading your article. Looking forward to the next one ;)

Andre Lindo
Mar 15th, 2013

in Gay's defense, the play wasnt run right. There was 6s left on the shot clock and no one was open. If you noticed when he got the ball, and drove to the basket, AMIR was in his way, which made him stop his dribble because the spacing wasnt there. all amir had to do was STAY where he was and set a pick, where there would be a mis match and give gay enough space for a higher percentage shot and put amir in position to get an offensive rebound or recieve a pass from gay. That comes with experience playing with the dude.

As for Derozen, i blame the PG. He gave it up to amir for a play. Then he clears the space. Jonas came WAY to quick to derozens spot which clogged up the area forcing derozen out. At this point, the PG should have REliezed what happened, and tell Gay to pick his man to go back for the ball to reset the play. second, when derozen got the ball he waited, but in the time of waiting he MADE up his mind he was going to take the shot and commited to it. Jonas roll beautifully to the net, he should have passed it.

Sigh. They need a better offense that allows them to be constantly moving. With an athletic team like this, no one should be standing still.

j bean
Mar 9th, 2013

You don't have to be a basketball guru to know the Raptors best lineup is JV, AJ, RG, DD, and KL.
If the objective is to win you play your best as much as possible. 35 minutes each isn't unreasonable.
Casey likes to throw out weird combinations for extended periods and the reasoning behind it is a little confusing. I'm beginning to think it is because sees himself as a coach who thinks outside the box and he is trying to put his stamp on every game played. His experiments for the most part fail. He needs some coaching on how to substitute intelligently getting the most out of his best players. If there is less talk about the coach it is usually a sign he is doing a great job of helping his players win.

Feb 28th, 2013

He'd definitely see more court time that way.

Feb 27th, 2013

Guess we shift into development mode now. Seriously give TRoss some burn.
Its fucking with the kids psyche. He might get 0-25 mins, he never knows what, so whenever he comes in, he just fires shots.

Feb 20th, 2013

In addition to the "sewing circle" comment, I loved this one as well "Rudy Gay, Lowry, Anderson, Lucas..all ball hogs. They are playing for stats and playing to get out of Toronto. " I am always amazed to read stuff like this. There's so many facts that I've learned since finding "fan" page.
"A player who is playing well, is playing to get out of Toronto."
"A player who posts good stats, only did it to get good stats."
"A Toronto win against a weak opponent doesn't count....Not like it does when a good team has a 20-7 record anyhow."
"Toronto players are all mediocre or worse, and maybe not even D league material, by virtue of being here."
"For a player other than Vince and maybe Bosh to be considered truly good or great, they must first be good or great someplace other than Toronto first."
"The Raps should trade everyone (except my 2-3 fave players) for prospects and pieces because you have to take huge risks to get the huge rewards." (This one get filed along with: "I took my last 20 paychecks to the casino and for some reason, I'm still living in my parents basement.")
"A prospect is always a better bet than a good player." (see above)
"A prospect who doesn't have an outstanding first year, or become a starter in week 2 is a bust, and should be shipped out for 2nd round prospects. Some outstanding players have come from the 2nd round. You have to take the big risks."
"We need to trade all of our under-performing/injured/low talent players for one really good player." (This one gets filed along with: I'm going to trade my 10 crt monitors for my friends 24" LCD screen. I don't know why he keeps saying no. If you add up the prices, it's about the same amount of money. Why does he keep saying. "I have a 24" led, why do I want or need a pile of junk??.")
"Look at me....I'm ranting."
Feb 12th, 2013

"Timofey Mozgov" is Russian for "Shawn Bradley".

Feb 11th, 2013

 He constantly dribbles into defenders and then rather then a quick pass out dribbles some more then settles for a contested jumper. He has improved a bit each year but there is no point having him and Gay. They are both volume shooters. Gay has a much better feel for the game and can create his own shot and has a more varied offense. Plus he rebounds , defends and passes better and has way more length. Raps need a shooter at the two guard spot. Someone who actually shoots threes close to 40%. Korver or Reddick. Right now they have Gay, Lowry and Demar all outside the three point line with only Lowry shooting a good%. Demar can't dribble so it's a waste having him out there.

Brian Y
Feb 8th, 2013

James White doesn't have the same hops anymore.  Those videos were from 5 years ago.  He's 31 years old now.

Fake fan get free Pizza
Feb 7th, 2013

As a TO fan is just embarrassing to boo a player coming in after an injury. Unfortunately the world is full of cowards that screams only when they have no arguments.This sort of fans deserves a mediocre team year after year. Their dream is a black team with Ed Davis reggie Evans Pop Mensa Alan Anderson and Rudy Gay as their favourites players.Wait, because 2weeks ago the same fans didn't like the trade and were desperate on ED (a top 10PF) going to Memphis to show his greatness....Last night chants were Rudy Rudy Rudy. Next Pizza Pizza for everyone !

Feb 3rd, 2013

Next season Jose will be available ...!

Feb 1st, 2013

The problem isn't with Gay himself. First, there is his salary, combined with DD's and LF's salaries, that will handcuff the Raps for years to come. So unless this team can become contenders were basically screwed. Second, KL, DD and RG all need the ball to be effective which doesn't bode well for team chemistry. Third, DD and RG basically have the same skill set and neither can stretch the floor. This redundancy does not bode well for team chemistry. Fourth, we have KL, who has poor court vision and is an average facilitator/distributor at best. Again, doesn't bode well for team chemistry as we have already seen. Lastly, none of these players are close to being above average defenders. In the final analysys, while RG is a borderline allstar, he isn't a good fit on this team. An interesting piece on how BC has no fucking clue.

With Regards to Mr. Berkowitz
Jan 31st, 2013

Thank you very much for the link, though it is pretty obvious that any criticism will be ignored, it still felt good to send this out (consider yourself duly warned, the following passage is of substantial length):

Initially, I, as a Toronto Raptors fan, thought about
providing constructive criticism in regard to your horrid officiating crew.
Upon basic reflection, it has, however, become exceedingly clear that you were
complicit, are complicit, and will always be complicit in this entire
disgusting mess. In fact, I may even go so far as to suspect may even have been
your directives that have completely stripped even the faintest semblance of
impartiality from your so-called "referees". It is not even the outcome
of games that concern me, but rather the degradation of the principles of
sport, whereby impartiality and integrity have been shunted aside in the name
of profit. As such, I have dispensed with any thoughts of amelioration, any
pleasantries that are certainly not due to such a band of two-faced miscreants,
and now merely seek to satisfy my anger by rightfully excoriating your entire
corrupt organization.


After temporarily assuaging my concerns with your
acknowledgement of blatantly botched calls at the end of the several Raptors
games, it soon became apparent that said “apologies” were naught but a
duplicitous attempt to restore a thin veneer of legitimacy to your
organization. To ignore the most barefaced of erroneous calls would be to
invite ridicule, but you have quite clearly shown that your “apologies” (I
cannot rightfully exclude the quotation marks, as I have seen no evidence
whatsoever of remorse), are solely for avoiding public derision, because no
effort has been made to address the issue of prejudiced officiating! Your
avoidance of a long-standing systemic problem shows that your “apologies” are
less than worthless; indeed, they serve as a scornful indictment of an NBA that
is willing to pervert a tool for sincere reconciliation into a tool for burying
an issue that they refuse to even recognize, let alone resolve!


Moreover, your draconian measures to censor criticism from
your players, coaches, and team officials serve to disgust me further. It is
quite apparent that internal complaints can quite easily be ignored to your
enduring satisfaction, and therefore, to continue running your operations in
such a cozy manner, the inconvenience of public statements must be dealt with.
Regardless of the legitimacy of any complaints, your own response is to heavily
fine the offending individuals, and more repugnantly, completely ignore the
issues that they raise! It is a stretch to say that it is a justifiable
limitation upon the right to free speech when you fine individuals for unjustly
criticizing their organization, and it is even more of a stretch to act in the
manner that you do: tightly controlling behaviour and speech to serve your
corporate ends. How can you claim to be an upstanding organization when you
eschew the very principles of impartiality, sportsmanship, fair play, and
integrity? Until every team can win each and every game on their own legitimate
merits, until every issue is resolved rather than suppressed, until the good of
the sport can take precedence over corporate interests, I do not think you can.


As I have stated earlier, I am under no illusions that my
condemnation will achieve any tangible results. What is the voice of one fan
compared to the allure of billions in revenues? I am also aware that in the
grand scheme of our globalized world, yours is but a trivial issue when
juxtaposed with other corporations who actively do harm to enrich their own
pockets, to speak nothing of totalitarianism, murder, torture, and other such
indignities upon the human spirit. But nevertheless, sports have long been
extolled as a wholesome exhibition of humanity’s vitality and competitive
spirit, and you have certainly done your part to dirty, shame, and completely
shatter this ideal. In a world where the profit motive is king, you have
justified every cynic, saddened every idealist, and commercialized the
principles of sport.<end passage="">True, the NBA certainly is not alone amongst professional sports leagues in this regard, but their abuses are definitely the most egregious. I've wasted enough of my life on this league.</end>

Jan 27th, 2013

Lol he looks like he is all set to help his best friend move!

john g
Jan 13th, 2013

I'm just sick of Casey trying to evenly split the PG minutes when instead the minutes should be dictated by who is playing the best during the game. During the game, I could tell Jack was like WTF is Casey doing with his rotations.

channel 511
Jan 5th, 2013

Matt Moore's disappointment in the reaction of Raptors fans might be nudged in that direction by him reading comments on RR (and every other place where fans can comment), as he obviously does (read sites like this one). While it's probably true that many, possibly even a majority, of fans feel at least some anger/frustration towards Bargnani, I also suspect that those who feel SO strongly about that subject repeat it so incessantly, it looks bigger than it actually is. (It's the old story with commenters in general: those who feel strongest about a subject make the most noise … so, sometimes, it's difficult to gauge what the actual numbers of a thing might really be. Hence the terms 'vocal minority'  and the related 'silent majority'.) 

That said, as one who has joined in at flailing away in momentary frustration at ole Bargs every now and then, I've also always been a fan of his talent (if not his 'motor' as Sam Mitchell refers to it in that interesting radio interview) … and seeing how Lowry has - so far - seemed to have been watching as intently on the sidelines as I was hoping he might be while he was out, and taken the lessons to heart (with the likely persuasion of the coaching staff), I'm curious all over again (foolish fan that I am? not impossible) about what lessons Bargnani himself might be learning by taking all this (that has gone on in his absence) in. 

There's little question in my mind that Bargnani's ill-advised comments to the Italian reporter he spoke to when he said the team was the worst in the league was bad - very bad - for him … but the catalyst that it was definitely a part of (imo) that motivated the team to the stepped up focus and team play that we've been seeing has proven it to be a kind of brilliant happenstance in its way. 

If the players don't hold it against him - and I sort of doubt they would (there WAS a naive innocence to his foolish comment that I suspect was quickly - or eventually - recognized by his teammates … again, I suspect [?]), if Casey wanted to give him another chance to find his game within the style of play we're seeing now (and Casey wanting it would be key for me, with no possibility of the old coddling BS that Smitch referred to), I'd be curious to see what he can bring off the bench … and if he can find a place within the new framework we've been seeing. 

Of course, it's possible that Matt Moore and many others are right and a trade would be best for everyone. It would certainly put me out of my own misery once and for all, about Bargs. While he's still here, though, I just see that talent waiting to be tapped into, at least in part, by someone who might know how to get it out there on the floor to the benefit of himself and the team, which … is probably a part of the similar syndrome that Colangelo has always suffered with when it comes to Bargs. (Lol.) 

Also, I liked Matt Moore's article on DeRozan. Nice to see someone from outside our territory having a closer look at how hard he's been working at getting better and how it's affecting his play and that of the team. I likely wouldn't have seen that article, so thanks. 

channel 511
Jan 4th, 2013

Matt Moore's disappointment in the reaction of Raptors fans might be nudged in that direction by him reading comments on RR (and every other place where fans can comment), as he obviously does (read sites like this one). While it's probably true that many, possibly even a majority, of fans feel at least some anger/frustration towards Bargnani, I also suspect that those who feel SO strongly about that subject repeat it so incessantly, it looks bigger than it actually is. (It's the old story with commenters in general: those who feel strongest about a subject make the most noise … so, sometimes, it's difficult to gauge what the actual numbers of a thing might really be. Hence the terms 'vocal minority'  and the related 'silent majority'.) 

That said, as one who has joined in at flailing away in momentary frustration at ole Bargs every now and then, I've also always been a fan of his talent (if not his 'motor' as Sam Mitchell refers to it in that interesting radio interview) … and seeing how Lowry has - so far - seemed to have been watching as intently on the sidelines as I was hoping he might be while he was out, and taken the lessons to heart (with the likely persuasion of the coaching staff), I'm curious all over again (foolish fan that I am? not impossible) about what lessons Bargnani himself might be learning by taking all this (that has gone on in his absence) in. 

There's little question in my mind that Bargnani's ill-advised comments to the Italian reporter he spoke to when he said the team was the worst in the league was bad - very bad - for him … but the catalyst that it was definitely a part of (imo) that motivated the team to the stepped up focus and team play that we've been seeing has proven it to be a kind of brilliant happenstance in its way. 

If the players don't hold it against him - and I sort of doubt they would (there WAS a naive innocence to his foolish comment that I suspect was quickly - or eventually - recognized by his teammates … again, I suspect [?]), if Casey wanted to give him another chance to find his game within the style of play we're seeing now (and Casey wanting it would be key for me, with no possibility of the old coddling BS that Smitch referred to), I'd be curious to see what he can bring off the bench … and if he can find a place within the new framework we've been seeing. 

Of course, it's possible that Matt Moore and many others are right and a trade would be best for everyone. It would certainly put me out of my own misery once and for all, about Bargs. While he's still here, though, I just see that talent waiting to be tapped into, at least in part, by someone who might know how to get it out there on the floor to the benefit of himself and the team, which … is probably a part of the similar syndrome that Colangelo has always suffered with when it comes to Bargs. (Lol.) 

Also, I liked Matt Moore's article on DeRozan. Nice to see someone from outside our territory having a closer look at how hard he's been working at getting better and how it's affecting his play and that of the team. I likely wouldn't have seen that article, so thanks. 

Dec 29th, 2012

This was the old Hedo. Great performance. I never thought I'd see a -37 in 23 minutes of court time. That's really impressive.

Syed Qamar1
Dec 24th, 2012

Terrance Ross 2013 slam dunk competition winner he will put on a show like Vince's in 2000, he'll bring the eyes back Toronto although I don't think he will ever be as good as Vince carter was I think by next year Terrance Ross will be starting at SF position because of his great 3 point shooting, people say DD and TR r identical. I don't believe it at all they have different styles both on the offensive end and defensive end. I have no idea what is wrong with DD's defence though he has the quickness and athletisism but keeps getting beat by opposing SGs . And as much as u ask who the starting pg should be and who should get traded its a coin flip at this point in the season, in my opinion Lowry stays and Calderon gets dealt and I say that because he has finally gotten attention nationally so his value will be at an all time high and bash BC all you want I know he will get something good for Calderon. Why do u think he's been on the market so long? BC knows his value and has probably been approached on Calderon in the past but hasn't executed a deal because he hasn't gotten back what he believes he should for Calderon. Since Calderon is playing the way he is I think this might be the year he gets dealt. I just have a hard time believing Lowry would get traded. Regarding Landry fields I do think he was a pawn to the Nash trade, he's over paid and is a player that should be on the trading block basically a amare type of deal give him up to who ever wants to take him...maybe get back a draft pick or an expiring contract. The raptors need cap space in the upcoming years why not start now and 2014 draft looks like its got a lot of star power, maybe get some draft picks in next years draft and let the rebuild begin. Hate me or not I think this team is 1 or 2 pieces away from contending with the current roster they have minus bargs and fields. It's up to the GM if he wants to blow it up and start new . But I think they have either option. Trade for talent NOW or rebuild in 2014. Calderon is good too guys would take him as a starter in Toronto for the next couple of years but its not happening kiss Calderon good bye

Dec 8th, 2012

Raptors 4-16, reppin Toronto's area code. Think they'll rep Toronto's second area code 647 (6-47)?
Dec 4th, 2012

Love the player/beer comparisons. Here are my suggestions:

- Valanciunas is like Hooegarden because it's pale and imported.
- Derozan is like a coffee beer, because it should be awesome, but is usually disappointing.
- Aaron Gray is like Guinness because it's a bit thick.
- Calderon is like Dos Equis, because Jose is the most interesting man in the world. He doesn't always play defense, but when he does, he does it poorly.
- Jamaal Magloire is like home-brew, because you're proud of it, but nobody really wants to drink it.
- Landry Fields is one of those expensive fruit beers that you bought on impulse and immediately regret.
- Quincy Acy is like Budweiser, because you wish you could get a better "draught" pick, but it's all the bar had on tap, so you'll put up with it.
- The team as a whole is like Tankhouse, because...well, it's got the word "tank" in it.
- And finally, we Raptor fans are like Corona, because life keeps handing us lemons.

Dec 3rd, 2012

We eat the same things you eat where you live except better portion control and a few extra vegetables. With the exception of poutine and donair.

Dec 2nd, 2012

You, sir, have won the ROTD.

Nov 30th, 2012

well, he's a significant upgrade over what they've been trotting out at the 3 since fields went down, which is a pretty sad statement in & of itself.  it's a shame that they've now got a glut of 'meh' 3's to choose from, and it leads me to think that there has to be other pieces being discussed in trade.  i don't (no one should) expect the MP of a few years back, but he does bring better offense (especially from the perimeter) than mcguire (not saying anything there), fields (kinda sad, considering his contract) & kleiza (dit-effn-o), and at worst, above-average D (fingers crossed).

small steps.  either the start of some significant movement, or a stop-gap until fields is back (a sign BC feels the team - for the most part - is worth keeping intact).

Nov 29th, 2012

I just came to a new realization. Rooting for any of the Toronto teams is like being a religious cult follower. No matter what evidence, and empirical proof is shown, we blindly follow along and root for our team.
I have already written of the Leafs, and the Blue Jays*, and am almost there with the Raptors.
The only thing MLSE cares for is profits, not bringing a championship or even putting a contender on the floor. Bryan Colangelo cant scout or draft worth shit, he prefers to just trade away picks instead of home growing talent. All his picks so far have been seriously flawed. And hardly any of his trades have worked out for him
I love the Raptors, but like all bad relationships, in order to be happy you got to break the cycle. This maybe harder than quitting smoking, but am ready to take my money and time elsewhere.
Ill come back when the Raptors play defense, execute for 4 quarters.

*Blue Jays sure look exciting with the trade. But guaranteed by the end of July there will be enough injuries, and games lost that they are out of the race.

Nov 26th, 2012

Rebounds and defense win games. Period. If you have more posessions than the other team by grapping offensive boards, you both add to your oppurtunity to score and take away the other teams. If you make the other team score less points by playing good defense, it means you have to score less in order to win. Rebounding and defense don't get "cold" like shooting, anyone can do it if they just hustle so as long as you bring consistant effort you will play consistently on that end. Good teams score lots of points, great teams play defense and rebound.

In short, Ed Davis there is a very strong argument for Ed Davis being better for the team than Bargs. His rebounding alone gives this team another dimension and when you pair him with other active guys like Jonas and Amir it's hard for the other team to deal with it. Long term, I would say that a rebounder of Ed Davis' caliber will be one of the most important players on this team and once he gets his man muscles (he's only 23) he is going to be a force in the post.

Nov 23rd, 2012

our racist fanbase is silent tonight....if demar played like andrea tonight the nuthuggers would be jumpin up n down with their clown dekobe bullcrap...and if bargs played like demar tonight itd be an epic racist meltdown........our fanbase is a bunch of racist punks....i want bargs traded to get him away from these dumb monkeys.

demar,kleiza,ross and mcguire....2 of 24 and lowry ballin like mike james.............but demar,lol.young guns yo.

Nov 21st, 2012

Yup, we got out coached and Dwane will admit it.Yup, the refs are skewing the results. Yup, Kyle came back too soon and got too much burn. Yup, this is a team that has yet to jell.  BUT that was a fun game to watch and the Raps are gonna get better. And better.

Wish they coulda pulled this one out. Tough loss.

Nov 20th, 2012

Yup, if you don't put in a grade it defaults to A+....those were not intentional.

Nov 7th, 2012

Fields should be arrested for impersonating a NBA player.

j bean
Oct 29th, 2012

Only one team has ever had 6 wins in preseason and never made the playoffs. 
Chicago could be worse than projected even after the return of Rose. Who knows if he'll ever be the same. That could be one opening the Raptors could take advantage of. There are a few other teams that could struggle more than is expected. The Knicks and Boston come to mind. One thing I loved about the Raptors this preseason is their play in the last five minutes. They surprised me, especially getting to the line and knocking them down.
The first 20 games looks tough but if the Raps are taken lightly and they are in the game down the stretch they'll cause problems for some some favored teams.

Oct 16th, 2012

Relax People.  Here is a question that sums it up.  Who is the better player?

Player 1            MPG  31.1     PPG   15.8    APG    2.9    RPG   8.2    BPG    1.0
Player 2            MPG  32.2     PPG   16.1    APG    1.0    RPG   7.7    BPG    0.4

Fairly similar right?  I agree, Kevin Garnett is about the same as Ryan Anderson.  See? 

Without the big picture simply looking at a few stats can be very misleading.  It doesn't at the same time mean it's useless.

Oct 10th, 2012

1 rebound in 22 minutes by Bargnani

Sep 24th, 2012

of course not, don't be so dumb.  in fact, i have it on preeeeettty good authority that the training staff makes it a point of emphasis to the guys to NOT warm-up or stretch in any way/shape/form before going full out in games, practices, madden12, etc.

also, they recommend eating a LOT of fried shit & mcdonalds before games, staying up late & getting shit-faced the night before early games, and recording themselves performing satanic rituals on kittens, then posting said vids to youtube.

Harry S. Truman
Sep 15th, 2012

At first glance that last item looks like Keon Clark's coke pile.

Jul 23rd, 2012

Listen folks, The Raps are still rebuilding. Whether you hate Bargnani and DeRozen's game matters little. Yanking the offense away from those two doesn't make the Raps any better. Period.

Jul 5th, 2012

the forbes era is over.

Jul 3rd, 2012

Yall would like Mateen Cleaves if BC signed him to a 3 yr 24 mil deal....

"he fits nicely on our team"

fuck outta here

Jul 1st, 2012

I am all in on Nash. At the very least, I'll be able to watch Raptor games without having one hand covering my eyes. At best, I'll be excited and giddy to be watching someone with a BBall IQ higher than the IQ of a BBall.

Tank another season for what? Another #9, or #11 pick? Whats that getting Houston? Fuck it, give me a team that can win 45 games for godsake, and doesn't make me burst into a combination of laughter and tears when someone asks who my team is.

Jun 29th, 2012

"ESPN’s John Hollinger said “I had Ross 27th on my board. Not a fan of the pick and thought they could have traded down if that was their guy.”"I’d also offer that the media’s perspective of player values is interesting, but it doesn’t always align with pro team’s perspectives – and one of those two enjoys a significant information advantage by virtue of the resources invested into the draft process."What he wish he could say-"PER and WP is useless when trying to project a player at the next level. They are cute little numbers like Plus Minus. We have synergy and break down a players shooting numbers by playtype(iso, spotup, postup), shot selection(open, semi-contested, fully-contested) where(longrange, midrange,in the paint) and when(time on shot clock). We can also do this with passing. The same can be done with defence(opponentfg% by playtype, ppp by playtype). For example, our data says Rivers is poor coming off screens, we went over the tape and noticed that his mechanics are inconsistent in this particular playtype(doesnt square up, kicks out legs, fades, leans, etc.) On the surface Rivers appears to be a more dynamic scorer, but he was only strong in one playtype(pnr), average and poor(spotup, offscreens) in others. The data and tape suggest he will be a ball dominant volume shooter, thats not what we are looking for. T. Ross was above average to good across the board, he can score in many different ways. off the ball and with the ball. his skillset provides the team with more options on offense. He is statistically similar to Jeremy Lamb and Harrison Barnes on offense. Also, Ross is a better defender and rebounder"

Rikki Carrero
Jun 15th, 2012

8 Options for Raptors Draft Pick #8
With playoffs in mind, the addition of Jonas Valanciunas next season, the pre-injured form of Andrea Bargnani, & improved execution of D Casey’s defensive schemes might be enough to catapult the team post regular season berth.  Raptors ranked 15th in Casey’s 1st year & could possibly improve 4 notches, & since the top 11 defensive teams made to the playoffs this year, the goal is not too far-fetched.  However, the way lottery pick & cap space will be parlayed this year will determine if Raptors could keep the long term sustainability & become perennial contender.  Putting yourself in BC’s shoes, what are some probable options you’ll work hard to come to fruition this offseason?  I offer 8, ranked in the order of preference –
1.       Keep the pick & address need for experience via free agency, w/ Andrei Kirilenko or Brandon Rush as prime targets  
Bottom Line: Drafting Damian Lillard at #8 addresses need for PG of the future in the mold of D Rose, R Westbrook, R Rondo & T Parker.  Pick #37 could produce quality player drafting either:  W Barton, D Lamb, S Machado, K Murphy, or K O’Quinn (in this order of availability).  Pick #56 could be used for rights for either:  Hollis Thompson, Eric Griffin, Jae Crowder, Terrance Henry, or a foreign player to stash overseas.
Sidebar:  The name Damian educes fear.  Hope Lillard’s play evokes terror in NBA.
2.       Package J Bayless, E Davis, #8 & #56 picks to Boston’s R Rondo, #21 & #22 picks
Bottom Line:  Celtics need infusion of youth & could draft an impact player in the lottery.  Raptors will have their PG of the future yet still pick assets at #21 & #22 for any combination of:  M Harkless, A Moultrie, R White, M Teague, Jeff Taylor, A Nicholson, or E Fournier (in this order of availability).
Sidebar:  Could Rajon impact sales of the car model bearing his last name?
3.       Trade J Bayless & #8 pick for Houston’s Kyle Lowry & #14 pick (or #16 pick)
Bottom Line:  Lowry’s co-existence w/ coach McHale is an issue & could be on his way out.  Houston will get Bayless as back up PG to G Dragic (or as starter if latter signs w/ other team).  Rockets will have better options at #8.  Raptors will get an upgrade from PG position & could use #14 (or #16) pick to draft either: D Lillard, PJ3, J Lamb, D Waiters, A Rivers, T Ross, M Harkless, or A Moultrie (in this order of availability).
Sidebar:  Will ties with Alvin Williams knot this deal?
4.       Trade D DeRozan  & #8 pick for Oklahoma’s James Harden & #28 pick
Bottom Line:  Both Harden and Ibaka are expected to earn big deals next year & OKC will be hard pressed to keep both.  Thunder would probably opt for Ibaka for defensive purpose & will have cheaper 3rd scoring option in DDR, plus lottery pick.  Raptors will get a former 3rd overall pick & young clutch scorer in Harden, & could use #28 pick to draft either Will Barton or Doron Lamb to improve 3-pt shooting.
Sidebar:  Hornets got the Brow, Raptors got the Beard
5.       Package D DeRozan, #8 & #56 picks for Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala & #15 pick
Bottom Line:  Salary owed to Iggy will create flexibility to Philly & move Evan Turner as starter.  76ers will have better options at #8 than outside lottery.  Raptors will fill the need for SF & could use #15 pick to draft either: D Lillard, PJ3, J Lamb, D Waiters, A Rivers, T Ross, M Harkless, or A Moultrie (in this order of availability).
Sidebar:  Iggy will finally exorcize the ghost of Hoffa
6.       Package E Davis, #8 & #56 picks to Charlotte’s Corey Maggette & #2 pick
Bottom Line:  Charlotte will rid of enormous salary tied to Maggette while still can get an impact player at #8.  E Davis is an alumna of UNC, so this deal might enamor w/ M Jordan.  Raptors will have a chance to draft MKG to address need for lockdown defender.
Sidebar:  MKG in tune with the Pound the Rock theme
7.       Trade D DeRozan & #8 pick to Cleveland’s Luke Walton, #4 & #24 picks
Bottom Line: Salary owed to Walton will create more flexibility to Cleveland & will get an athletic SF to pair w/ Irving & still have a decent pick at #8.  Raptors will have a chance to draft Beal & could add another asset at #24 to draft either:  M Harkless, A Moultrie, R White, M Teague, Jeff Taylor, A Nicholson, or E Fournier (in this order of availability).
Sidebar:  No Beal, no deal
8.       Package J Bayless, #8 pick & Traded Player Exception to San Antonio’s Tony Parker
Bottom Line: Parker was almost a Raptor last year so maybe we could revisit the past.  Spurs will get a starting caliber PG, a lottery pick & cash incentive.  Raptors get a battle tested PG & clutch scorer at the same time, rich w/ playoffs experience.
Sidebar:  Parker say “merci beaucoup” & Canada understands

Jun 2nd, 2012

Even at the #8 selection there are 3 or 4 players that if drafted I would automatically view them as better than 60% of the current roster.

Out of these players I would also feel more comfortable with them taking a primary/secondary scoring role on this team to replace the current production of the already established inefficient scorers that populate the team.

I wonder if BC is going to explore the market value of the pick?
I think the emphasis of these next 4 weeks should be on getting this pick right.

If we are truly in a "rebuild" this is another piece that you hope to be part of a future sustainable winning team, moving forward.

May 10th, 2012

This decision would be so much easier if he already had an NBA championship ring. It's almost a shame for him to, and I don't want to say waste, but spend the last years of his career on a developing team and retire with no ring. I've always been a fan of his, and if so chooses to come here, then I'm all for it, but in the end I truly think he deserves a ring.

Apr 27th, 2012

H to the Uzoh

Apr 27th, 2012

i'll remember this season...

- as one in which the bobcats established themselves as the worst team in history with 7 wins...and that 2 of them came against the raps.

- as one in which defense became an actual 'thing,' vs. a word spoken in interviews & immediately forgotten.

- as one in which the supposed 'core' played - at times - like a team that could compete with anyone...but that also played as competively with D-league callups & scrubbiest of scrubs.  is that a reflection of the coaching, or the 'core'?

- as one in which questions were answered about this 'core.'  they may not be the answers we wanted, but they are answers may seem up in the air as to whether the 'core' is good enough going forward, but the fact that it's up in the air means that it isn't.  in my eyes, the guys we needed answers on this year were davis, derozan & bargs (most others on the roster were already who we thought they were).

- derozan: proved he could be a somewhat effective scorer, but more likely as a 4th option on a decent team, and ideally as a guy coming off the bench who'd only be asked to score.  simply too one-dimensional to be a focal point of a team that fancies itself a contender for anything.  verdict: without one of a) reliable handles or b) legit NBA-quality outside shooting, or c) the ability to be a shut-down defender, he's a fringe NBA-er at best, and a guy that - if he were on another team - raptor fans would think of as a poor man's nick young (albeit, minus the knuckleheadedness).

- davis: proved he could be a decent defender, above average rebounder, and - when motivated - an energy guy.  but that runs counter to what an 'energy guy' HAS to be for a can't be turned on or off, if you're an energy guy, you have to bring it each & every game, and what he proved is that he doesn't have that in him.  and that means he's a bench player...especially considering his almost complete lack of offensive game.  i mean, it isn't just that he's lacking 'moves,' or any semblance of a reliable jumper...he didn't show that he was even comfortable with the notion of being an offensive player.  verdict: a less talented joel anthony.

- bargnani: here we go...was he impressive to start the season?  yes.  was he as impressive in those games as some would have you believe?  not really.  he was making strides towards being a more complete player, but the injuries curtailed that, and we're therefore left with question marks.  first question: is he injury-prone?  is missing 10-30 games/season something that is just going to be something to expect?  i don't trust bigs with leg issues in general, and the type of issues he's had tend to be of the reoccurring variety.  injuries aside...did he show enough in his limited time to warrant remaining an untouchable?  i really don't think so.  offensively, it's a given that he can score the ball, but question remain as to whether he does so with enough efficiency to offset the weaker aspects of his best, the jury's still out, and at worst, it's an emphatic 'no.'  his fans will - undoubtedly - point to the lack of offensive production from other areas, and the team's W/L record with him vs. without him...which is valid, to a degree, as long as we're willing to accept that he showed zero improvement in terms of rebounding the ball despite it being a point of emphasis & despite the fact that he was not playing with anyone that could be considered an elite rebounder (i.e. no more reggie evans 'stealing' his rebounds), and accept that while his PnR defense - at least to start the season - was much better, he's still an overall poor defender.  so...he's either an injury-prone, inefficient/high-volume scorer who brings (almost) nothing positive to the table from a rebounding/defensive perspective...or he's a uniquely talented big who can score from anywhere, spread the D, and play passable D in certain circumstances.  i'm not sure there's really much middle-ground, so it depends on how valuable you consider his strengths in determining whether he should be part of the team going forward.  verdict: to my eyes, this season simply confirmed what i've believed for years - that his best role is (like derozan) as a scorer off the bench.  if that doesn't/can't happen in TO (and it won't), then they should look to move him & get on with it.

Apr 21st, 2012

As much as people are doubting Barnes, i think he could end up being one of the best players in the draft. He has weaknesses, but I think with the right coaching and training facility he can improve his ball handling and his slashing ability. I really think Barnes will be on a mission to prove his doubters wrong after his performance in the tournament. 

Apr 7th, 2012

Great post.

But you left out some very related particulars:

Jack saying of AB during his hot first few minutes of the game- he's baaaacckkk!

Jack calling the game over in the late part of the 3rd Q in the Raptors favor.

The Raptors announcers are just regurgitating BC's memo'd talking points- I remember when Jack was digging at Thompson for getting his shot swatted away and Matt sorta reminded him that he one's of the talking points for fans (future Canadian National team player) & Jack changed his tune- it's all scripted bullchit.

Matt & Jack both need to go eat some BP sponsored Corexit contaminated New Orleans sea food asap...smdh

Also, AB's half ass efforts is the only thing that is consistent about his game as you can't rely on a 7 ft jump shooter that rarely posts up to be a factor when his J isn't going in the basket especially during crunch time.

If AB's shot is not falling he is a liability on the court that's why he is known as 'Small Nuts'.

What's the real deal with JJ & Casey?

AB's fan boys are str8 up toys with no heart just playing a part like a gay porn actor.

Btw- Justin Dentmon is a baller that I suggested the Raptors sign him earlier to a 10 day but you know BC he has to wait on SA to do something then pick up their scraps- you notice where Boris Diaw went to when released by the Bobcats......

Apr 1st, 2012

Barnes played himself down about 5 slots or more in the tourney. My guess is he goes in the 10 range now. If we are picking then, Id love to get him .. but I sure as hell hope we are picking a lot higher than that - and I wouldnt take Barnes in the top five.

Mar 11th, 2012

nope you will see what Bayless is made of when he destroys the bucks and the rest of the nba teams. Forget about linsanity. The era of Baylesstricity has arrived

Mar 10th, 2012

I support this.

Mar 2nd, 2012

Zach Randolph aka First Name 20 Last Name 10, is back in the starting line up for Memphis now.

After watching that NO vs Toronto game- D League All Star Game, I'm ready to view the Raptors playing against a real NBA team. 

Can Raptors make it 2 in a row???

Feb 18th, 2012

hey i was wondering...if we're building our team around bargnani...and he's entering his prime...aren't we supposed to be done rebuilding by now?  You rebuild so that all your pieces will peak at the same time...but if bargnani is now entering his prime, then isn't our time (sadly enough) now?

Feb 15th, 2012

The final quarter was like a prostate exam.

Feb 13th, 2012

Great game and a big thank you to raptor-killer Rasual Butler. The man is a genius. Taken aside by management in the pre-season and told "Rasual, we have a lot of money riding on losing as many games as possible. Are you our man?" Rasual answered emphatically today.

Have you ever seen a single player be so intricately involved in the acquisition of lottery balls? The guy is a genius: throwing it away, air ball threes a plenty, 5 second violations whilst whispering timeout in the opposite direction of the ref. Hey this team needs this guy. Without him, we'd probably drop 3 spots in the draft. Thanks again Rasual.

Feb 2nd, 2012

Eric Koreen reports that Amir's struggles lately have been partly due to "personal problems".  I'm guessing those problems are caused by the realization that he's being outplayed by a 7-foot Justin Bieber in Aaron Gray.

Feb 2nd, 2012

why do you refer to calderon as 'speedy?'  i can only assume that it's in reference to speedy gonzalez (the old WB looney tunes cartoon mouse), but jose is neither 'speedy,' nor is he mexican.  i guess spanish is close enough, huh?

Brian B
Jan 21st, 2012

See above...BC needs to go. Ironically, his most criticized move- drafting AB- might be his best. Otherwise:
~tried to pretend AB was a center
~got nothing for Bosh
~ failed to use trade exemption
~overpaid Hedo, thus no salary room for other pieces, then once error exposed, the best he can get is LB ( not a diss of LB but note: Phoenix got VC + Gortat +Pietrus+ a draft pick+cash AND got to dump two other redundant/unhappy players)
~traded for injured, over the hill JO
~traded JO for over the hill rental Shawn Marion and the immortal Marcus Banks- AND tossed in Moon and a draft pick..THAT sure helped the future
~signed mismatched or over the hill role players, often at premium salaries (see: Kleiza, L)
~continuously signs/drafts athletic players with low basketball IQ
~fills bench with flotsam & jetsam, making "accountability" a joke- if there was accountability, DD would be benched every second game- but who ya gonna play? Forbes?

and I'm sure that's not even the Top Ten.

Jan 16th, 2012

I guess I should read what I write before I hit "post." so many typos there is no point in correcting it

Jan 8th, 2012

Wow it didn't take long for DeMar to become last years Bargnani, or the year beforehands Hedo. Now for the I told you so.

DeMar DeRozan
Jan 4th, 2012

his job is to comfort JV when he comes over. The SF spot is gone next year to the Stud rookie we draft.

Jan 3rd, 2012

maybe bargs finally quit smoking

Dec 29th, 2011

Games like this will be a microcosm of the season, fight hard, play D, keep it close, and earn ping pong balls. What else were you expecting here. I for one am very pleased with this squad and this is the exact type of loss that I can stomach.

Dec 22nd, 2011

I'm all for defense but I cant believe these guys forgot how to play offense. Why was Alex English let go exactly?

Dec 17th, 2011

This place could use a lot more positive discussion, rather than too much of the constant harping of the same critical "opinions" day after day. It chases people away who want to focus more on positive ways of looking at the team they support. Bah humbug!
Cheers, GO RAPS!!

Tiimo in Waterloo
Dec 17th, 2011

Totally unrelated post..  if anyone has access to the Raptors management team can you please tell them to BURN the green jerseys that they continually trot out on St. Patrick's Day ... I never want to see the Raps wearing green again, EVER

Dec 13th, 2011

The D-League is for Solomon Alabi lol.

I've been waiting for a long time for the franchise to get to where it is now - smart progress and development of young, recently drafted and acquired players. Also, I'm Still waiting on Calderon and Bargnani to be moved.

I love the media. They tell me how to live my life and which Republican candidate I should support HAHA! Seriously though, I rarely go to the games. But I do watch on TV and sometimes I stream it. Hey I'm a Leafs fan too I gotta find alternatives while saving up paychecks!

Enjoy the process dude! See the evolution of the Raptors franchise from the ground up! :)

Dec 6th, 2011

My bottom line on Reggie is that he puts my butt in the arena seat. Especially if Im going to see a non-winning team, I want to be entertained by skill and effort. He is very entertaining. If he brings a work ethic and veteran presence to a young team, that's a great bonus too.

Nov 17th, 2011

was it solely aggregates to determine the actual order, or were the aggregates used to determine the weighting for a lottery?  the NHL - after their lockout - did it thusly:

The Draft Drawing, a weighted lottery system, was used to determine the order of selection for all seven rounds of the Entry Draft. Under the weighted lottery system, the clubs that neither qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in each of the 2001-02, 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons, nor were awarded the first overall selection in each of the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Entry Drafts, had the greatest chance of receiving the first overall selection, 6.3 per cent. These clubs were the Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Rangers.Ten clubs met one of the seven criteria listed above and had a 4.2% chance of winning the Drawing, while the remaining 16 clubs met more than one of the criteria and had a 2.1% chance.Forty-eight balls, numbered one through 48, were placed in a lottery machine. Three ball numbers were randomly assigned to each the Penguins, Sabres, Blue Jackets and Rangers; two ball numbers were assigned to the 10 clubs with a 4.2% chance; and one ball number was assigned to the 16 clubs with a 2.1% chance. The first ball expelled determined the winner of the first overall draft pick and it had been assigned to the Penguins.After the first overall selection was awarded, another ball was expelled to determine which club, from among the 29 remaining, received the second overall pick. This process was continued until each of the 30 first-round draft positions was assigned.PICKS IN SUBSEQUENT ROUNDSThe order of selection for the second round of the Entry Draft will be inverse of the order of selection for the first round (i.e. the club that selected 30th overall in the first round will select first overall in the second round). The order of selection for the third round will be the same as the order of selection of the first round and the order of selection will alternate each round thereafter.

Oct 29th, 2011

That's one of the problems. The TV contracts the NBA have right now are very low in cost. The NBA made those deals years ago when the NBA wasn't nearly as popular. I believe those contracts are up in 2 or 3 years (not sure). The 300 million the "NBA" lost will be easily erased with the new contracts they will sign because the NBA is significantly more popular now. 

But that's just one of many things to think about.

brandon marsdin
Oct 11th, 2011

so basically colangelo makes stefanski do all the hard work and then says yes or no.

he's like mr. burns and stefanski is smithers.

Oct 10th, 2011

There is no neutral point in this labour negotiation. Everybody has a vantage point they are trying to spin.
We cannot write anything truthful about the state of negotiation because we are not in the room. More important for the Raptors fans is to determine what constitutes an accepable outcome for us as fans. I have 2 points to make about this:
1. the issue of BRI and revenue sharing is not paramount to the success of the Raptors: we are in a big market and we are making money almost regardless of the above mentioned variables for a host of reasons
2.  on the other hand the issue of competitive parity is crucial to the Raptors: in the current system we have no chance of competing against the Lakers, the Heat, the Bulls, the Mavs of the League. That's why I consider the so-called "system issues" more important that "money issue". It seems that the owners are giving up or weakening the elements that would have ensured competitive parity: hard cap, no exceptions, no or partially guaranteed contracts.
In my opinion the big and attractive market teams are winning the intra-owners battle. In exchange of giving up some revenues they are siding with players' and agents' interests. Actually the Raptors are losing twice: giving up revenue in a revenue-sharing plan and remaining an unattractive market for big American players that will be scooped up by the usual suspects. That's pretty sad for the Raptors fans. Some of them are delusional enough to side with the players without understanding all the consequences.
It is quite ironic for MLSE that Raptors and Leafs are at the opposite sides of the spectrum regarding their needs (Leafs were the Lakers or the Mavericks of the NHL) however the solutions implemented during CBA worked against their needs: Leafs is operating in a hard cap system whereas Raptors is operating in a soft cap system. MLSE is struggling to adjust to the new realities and until they do we will not be successful.

Sep 1st, 2011

Whatever Leo's deficiencies, 33% shooting isn't on the coach. Nor are clumsy dribbling and bad passing.

Jul 27th, 2011

Passion meter.....0-to-1 million,

Jul 24th, 2011

Nothing is random about Phil Jackson. This photo series only further cements his greatness.

I am convinced the Dos Equis Man is based on Jax. Think about it.

Phil Jackson would feel at home in any setting, at any function, at any level. He can probably discuss any topic at length and argumentatively crush you. His stories would top any half baked Hangover caper you and I could come up with. Income, whip, lady friend, connections,looks wouldn't matter; his mere presence would turn your pee into estrogen and ladies would flock to him even if they never found a man attractive in the past.

Look at that photo. He owns the camera! He's bigger than the beach, the mountains, bigger than life! The sea crushes at his feet!  Jax cannot be denied: he TOLD MJ what to do, he told Kobe and Shaq what to do, he bagged the Dr.'s daughter, he owns Red, he played in NY, he's infiltrated RR's never ends. 

Jul 6th, 2011

"The NBA champ Mavs were certainly not very frugal in their spending though but the end result seems to have justified the expense"

the Mavs had the highest pay roll in the league... you can't expect that to result in good value very often (especially because, I believe, its only takes regular season into consideration). orlando (#2 payroll) ranked 18th, LAL (#3) 14th, Utah (#4) 29

The Raps are a $0.25 rotten apple.  The Mavs are picture perfect apple... but it costs $100.  Either way you aren't going to get good value

Jul 1st, 2011

Imagined if we drafted Patric Young next year? Awkward....

Jun 29th, 2011

Weems has shown a propensity for lazy play, but I haven't seen that from either DeMar or Amir.

DeRozan, by all accounts is a gym rat.  And if there's one member of the Raptors roster who is most likely to dive for a loose ball, or step in and take a charge (hustle plays), it would be Amir. 

Being a gym rat, or a hustle player doesn't correlate with laziness.

Jun 26th, 2011

I agree with you as far as the Toronto media's pathetic coverage of the Raptors is concerned. Have you ever noticed that TSN, Sportsnet, etc. always show ALL the f***ing hockey highlights of ALL the NHL games (even if the Leafs didn't play that night), complete with ALL the hockey insider shit, but will only show brief highlight of the Raptors game at the tail end of their show (at best, a 20 second mention)? These sports news shows' programming look something like this: news about Leafs, then the NHL, then NFL, MLB, NHL, Curling (FFS!), NHL (again!), commercial break, Leafs, NHL, the royal wedding, then Raptors (no rest-of-the-NBA, just Raptors highlights).

I can understand the love affair of the media with the Leafs, but even if they are not playing, the Raptors can't even be their main sports headline news...whether the Raptors win or not! Who the flip cares if the Flyers won against Boston? These sports channels/sports shows would sooner report Sydney Crosby farting on the Pens' team plane than report about Calderon almost breaking the record for most-consecutive free throws made. They'd rather show WWE Raw or Poker Night than to air Raptors games.

Are you surprised then that we get idiotic articles from the likes of Jeff Blair of the Globe? Are you surprised that we get basketball "insight" from that ice-skating-turned-basketball-commentator Rod Black or from that pompous bore Leo Rautins?
Are you surprised when American players would rather not play here because there is hardly coverage of the Raptors or the NBA (one of Chris Bosh's many complaints)? It is understandable that the Raptors are ignored by NBC, TNT, ABC, and/or ESPN...but to get the same inconsideration from TSN, Sportsnet is absurd.

Jun 25th, 2011

day 3 of the 15 month debate on this guy = nice time

Captain Haddock
Jun 24th, 2011

I don't mind the pick as I'd rather be a 20 win team with a good pick in a potentially locked out season than a 30 win team with a middling player after a potentially locked out season.  Draft sites are quite high on him and I hear him compared to people like Biedrins, Noah, and DHoward (seriously!). Tall, needs time, but who was going to come in and be a savior from this draft anyway? 
I wish we got Bismark Biyombo, just for all the Prussian/Otto Von jokes.

Jun 23rd, 2011

I would trade down to get someone like Alec Burks (transition player), Klay Thompson (spot up shooter) or even Fredette (shooter + ball handler). All 3 are different players but any one of them could easily help the raptors squad and maybe molded into more complete players

Akuma Mill
Jun 21st, 2011

I wouldn't be so keen on getting Kanter. At the Nike Hoops summit the guy was playing against younger competition. Which made it "look" like he dominated. For all we know he could be Rafeal Aruajo 2.0

Jun 12th, 2011

I've seen Biyombo a couple of games here in Spain and is just a horrible player...he shouldn't be even drafted.

There is no young guys playing in Spain with NBA level right now, maybe Rubio, and I remark maybe, he's been outplayed this year by Victor Sada in Barcelona FC.

Jun 7th, 2011

lets just hire Isiah Thomas as head coach and draft Isaiah Thomas, how could this not work out ?

Jun 7th, 2011

i absolutlely hate the idea of taking kanter. big men always seem riskier, and who knows if this guy can play the 5.  i say take the more surer thing, which is a PG or wing.

kemba at the 5 is a smart, safe pick.  all these trade scenarios involving the 2nd pick and DDR seems risky.  can we afford another step back on a colangelo reach?  and trading DDR for a younger guy? how long must we wait for a winner?

i think you take knight or walker or leonard.  then you look at free agency for another player, and then see what amir or andrea can bring via trade.

Jun 1st, 2011

This won't solve the lack of talent problem. God couldn't coach this team to a winning record.

May 29th, 2011

RE: Julian Wright:   For a guy who can't make a jumper he surprisingly shot 513 this season.   How many plays do you think are designed for him? Also do you think he ever was given the same chance/green light that JJ was? (and why is he shooting 50 points higher than him? Shot selection?)

May 28th, 2011

. **** To Guard or Not ****

Jose O Latte: As much as this milk seems to have spilt, there is a certain comfort that comes with a real play-maker. His hamstrings may have partially petrified, resulting in a defense that is no such thing. But he is a veteran. Not just of the league, but of this Raptor team. An enthusiastic veteran, who enjoys this "cultured" city. One with an attitude that might not be enthused about coming off the Bench, but that would adapt. He offers a style that would return our Secondary to better days. He may be expensive, but he's only got 2 years left. A future salary adjustment will  make him a good piece, not just for the team as a role player, but an asset for which a play-off bound, top flight team who's missing a quality back-up PG, might pay dearly for.

Of course, if a trade comes around that is beneficial, you have to weigh what the return is - subject to what the team takes in the draft. Losing Jose in some trade, while acquiring a PG in the draft, has to remember Raptor past. Who now starts? Outside of a Sliders episode, where we get Kyrie, this potential scenario could see a return to the continuing saga of dueling Raptor Guards. Have to wonder if this is an addiction.  

It's not surprising that Bayless just got here, and already he's the future. Toronto fans are desperate for something, to the point where we lower the floor, then remove it when the player's ceiling is not what we expected. Another version of Moonitis - sans mouth guard.

If Bayless has potential as a solid Guard, one who can be an effective role player (in 2 positions, no less), why can't that be marketed as such. While I think he can bring some moxy to a lethargic team (leadership wise), I still (like you Ars), find him somewhat petulant, and not sure if that's good for a young team.

As for DD, some people harp on this efficiency rate, forgetting that he went from a marginal scoring option, to now being paid attention to. As did Andrea. Both these players experienced a different level of defensive attention (for the first time) - part of the reason why I think (coupled with a normal injury season & quality draft pick), we are a 35 win team (or better). Subject to a normal coaching situation, of course .... whatever that means.

For the summer, Demar needs to practice 3 point shot after 3 point shot, as that facet of his game now has to surface. Unless he evolved into one of the top 5 lock-down defenders at the SG, that 3 point shot will become crucial.

His defense will certainly have to improve, but on a team that has limited long range shooters, this perimeter skill is important. Otherwise he'll be replaced in due time.

The more I follow this team, the more I feel the way to success is to fit a team together, and hope a Star comes your way. Or you mold someone to be your star.

Of course we could do more of these tanking seasons for a few more years, but frankly, I'm tired of it. Plus I also think it does damage to an already precarious situation, perennial losers who just so happen to be the only "outside" team. And owned by MLSE - for a bit longer it seems.

While I think we need to develop a team that's missing it's franchise player, I also don't want Raptors to "damage" talent because of high expectations. As Andrea might have implied, his "role" was not to be that guy. Toronto just needs to let it happen.

As for Barbosa, he's here for a good time, not a long time.

And Sonny - time to remove the DD umblical cord. This baby needs to find it's real home.

May 18th, 2011

huge day, 3 yrs is much more acceptable than 5

May 12th, 2011

its all happening again, high pick, weak draft, best player preference, euro big man with female name

yertu damkule
May 4th, 2011

ok, to be serious, this wasn't really an article about which players to draft, though i get where you're coming from. kemba may very well become the greatest baller who ever lived, but he's not getting picked that early...arse ain't being an arse by not mentioning that kemba won't be picked in the top-3, he's merely stating fact. may have trouble understanding this - i'll translate:

uhm kaay ya, to article , dat wuz serious rully bout playaraas to draft, but ya, i see whha yuz says. kemba kemba llloooooooolllLOL!! kemba kemba greastestest ballerer who lives, but not to be picked early yo hataz. arse not not like kemba kemba kemba (LMHO!!!) truck ize cream mee whheeeeee

May 1st, 2011

Well based on the talent on this roster, Kyrie or not they are headed back to the lottery next year.

TIm W.
Apr 26th, 2011

Trading down basically means lesser talent. Trading it away for a future pick is a massive gamble because you never know where that pick might end up. You could be trading a 3rd pick this year for a 15th pick next year.

And I don't think there should be that much desperation to trade Calderon. The first order of business should be to add the best talent possible, and that rarely happens by trading down.

Apr 21st, 2011

We've discussed on this blog before that the NBA draft is more about tomorrow than today. We've also addressed the idea of drafting need or value. This year, with so few potential stars in the draft, it becomes more likely that need will come before value since the differences in value between many players will be seen as very small. With that in mind, let's project what players each of the five worst teams should draft, with the balance scale more weighted on team needs.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Even with all the high draft picks and some free-agent acquisitions, the Wolves have holes at every position except whatever spot Kevin Love plays. Though they still own the rights to Ricky Rubio and sit on a very disappointing -- but talented -- Jonny Flynn, the Wolves clearly will have to consider taking Kyrie Irving, of course. But pairing up your best player with a complementary one makes sense, and if the Wolves decide to go that route, they'll have to consider Bismack Biyombo.

If you think he's too raw a talent to go No. 1, you're wrong. Think of it like this: He averages 6 and 5 with more than two blocks a game while playing in Spain's top division, which is the second-best basketball league in the world after the NBA. And he does that while playing less than half the game. It's a league far more rugged than college. How would Irving fare over there in 17 minutes?

Biyombo pairs up perfectly with Love, as his above-the-rim game and high intensity matches up with Love's solid positional defense and calm demeanor. BB would give the Wolves a constant threat in the paint to dunk anything he touched while allowing Love to float outside for his great jumper. And they would form one of the top rebounding tandems in the league. His energy alone would help Love and every other player on the team. Flynn, Wes Johnson and Love all want lots of touches and shots, and BB could excel just playing off their misses. The two players he's always compared to are Ben Wallace and Kevin Garnett.

Cleveland Cavaliers
This one is a no-brainer. The Cavs need help everywhere and their top few players can play multiple spots, so they can simply pick the best guy available. Irving gives them their can't-miss point guard with significant upside. He reminds me of Jrue Holiday (who never should have fallen out of the top eight). Holiday is at least a solid long-term starter who might end up being an All-Star. The Cavs were the second-worst offensive and defensive team, and Irving is a guy who can get them into a good offense every time down the court and spearhead their defense. To win in the East, the Cavs have to defend Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, John Wall, Brandon Jennings, Holiday, Deron Williams, D.J. Augustin and Darren Collison -- all explosive players who can dominate games with their talent, quickness or both. Irving gives them the best chance at doing that of any player in this draft.

Toronto Raptors
The Raptors are one of the teams that have to be just sick that Harrison Barnes is not in this draft. They would have had to give him strong consideration at any spot they are selecting, including the No. 1 spot. Toronto was a bad offensive team last, but it was the worst defensive team in the NBA. There was no candidate better suited to help the Raptors than Barnes, especially considering the huge hole they have at small forward .

The absence of a perfect fit means they'll have to take Derrick Williams. Even though they have two mainstays at the big spots in Andrea Bargnani and Ed Davis, who had an excellent rookie season, Williams would give them a strong scoring presence who is willing to compete on defense. He's powerfully built, something the Raps need in a player, and can certainly play small forward some, allowing Toronto to go big without giving up much. He's not a great rebounder as a 4 but would be better there than playing the 3. The big Euros are in the running here, but Toronto needs some explosiveness too, something Williams brings to the table, and his toughness might be more in need than anything else. If Williams, Davis and Amir Johnson are three of your top four bigs, your team has a bright future.

Washington Wizards
If Toronto is sick about Barnes, the Wizards are in intensive care. They have a franchise talent in Wall and must take care to surround him with skilled shooters with athleticism and great character. Barnes would have been heaven sent because players with those three traits are rare indeed.

JaVale McGee had a breakthrough season and is the league's best shot-blocker, so drafting anyone who could take away his minutes would be a problem. But in Enes Kanter, the Wiz can get someone who can play alongside McGee and be a backup center, while giving them more scoring punch inside. McGee is not a great first option inside, and Kanter has a chance to be just that. His feel and poise inside are impressive. Because Kanter hasn't played in a real game in a year, it may take him a while to recover, but he's been working every day on his game. And compared to the other top Euros the Wiz can consider drafting, Kanter is already comfortable playing in and being in this country, an advantage when we think of how many other young players the Wizards have, plus they have three of the top 35 picks in this draft. Think of Kanter/McGee as a clone to the Boozer/Noah tandem in Chicago, with Wall playing the Derrick Rose role.

Sacramento Kings
The Kings are yet another team that would love to get Barnes, and Williams would be an even a better fit. Considering the Kings' two best players are DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans, and their third-best guy is restricted free agent Marcus Thornton, it's likely they will be looking for 3-point shooting help and someone who can play with Evans as a combo guard.

The Kings were a bottom-five team in offensive efficiency, 3-point shooting and free throw shooting. Kemba Walker would fit the bill if he was a better shooter, but Brandon Knight ends up working out great for them as he projects to be a terrific 3-point shooter and made 80 percent of his free throws as a freshman at Kentucky. Knight has no problems being the primary ball handler, setting up Evans or running ball screens with Cousins. And his spot shooting shows that he can play off Evans just as easily. The Kings struggled closing out games this season, something Knight will be able to help them with, and his high basketball IQ and emotional maturity will help the team in an area that is problematic for them. His size and length can help him guard a lot of 2s, and if the Kings can retain Thornton, a threesome of Knight, Thornton and Evans will play together and cause lots of problems for opposing defenses.

Holy Craptors
Apr 20th, 2011

If the Raptors sign Kwame Brown, it may be a sign that 2012 is actually the end of the world.

Apr 15th, 2011

Problem with moving Bargs to the bench is his trade value. It's best to either unload him as a 22 pt starting center or start him one more year to polish his game a tad more and reaccess from there.

Apr 14th, 2011

Go figure, the last game of the year is on Sportsnet 1, corporate assholes...

Apr 11th, 2011

yesterdays game put me to sleep!

Apr 6th, 2011

Not sure why you would want to keep a coach that hasn't got a team to defend in 3 years on the job.

Especially considering there are many young players on the team why have them continue to be coached and instructed by someone who is clearly ineffective in so crucial an area to winning?

That type of 'stability' is not comforting.

Apr 4th, 2011

Two mantras I hear again and again -- 'trade Bargs'; 'draft Kyrie'.
Great ideas, BUT again, what are you going to get for Bargs? If he doesn't work for the Raps, who does he work for? NBA organizations, I believe, keep up on these things. You're not gonna pawn him off for a good, young up-and-comer or the top lottery pick.
He needs to establish some value beyond 'good hit, no field' or you're gonna get back someone who's: injury prone, a head case, hands of stone, a AB clone or someone being paid way, WAY too much.
Find a productive role for him in this organization. Then he may have appeal for a potential trading partner. I'm sure other orgs are interested in him, but what are they offering?
Make him earn his minutes. He has the talent to do it. Then he'll either help the organization or bring something good back in a trade.
As for drafting Kyrie, it kind of depends on the ping pong balls. I think a few other bottom feeders have that course of action in mind.

Mar 31st, 2011

The problem with AB is that he does not respond well to the current coaching staff. He needs to find a coach that can motivate him day in and day out. Apparently earning more money in one season than his entire family back in Italy earns in their combined lifetimes isn't enough. So where is this coach? Not Smitch and not Triano whose styles are opposite ends of the coaching spectrum so perhaps somewhere in between?

Mar 16th, 2011

things that drive me insane about the raptors

1. Colangelo
2. Bargnani
3. the uniform
4. the multi-language intro
5. Devlin
6. booing old players

Mar 15th, 2011

"DeRozan is less efficient at the rim and completely inefficient at the 3 point line"

I'd argue that he's not inefficient at the 3 point line. I'd agree that he is ineffective, and because he knows that, he doesn't attempt many 3s. To me, that actually makes him efficient. That is, he doesn't jack up a three because he knows he's unlikely to make it. Instead, he takes a few steps closer before shooting. A 3pt shot is only better than a long 2 if you can hit the 3 at a reasonable rate.

Given that he can now hit the mid and long 2 at a reasonable rate (above average SG rate according to Tom) where he couldn't last year, I fully expect him to start hitting the 3 at a reasonable rate next year.

DD is an interesting player to watch develop. He's atypical in that you don't see a constant improvement that you see in many other players. Instead, with him its a sudden unveiling of an ability. It's basically like he works on something in practice but never uses it in game until he's reasonably sure it will work.

Mar 11th, 2011

To me this is a case where a half-rebound is in order for both players, and it’s one of those things that I’d love to see the NBA change in order for the stats to be more reflective of the contribution of the players.


The basic premise is good, but starting down the path of awarding fractional stats is a very slippery slope. It actually makes stats even more subjective and people will complain even louder about the who should have got awarded that 1/8th of a steal, or whatever.

That's where the advanced stats come in, like ORtg, DRtg, adjusted +/-, etc... Intangible contributions like taps, deflections, setting screens, effective show & recovers, etc... should get picked up by those kind of stats.

Mar 4th, 2011

Steps of team rebuild realization process:

1. Suffer a 20 win or less season

2. Making the most necessary and talented draft pick for the draft coming up.

3. Deciding that the "talented" assets that were stuck with the team (five years or more) and are not the difference makers need to be traded ASAP.

We are currently going through step 1 for sure....

Feb 26th, 2011

Bargnani played the defense he was told to perfectly. He stopped Frye. He was 12 - 15 feet away from the basket all night because his check doesn't leave the 3 point line. Can someone please start to understand basketball. No one can guard the 3 point shooters (like house, frye, etc.) all night and still get rebounds or play interior help defense. You are just too far away from the paint.

On other nights when Bargs is guarding a big in the paint, he does regularly miss assignments and his defense is questionable. But on this night, he can not be blamed. He did his job! VC sodomizing us, Nash and Gortat playing like on the school yard has nothing to do with Bargs. Please watch the game properly or learn it!!! It is increasingly frustrating to hear the subjective "I don't like Bargs and don't care what he does". For God's sake man, he had 26 points on 15 shots, 4 boards (1 behind the team lead) and defended his man. What more do you want him to do? Guard the 3 line, beat VC to the basket and then race back and stuff Frye? Fuckin wake up already!!!

There are 3 fundamentals in half court offense at any level - Ball movement, Player Movement and Proper Spacing. That is why Frye is important and Phoenix is a good offensive team. They do all of these well and we don't, nor do we understand how to defend it.

This all starts with the coaches. If PJ was brought on to coach D, I want the $575,000 he makes back and please send him packing. This team needs a young defensive coach who the players respect. A team is the reflection of the coach, nuff said.

Feb 23rd, 2011

the raps should implement a sticker system. every time any rap player gives anything resembling a hard foul, to prevent a layup, Triano is to call a timeout and award that player with a sticker he can wear on the back of his jersey.

Feb 22nd, 2011

Power shift in the east.

Feb 21st, 2011

The next step in Amir's development is more of a willingness to look to take his man off the dribble. Good things almost always happen when he does that, including a surprising ability (surprising for a big man) to dish. He's a great finisher, he'll get to the line more this way (and with his newfound abilities at the line, that's a good thing), he'll get his man into foul trouble, force his man to play more defence, thereby tiring him out and making him less effective at the other end, and he'll open up the floor for the rest of the Raps. Jay needs to make him more of an emphasis in the team's offense. Oh, and one more thing, and this might seem silly, but I actually believe it to be true: HE NEEDS TO BITCH MORE TO THE REFS. Yes, you heard me right. He's so damn softsopoken on the court; he never so much as raises his eyebrows, even when called for the most imaginary of fouls. He's not a rookie any more, which means he has "earned" the right to bitch a bit without beeing teed up. And, sadly, the refs will even fouls out if they know they're gonna get showed up. In moderation and within reason, of course.

Feb 17th, 2011

"Surprisingly active off the bench, as Jack Armstrong said, he’s playing for a contract (Weems should take note)"

But that's exactly the problem with Weems. He's trying TOO hard (not defensively) to get that contract. He's taking much more shots - and bricks - and trying to release his inner Michael Jordan BECAUSE of the fact that it's his last contract year.

Feb 13th, 2011

Apparently, in defense of the fact as I'm not a Colangelo apologist and want Rogers to send him packin', I will say for the record that he offered Bosh, whose skillset Phil has openly adored, for Bynum but you can see the Lakers' evaluation of him in that they won't even trade him for Carmelo... Which I think will prove to be a mistake with his injury history--that's quite a dice to roll on potential with Kobe24 sliding down faster than Charles Barkley can dunk a timbit!

Feb 10th, 2011

We're one step closer to Kyrie...that's all that matters.

On another note, Ginobili really does play in slow motion. Even his step-back jumper is slow, yet he manages to create good looks for himself consistently. It's remarkable.

Feb 2nd, 2011

May I propose another nickname for Bargnani: White Swan.

Jan 30th, 2011

It's amazing how some people will try and distract you from seeing one player by jumping up and down and pointing at another, saying, "This guy's bad, too!". Unfortunately, you're vastly exaggerating facts in order to make your point.

It's true that Bargnani is making $8 million, not $10, but to then say that Amir is making $6-7 million, and not the $5 he is actually making doesn't help your case.

And Amir has more of a positive impact, even with the foul trouble, than Bargnani does playing 5-10 minutes more per game. For their contracts, Amir is actually more productive than Bargnani is.

And before last night's game, when the score had as much to do with him playing only 21 minutes than his fouls, Amir had played more than 30 mpg in 7 of the previous 10 games. Hard to say that he's not having an impact in that many minutes.

I realize your a Bargnani fan, but everyone has a very good reason be criticizing Bargnani right now. By trying to point out Amir's flaws, all you're doing is making it seem like you're completely blind to Bargnani's faults.

Jan 29th, 2011

I don't hate the Raptors. I just want to see them get a high lottery pick.

Oh wait. I've said too much.

Jan 26th, 2011

how many of you people realize that many of our players are playing at 60 per cent of capability due to injury? Sure, drive people under the bus, but what good does it do longer term when we al know this year is a write off.

let's stop playing the blame game until we have a good (and heatlhy) team.

This Guy
Jan 24th, 2011

The year where Jose was shining was the year they were not playing this style of basketball. When Jose was forced to change up his style was when Marion came into the picture. Now they play an uptempo offence which will create more turnovers than playing half court. I agree some turnovers are unforced but for the most part, he takes care of the ball He should get more assists if his teammates would execute better.

Alvin had a better talented team to work with and better coaching IMO. Damon was the offence. You didn't see him flourish when he went to a different team. And he also admitted he should have stayed in Toronto.

How is it that Jose can out do his co point guards not once but twice. That is something to be said.

Jan 13th, 2011

God, We could have used a shot like that Last Night

Tom Liston
Jan 8th, 2011

"Patience is what I’ve been preaching all year long because this team right now requires that of its supporters, what’s helping me foster that patience within myself is that the overall effort has been fairly decent."
Agreed, but you're right Amir didn't give his normal full effort last night. Did dive and recover a loose ball late, but his 1on1 was sub-par. Hopefully its a product of the injury which will go away in time.

Andrea was frustrating as he should have been able to exploit the Celtics' 5 spot weaknesses (either way too slow or small). He had only 4 shots in close (making 3). As you point out, if he's going to get the ball all the time in crucial situations, he must take better shots and/or get to the line.

As per your AB misses, two of the three were certainly not great decisions. He had 6'9" Davis guarding him. Have to post him up - which he did before the three misses:

Good Bargs
Aggressive post up:
Leading to:

At 8:04, good post up:
But moves away from basket/contact for a midrange fadeaway two:
Not a good choice.

At 7:35, I have no idea what's he's doing hanging around long two range against Davis:
And he takes the dreaded long two: (where he shoots 43%, opposed to <10 ft 57.5%)

At 7:07, I thought this: was a good take. Like to have him take that extra step to the middle, but I thought this baby hook could've worked on Davis all night long. I'd bet he'd made 60%+ of those against him too.

I"m NOT blaming Bargnani for the loss. Celtics are a very good team; Raptors had injuries and many of those that played just didn't have the talent to match up.

I AM saying if Bargnani is our "go-to" scorer in key situations, he/Triano/Calderon/Barbosa need to recognize where he's going make the most impact.

Jan 5th, 2011

Well folks, the Raptor's released Dupree today which obviously means they are making room on the roster for 'Melo.

NZ Raptor
Jan 1st, 2011

I like this site and I enjoy the analysis but I think that I would fail most of it in research methodology at the MA level, which I teach. The problem with most of your analysis and basketball stats in general is that it does not take all factors into consideration. For Bargnani the stats do clearly show a couple of things (a) he is very good offensively and (b) he is bad defensively and yes you and everyone else has picked up on that. Things that are rarely mentioned and should be strongly stated that the stats do not take into consideration are: what does his progression as a player suggest about his future development on offense and defense? and how good and bad on offense and defense would he be on a different team? (a) is particularly important and I am always amazed that nobody working on this site ever goes into detail on this. The expectation for Bargnani this year was that he would struggle for a while on offense as he got used to being the man and getting double teamed. However, this has not happened he has outperformed everyone's expectations on offense. Thus his offensive development this year has been truly impressive and shows that he is still able to make great improvement in his play. With your stats though Bargnani is always a finished work. Yes he is bad on defense but this assumes he will not improve there. His play this year suggests that there will be further improvement on both offense and defense. Putting development on offense ahead of defense is pretty much the league norm so no real shock that he has done so as well. Rather than looking at only stats for today for young players who you expect to develop, you should regularly look at development over time for all of these players and look at valid comparisons. Someone earlier today mentioned Gasol's development on D which I thought was a good example. J Oneal's development over time is always another good example I think of about how long it can take for a young big to develop. Now Bargnani may never develop into a good defensive player but the thing to take out of this line of thinking is that he is still developing. This argument can also be made (and sometimes is) for Derozan. He is very young and is improving. His D is also awful but he is putting offensive development first and making progress there. I dont think it is as clear about Derozan as a player because he still needs to improve in both areas a great deal. With Bargnani we can see he is a top player offensively.

Gasol's development on D also leads to (b) how the team context would affect things. Bosh is another example. His D was often painful on the Raptors but it appears to be pretty good on Miami. What is clear about the Raptors is that they are generally awful on D. If you were to put Bargnani on a good defensive team would his D still be awful? Probably he would still be bad (he still needs to develop in this area) but overall statswise he would probably look okay. On the Raptors which have so many problems on D, his stats just look ugly. Calderon could be similar although I dont see the potential for much improvement with him. Put Calderon on the Lakers and he would be talked about as one of the better pgs in the league because a solid defensive team would hide his limitations.

Okay that is about as much as I can be bothered to write. Hope that some of the RR writers can think about it a little. That said I enjoy this site.

Dec 28th, 2010

I've watched almost every game for the last six years, this year I'm growing a new limb of indifference.

Dec 25th, 2010

well the role he was given out of the gate was first big off the bench. He has done that "decently" (its not like thats why the Raps lose). And the fact that he (even slightly) improved his foul rate and became a much better FT shooter, means overall he is having a good season. And what about that stunt he pulled vs the Celtics....pumping the crowd while he sank the biggest FTs of the season? common man!! swag!!!! He has even justified his contract which is probably the biggest thing for AJ if you want to talk "relative expectations" - again another indicator he is having a good season.

It just doesn't make sense that almost every other player has a better grade than should've just went with B- haha, the C+ just jumps out at you

more importantly, I think this has been a useful exercise to show what happens with Profs sometimes. If they mark half the papers on a different day, they can just be in a different mood etc, and there can be some annomalies. To carry this analogy further, Arse is clearly a racist prof who is hating on the YGZ (I think their avg grade is like a D-), he's marking the class thugs harder even if they turn in the same work.

Dec 22nd, 2010

We currently have top 10 offensive PG and C and top 10 rebounders at PF position. The rest are a bunch of prospects and spare parts. The management have to make sure we have top 10 players at the other positions with the skillset we need to compete. Prospects should play only if they fulfill a goal that the management and coaching established in advance. What is the goal? What are the goalposts? We don't know. What we do know is that the last 5 years of BC failed. Can he be trusted with another 5 years?
Bottom line is we live in a world-class city with world-class companies, hospitals, universities and people. We should demand excellence from our sports franchises and nothing else. If a team or a player doesn't perform then cut the losses. The coach should be tough in instilling the highest values.
Look at d'Antoni in New York or Phoenix: no contribution, no play, vet or draftee. I like Amir, Davis and DeRozan still intrigues me among the young players. Reward them with minutes that are being earned instead of given. Make them work hard in practice and work smart in games. Make sure they hate losing and cannot sleep after every loss. The Bulls didn't make Jordan, he made the Bulls. primmadonas never win anything.

Dec 17th, 2010

Was browsing through some historical data, when I stumbled across Carter's stats during his last 20 games as a Raptor:

15.9 3.1 3.3 69.4% 3.6 32.2% 41.1%

We can all agree that these numbers were put up with almost zero effort and desire.

Now, let's take a look at DeRozan's numbers this year, while apparently putting in maximum effort:

12.4 1.7 3.4 73.3% 4.6 11.8% 45.7%

I seems fair to say that DeRozan might be hard-pressed to even reach Carter's "I'm not trying" numbers, let alone Carter's all-star numbers. It doesn't seem like there's any justification whatsoever to compare these two players.

Dec 15th, 2010

bargnani's probably going to have an awesome game against noah tonight because that would make no sense. remember, bargnani's not shitty, he's just super frustrating. he'll have 3 crappy performances and just when you're about to give up on him, he'll have an awesome game. or he'll have 3 great games and just when you think he's turned the corner, he'll lay a fat egg. he's getting paid 10 million a year...that isn't superstar money. that might not even be star money. that's almost half of what peja makes. he makes less than turkoglu. he makes less than rashard lewis. i don't know why we're expecting someone who makes like 10 million a season to do everything for us. if you paid 30,000 for a car, it's not going to perform like an 80,000 car. look on the bright least he's hardly ever injured.

Dec 12th, 2010

lol, I thought Triano was going to get fired too, smitch style, PJ must have been very disappointed, I bet at half-time he was already drafting his introductory speech.

Dec 4th, 2010

Oh yeah, there is no doubt the effort switch has been flipped.

Nov 25th, 2010

It was funny watching Reggie's last rebound. The ball was on it's way to landing between Calderon and Reggie, who both went for the ball. Once Calderon saw who was beside him (and likely shit himself after seeing Reggie's blood-stained fangs), he wisely conceded the rebound.

Nov 21st, 2010

Quick...what do you want from a second-year player? Unless that player is so good that you expect instant dominance or so bad that you'll take literally anything they throw out there the answer is simple: improvement. In the second year you're still not expecting a guy to eliminate, or even compensate for, all of his weaknesses. You want to see if he can play to his strengths while doing enough basic things to stay on the floor. By those standards Jerryd Bayless had a very good year.

Bayless increased production across the board in 2009-10. He did better in raw numbers. He did better in per-minute stats. Exactly one (1!) category dropped. He went from 0.9 steals per 36 minutes to 0.7 and from 1.4 to 1.1 steals per 100 possessions. Literally everything else was on the rise.

Bayless doubled his total minutes played this year. His field goal makes nearly tripled. Some of his biggest increases came in field goal percentage:

•41.4% overall shooting, an increase of 3.9 percentage points
•31.5% three-point shooting, an increase of 5.6 percentage points
•83.1% free throw shooting, an increase of 2.5 percentage points
•53.4% True Shooting percantage, an increase of 4.7 percentage points
•44.4% Effective Field Goal percentage, an increase of 6.0 percentage points
Jerryd nearly doubled his scoring average, notching 8.5 ppg compared to 4.3 a season ago off of less than a 50% increase in per-game minutes. His per-36 minute scoring rate went from 12.5 to 17.4 points. Naturally his general offensive stats rose as well. His points scored per 100 possessions skyrocketed from 97 to 108. His PER jumped from 8.2 to 14.3. All of this speaks to a guy who is more comfortable in the offense and probably in his own skin as well. As important as any of these numbers, Bayless' PPBP and CPBP (that would be Pouts Per Bad Play and Curses Per Bad Play) went down dramatically this year. For much of the season he looked like he was just ballin' (instead of just bawlin'?), which is exactly what you want to see from a guy trying to make an impact.

Offensive impact is Jerryd's calling card. What about those other areas that allow him to stay on the floor?

Bayless is expected to act as a part-time point guard. His assists rose at roughly the same rate as his minutes. His per-36 minute assist rate was .4 higher, his assist percentage 3.9% higher. His turnovers dropped in absolute terms, in per-minute rate, and most significanly in turnovers per 100 possessions, the latter dropping from 19.3 to 13.8.

Jerryd's rebounding production rose slightly. His defensive stats remained level, one of the disappointments of his year given his physical potential and the fact that his defense hasn't been that effective to begin with. By comparison his 110 points allowed per 100 possessions was 3 points worse than that of Rudy Fernandez this year.

Bayless' other disappointments all fall into team categories, one of the larger question marks surrounding his game in general. His +.04 plus-minus was anemic and his .002 per-minute plus-minus was the lowest of any rotation player outside of Juwan Howard. His PER advantage over his counterparts at both point and shooting guard was miniscule. At point he gave away far more assists than he contributed and committed far more turnovers than his opponent. At shooting guard his Effective Field Goal percentage was incredibly low while his opponent's was high. He drew a large number of free throws regardless of position but also committed a large number of fouls, one of the most disturbing aspects of his defensive (non-)progress.

There's more bad news on the team front. Portland's points per 100 possessions dropped by 2 when Jerryd was on the floor and their points allowed rose 3.2 for a large -5.2 points-per-100 total impact on the game. The Blazers scored better as a team when Jerryd sat than when he played. Their Effective Field Goal percentage and Assisted Field Goal percentage both fell when Jerryd played.

On the other hand Bayless' numbers improved mightily in the clutch this year, as well as in the playoffs. He flashes a hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners style that none of his young-ish teammates can duplicate. When the time was right and his opponents weren't prepared he single-handedly bowled them over. Those times are balanced by his drives straight down the lane waited upon and easily rejected. Bayless was not reliable game-to-game. He did improve his impact to the point where you were excited to see him get his chance...a stark contrast to his rookie year when his effectiveness was non-existent.

Bayless showed he is a legit player this season. His strengths and overall improvement merit notice. Even with that his game still has plenty of holes--areas where improvement made him average instead of awful--and he still has plenty of steps to make before reaching full fruition. After a doubtful rookie campaign he showed clear signs that he can, and probably will, reach that fruition. Like his position, his ultimate ceiling remains in question. But for a second-year guy showing glimpses of that future plus confidence that it's real is plenty good.

Season Performance: B+

Trend: Rising

Dan W
Nov 19th, 2010

Totally agree with this. BC had one good year here, and even then that team overachived more then anything. Since then he has been all gambles and trying to recapture past successes by trading for or signing players he had in Phoenix. I think alot of GM's could have bulit up a good reputation having Jason Kidd and Steve Nash in their primes. You could trade for almost anyone and their stats would go up playing with those two.

Nov 11th, 2010

I have no idea what this hate for Andrea Bargnani is.... he's on pace for a MVP season on my NBA Live 10....

Nov 9th, 2010

The Truth hurts don't it... Now, let us prepare for a ball of a different colour which seems like the only 1 that will bounce our way before next summer: #1 (Kyrie or Harrison)...

Raptors will not win a single game I don't think with Jarrett Jack at point guard: this squad will not move beyond the teens if the entire rotation is shaken up

1) Every time Jack plays it must be as a substitute.
2) Every time Jack takes on 3 defenders in the lane without running a play or passing he incurs a 5 minute major and cannot return.
3) If Andersen is seen attempting a 3 pt fg that he doesn't make as his first, second or third shot of the game--he gets a game misconduct.
4) If DeMar DeRozan doesn't demand the ball and continues waiting in the offense to get a a pass swung back to him, he gets sent to the dressing room for stitches... after getting slapped upside the head from Reggie~.
5) If Bargnanin is seen 12 feet away from the rim on a defensive rebound he gets a game misconduct and 1 gm suspension without appeal.
6) Sonny Weems can only take a shot outside 15 feet if at first he gets a steal.
7) Leandro Barbosa wearing any supporting brace (i.e. knee, wrist brace/support etc.) will be fined for illegal equipment and will be assigned to the press box.
8) Julian Wright is better than the healthy scratch status.
9) Linas Kleiza gets to the line 4-6 times in the 1st half or he doesn't start the second.
10) Ed Davis must wish he was @ North Carolina but hopefully he can take all the aforementioned raps to school before the year's out and show 'em what it means to take pride in wearing an NBA jersey.

(( I needed that!!!))

Raptors for the Fail
Nov 8th, 2010

I just witnessed a long, drawn out BJ on one of the softest teams in the league. Stephen Curry was not once fouled hard. Good hard foul on Ellis at the end of the game but it was too late.

Curry has a bad ankle and he still carved up our team. You need to karate chop his forearms everytime he attempts a layup. Make him think twice about penetrating and get him out of his shooting rhythm.

It's just too easy for other teams against TO. Box out Reggie, drive the lane for easy layups and wide open threes. Jay doesn't take any Raptor out early? I guess they're following the plan. My plan is to wait until the team is .500 before I watch any more games. Thanks, Triano.

It's pro basketball, not a pickup game against your little sister. Don't get raped in front of your home crowd when tickets are 80 bucks a pop for the back of the lower bowl.

yertu damkule
Nov 4th, 2010

dear buddhafan;

if you run into the team while they're in LA, could you mention to amir that the season has, in fact, started. apparently, he didn't get the memo.


signed: everyone.

Nov 3rd, 2010

I'm betting that Triano (on orders from BC) will be rotating his roster like a laundry washer tumbling a full load. I hope Dorsey, Banks, others get a good run after the Jazz blow the game wide open by the 4th quarter.

Nov 2nd, 2010

Going into half-time, I could feel a dog-fight coming on ... and sure enough. Turned into a whale of a game but ... what was that final play all about? Not like we didn’t have the shooters to straight-up go for the tie. I voted for ‘poor defence down the stretch’ but a minute later thought I should’ve clicked ‘poor coaching’. ‘Cause I’m not sure how exactly, but it felt to me like we got out-coached in that second half. Did they adjust to us better than we did to them? Or was it that their players just flat-out out-played ours down that long uncomfortable final stretch ... which was really most of the second half? Probably a combination of both, but ... I have to put it on the coach especially with that last capper of a play. Hopefully, everyone learned something ...

... like maybe, freeze one foot before you pass or dribble, Kleiza. Too many travels. And Bargnani, look for the ball instead of who’s near you or where your girlfriend’s sitting when you’re in position for a defensive rebound. And Jack, don’t go into no-dish mode, the way you were when you first got here last year. Remember to keep your head OUT of your butt. And Jay, I dunno ... delegate more play-calling responsibility to PJ, maybe? Entertaining all in all, and those had ‘em and lost ‘em kind of games will happen to most or all young teams, but ... more fun to have ‘em and keep ‘em.

Oct 27th, 2010

Why is our SEASON OPENER on TSN2?

Mike D
Oct 24th, 2010

The "Young Onez." Yes, I love it. Much better than Mr. Sub's proposal to sponsor the team and market them as "12 Subs for under $80 million dollars."

I'm trying to think of teams in history that have put together a worse roster on paper than this one - both from a skill level standpoint and from a marketing perspective. We know we're in an unplanned rebuilding year, but what I'm really interested to find out is - When we roll into someone else's town, who is it that the locals want to pay to see? Is it Bargnani or Derozan that makes people think about parting with their cash? Or is it Amir? Have fans in other cities heard of these players? Do people like Linus Kleiza and David Anderson have a cult-like American following?

Does anybody know much about those Clippers and Mavericks teams from the 80's? How did they fill buildings? What marketing strategies did they use? Did anyone ever try to start a "Young Onez" style campaign around Danny Manning and Ron Harper? Aside from the fact that the Clippers and Raps have both only won one playoff series apiece over the past 15 years, are there any other historical similarities between our two clubs?

I hate haters
Oct 22nd, 2010

"Every time Jose lets a blow by happen we drink."

Sounds like a recipe for alcohol-poisoning by the early 3rd quarter of every game...

Oct 20th, 2010

sending a player baseline is fundamental grade 1 basketball. sending a strong ballhandler middle is a recipe for disaster. when sending a defender baseline his options are limited and its easier for defences to anticipate. the ball can only be passed towards or through the rotating defence. the ball can only move east, west (dribble) and be passed south. the offensive player is also limited by the baseline and side line creating an automatic trap.

this is why all pick and rolls are designed with the guard attempting to drive towards the middle of the key. this is why there is a hedge to prevent middle penetration.

all good D's are designed to deny middle. once the ball goes middle your D is broken hence "breaking down the D" = Middle Penetration.

you will never see a good team run pick and roll with the ball handler going baseline and you wont hear someone say he broke down the D when an O player goes baseline because thats where he's supposed to go

Oct 15th, 2010

I'll trade you my wife for those tickets.

Just kidding about the trade for the tickets. I'll actually just give you my wife.

Oct 8th, 2010

I would think there was a Godfather Part IV coming

yertu damkule
Oct 2nd, 2010

'I am just saying that Bargs will be a better PF in the NBA than a center.'

respectfully disagree. the reasons why have been discussed ad infinitum on this board, but the simple breakdown is:

as a 5, being guarded by an opposing 5, bargs has a quickness advantage on offense if working from the perimeter in; if the defense moves a more mobile (read: usually smaller) defender onto him, he CAN take him into the post & use his size as an advantage, or shoot over the top on the perimeter.

defensively, as a 5 guarding an opposing 5, bargs has the requisite size, strength & lateral quicks to handle most centres in the L one-on-one. tasked to check a PF, particularly a stretch-4 (think jamison, or even bosh), his quickness advantage dissipates, and his size actually works against him.

the only 'bonus' to bargs playing the 4 is the notion that he wouldn't be leaned on as heavily for help-D...though it's a complete fallacy to think he wouldn't be exposed in that regard as a 4 any less than as a 5.

Joey Harris
Sep 27th, 2010

don't forget that after Vince became Vince, Vince became Wince.

Sep 26th, 2010

With Bargnani it often seems like he didn't get enough sleep the night before or got too much sleep.

Mike D
Sep 25th, 2010

Nice to see all of the promotions flying around the Raptor management offices these days. Rewards are in order for all that's been achieved in recent years - Job well done boys! Keep up the good work! To many more years of the same!!

Sep 15th, 2010

There are lots of advanced stats in basketball, and none of them is infallible. The stats mostly tell us about the biases of the people who created them. In Berri's case, he loves efficiency. So a player like Kobe, who shoots under .500, is seen as less efficient than a backup guard who shoots over .500. But the difference is that the shots KB24 is taking are much harder for anyone to make because he is the focus of the opposition defense. Some guy who comes off the bench and sticks open shots created by passes from KB24 should get much less sympathy.

Berri's stats is the only one I can think of that views Bargnani as a terrible player. Most of the others, like Simple Rating ( and Hollinger's PER (which Berri has criticized for being too lax on shooting efficiency) view Bargnani as an average player. This is my view as well. Bargnani is a good complementary scorer who is hopeless on defense and cannot rebound at all. I'd bet my life on the fact that he will never be anything other than that.

BTW, check past years where Berri's stat revealed that Troy Murphy, for example, who is a complementary scoring forward, was the best player in the NBA.

Sep 7th, 2010

The problem is that most of Bargnani's boosters are carried away with delusions of Bargnani achieving NBA greatness or some such thing.

I don't think that the bashing would near as bad if Bargnani's supporters were so adamant about how he will become so great.

It seems to me that if Bargnani's supporters were more realistic about his game and potential then the bashers would pull in their horns.

Sep 3rd, 2010

The Sun had an interesting article.
Why does Nash get off scott-free for quitting on his country. Yeah, yeah, yeah, paid his dues...that was almost a decade ago. Nash and Magloire, our two best of the last decade have not played for their country.
Perhaps it is a reflection with how Canada basketball has been run. Maybe they don't like Leo. But look no further for our poor showings, Canada's best two players have let down their countries.
That being said, given the results Leo has produced, he should be fired immediately.

Sep 2nd, 2010

5 vets that have to have career years: Bargnani, Kleiza, Barbosa, Jack & Calderon.

5 Youngsters that have to develop noticably: Johnson, Davis, Alabi, DeRozan & Weems

5 players that'll be lucky to get any minutes at all: Evans, Dorsey, Andersen, Wright, & Banks.

God help us get a top 4 pick next summer!

Aug 25th, 2010

I love that a "reporter" from a rag like the TO Sun so utterly lacks any self awareness and complains about garbage you find on the internet. Right, because the TO Sun is the gold standard for journalism.

This is just another example of a washed up hack who is screaming at the dark because he knows he'll be out of a job soon and doesn't understand why.

Aug 18th, 2010

Lived in one of the new condo buildings downtown near Roger's Center. Many of the Leafs and Jays who you would expect to be short-term lived there and a few choice Raps. Parking on the same level as myself:

Sam Mitchell - beamer and I believe Escalade - not the most cheerful dude and given that I lived there for two years of his tenure, let's just say the man has a lot of the relatives given how often his "nieces" seemed to visit.

TJ Ford - black Escalade well tricked out - used to see him taking his son too school. Lovely guy who you would never recognize unless you were right up close - given how slight he was.

Parked one level up - the legend himself - Rasho - driving......the Ford SUV that he was given for being a member of the Raps - always doing something for his wife, saw him at the grocery store all the time - dude was whipped and about as nice as they come.

Coming home one evening and there are two brand new black Range Rover Sports parked out front as one of them has been rear-ended during rush hour traffic. The first one belonged to Maurizio, the second - a very pissed BC.

Hump used to slum it at the clubs all the time - man's female selection was like his shot selection - he still hasn't met one he wouldn't take.

Best for last - coming home from the club - well hydrated - my friend starts cat-calling the well dressed, tall guy in front of us because he recognizes him. We have been boys for years, but on this night - I don't have his back. "You better get your friend in check before he gets hurt". "Yes, sir. Have a good night."
- Even in my well hydrated state I knew what every self-respecting NBA fan does - You don't mess with Oak.

Aug 16th, 2010

I agree that Adrea's time would have been better spent working on his game with coaches here and not in international play where it's a different system. With regards to him needing a big man coach....who comes to mind? AB isn't the typical centre and has a completely different skill set than Kareem or Hakeem or any other former great centre. You're likely not going to change his game at this point in his career, so would need to find a coach that can complement his unique style.

Aug 11th, 2010

Looks to me as though the toughest months are November and February (although road play skews January). Speaking strictly based upon the ridiculously early power rankings provided by ESPN, Nov and Feb both feature an average power ranking of 6.6. March looks easiest with an average power ranking of 10.

That is a hell of a lot of games against Miami though... damn.

Aug 4th, 2010

Ah, Kevin O'Neil. Say what you want about him (and indeed there's a lot of bad one could say), but that man got the Raptors to play defence. Stifling defence, in fact. He got VINCE CARTER to play defence! I remember the very first game he coached the Raptors, Vince went down at the offensive end as though he had been shot by a sniper. Writhing on the floor. And what did O'Neil do? He madly waved and gesticulated for Vince to get the hell up and get back on d. I fell in love with O'Neil that very second. Not that it would ever happen in a million years, but I would LOVE for him to come back and be our defensive coach. A fellow can dream, can't he?

Aug 3rd, 2010

Talk about spin. I know everyone tries to get ahead of the media cycles and it now seems in vogue to bash BC and appease Turk, but how can you really blame anyone but the player when he goes from 'superstar' to super nova in one year.

The only real thing that changed was his jersey and financial security. The guy very clearly didn't take last season seriously and then tried to blame anyone and anything in his way.

Triano and BC should take some heat as one guy gave him too much money and the other guy gave him too much slack, but it is not thier job to coddle players. You would hope there would be some level of reciprocity between player and management, but Turk took advantage of the raptors unwillingness the rock to boat and as a result he was a main catalyst in the 'lost' season.

Jul 23rd, 2010

Holding opponents in the mid 90s would make us a top-10 defensive team. And regardless of the personnel changes, I don't see Triano being enough of a disciplinarian to get these guys to play that kind of tenacious defence.

Jul 15th, 2010

Look ... any player coming to the Raptors is pretty much a crap shoot .. particularly rookies.

The Raptors don't have a strong player core, and that is the perennial problem season after season.

BTW .. is it too early to ask how many new players are coming on the roster???

Jul 12th, 2010

That's hoping for a lot: no GM in the league is better at spinning his wheels than Colangelo. Half his time is spent correcting his old mistakes and the other half is spent making new ones.

Jul 10th, 2010

No bandaids! Save it until next June and see if you can find a team willing to dump a lottery pick in order to get rid of an unwanted contract.

Jul 7th, 2010

For the love of God, please let this be true. Unless of course the "league source" is Frank Zicarelli. Then we're all f*cked!

Jul 5th, 2010

"Colangelo should’ve separated water from wine and done the right thing – traded Chris Bosh."

What on earth does this metaphor mean? Who separates water from wine? How is that possible? Can I separate water from wine in my own home? Is there a kit I can buy to make this possible? Is wine a dried substance in its natural state? Why would water and wine be mixed together to begin with? Has this become a popular mix drink at parties and/or box socials?

Jul 5th, 2010

The only thing idiotic is to over pay a kid who never was able to even stay on the floor due to foul troubles and at best had handful of good games for the possibility that he might have potential !!

This is JYD all over again.

Toyota Corolla does the basic functions of Mercedes Benz which takes you from point A to point B. But you must be fool if you think Toyota is a Mercedes and pay the same amount for it.

Amir got paid because all the marketing potential that the
" YOUNG GUNZ" have for Raptors now and with season tickets and ...

What else does the management have to brag/Market about this season? AB's post moves or Jose's lock down defense.

The organization could not let the " YOUNG GUNZ" break apart or they would have been left with nothing.

By the way, Don't forget, Weems is going to be FA next year. How much should we pay him for " potential" ? a 5 year deal worth another $35 million sounds about right ;)

Jul 2nd, 2010

Amir's mind: "Hope its 5 million"
**He sits with BC**
BC: "Amir, you know that Bosh is not coming back; and our big contracts from Andrea, Hedo and Jose...will not help us in the future to I can't give you huge salary..."
Amir's mind: "Hope its 3 million... >_<"
BC: "I'm willing to give you...."
Amir "Yes?"
BC: "...5 year, $34million contract. Is it good for you?"
Amir: "That's fine, where can I sign?"
Amir's Mind: "OMG OMG OMG OMG"
BC: haha "Amir, You be signing on July 8th"
BC's mind: "What a bargain!"

Jun 27th, 2010

Seeing the Raps in the lottery for a couple of years isn't a bad thing as long as they actually do a decent job building this time. Not sure how it'll work out, but picking two bigs to work with this year seems like a good start.

I'd rather draft young (cheap) talent than overpay for free agents that can't live up to their contracts... and I bet there'll be plenty of that happening this summer!

Jun 21st, 2010

What people never bring up about the 9 new faces excuse, is we had 9 new faces when we won the Atlantic in 06/07 too.

Jun 8th, 2010

I think for myself a biggger issue or the more 'ironic' situation would be creating the cap space for Miami so that they could turn around and sign your best player.

Regardless if any deal gets done with Miami, BC should be ashamed of himself. Part of me thinks he will not do a deal with Miami based on that reason alone.......the power of the ego.

Jun 3rd, 2010

With the trade of Bosh imminent, and the likely trade of Turkoglu, the Raps need to do what they can to move up and/or get more 1st rounders. With Turkoglu playing bitch, we actually have a chance to start a rebuild. If we only lost Bosh, we'd still have shitty Turk. Johnson looks unreal, potential Westbrook? Udoh looks like the guy we need to play 4.

May 29th, 2010

this has to be one of the most frustrating years for raptors basketball in a long time

May 23rd, 2010

"Call me a greedy raptor fan, but I’m not settling for anything less than an all star talent coming back."

This is perfectly fine. You call yourself a greedy fan and I and the rest of sane people will call you delusional and it is shame that real world is always unkind and disappointing to delusional people.

I warn you my friend, you are up for one big disappointment this summer but then as Raptor fans, we are all used to summers like this.

May 21st, 2010

Although I don't like conceding it, we probably won't be able to move Turkoglu, so he stays, although I hope we make him the sub when he's playing like a rich boy.

It's the choice of Brand that bothers me. I'd rather have Whiteside, however long it takes him to develop. He's more of an immediate shot-blocking & rebounding machine, and his O isn't bad. Having Bargnani, we won't need a big-man big-time scorer. Calderon & Bosh can be used to eventually get Whiteside drafted by somebody for us.

May 15th, 2010

Funny, I was trying to recall Bosh running the floor and finishing on the break. No examples came to me....

May 12th, 2010

Owner of Cav's quoted from "Fear the Sword" (Cav's Blog) after last night's game.

"Our entire franchise has done everything in its power to put all of our players and its coaching staff in the best possible position to execute when it counts," Gilbert said. "And to deliver to the highly supportive fans of Cleveland a proud, intense, impassioned all-out drive to achieve a championship.

"The last two home playoff losses and the manner in which we lost these games does not come close to being anywhere near the high expectations all of us have of our organization. Our fans and supporters deserve more."

"Above all, the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as the entire franchise, deserve and need our players and coaches to dig deep within themselves," Gilbert said.

Wow, now that's an owner!

May 8th, 2010

Bosh may be acting immature but are we really gonna forget everything he did for us just because hes acting like every other player does. Its not like he went out and got NY shoes like Lebron did in the middle of the season.

Yeah its annoying that he wants us to beg him to stay. Yes hes a bit immature and i expected more. Am I surprised? no, is he so different from anyone else his age? not really...

If he leaves it will be sad that over some tweets raps fans will boo him and hate him for the rest of his career...

May 8th, 2010

Here's a link to my article "Give up on Marco". Actually that's the whole article.

May 6th, 2010

I like Bosh... But I don't think he's the answer here unless paired with a CP3/Wade type player...which is unlikely. So there's no way I'd want this team to pay him max money and hamstring themselves for years.

May 2nd, 2010

Bosh is Boozer. They are each going to be paid way too much money simply to get 20 points and 10 rebounds. Plus, there is a picture of Boozer beside the definition of contract year.

Apr 30th, 2010

"We should at least have a handfull of teams"

Handful NBA teams in Canada ? Where in Winnipeg or Saskatoon.

Apr 26th, 2010

"I love Beasley and think he is going to be a monster in this league"
LOL, I think that makes 3 of you:
Beasley, his Mom and you

Apr 20th, 2010

Scary thing is that if it is determined that the two PGs cannot play together, Jose would likely continue to lead this team. Reason? Jack has way more trade value than Calderon and could be utilized to shore up a weakness easier.

While I marginally prefer what Jack brings overall to that of Jose, what it really says to me is that the Raptors will be at a bit of a disadvantage against a majority of teams in the league regardless who starts.

Apr 17th, 2010

RR: "We also suggested that the Raps consider buying one of Minnesota’s later first round picks to draft a PG like Ty Lawson."

This was a big mistake by BC. If he didn't want to shell out the big money for a late first rounder, he should have acquired a early 2nd rounder and drafted DeJuan Blair! A gritty power forward that could be signed to a unreal contract and help fill the void if CB leaves. Instead MLSE has more cash and the Raps have Reggie Evans at $5M / Season.

Apr 15th, 2010

Charlotte had their scrubs on the floor for 50% of the game, can't blame them though, we should have beaten the Bulls ourselves.

Apr 12th, 2010

I guess we'll see what David Stern, ESPN, the crew of Apollo 11, the Yeti, Area 51 and "the man on the grassy knoll" have in store for us in the next couple of days.

Apr 10th, 2010

Playoff bball would be a beneficial experience for Weems and DeRozan ... but only a punishment for the rest of the team.

david shepherd
Apr 9th, 2010

All in all I would say the main reason the raps lost to the celtics yesterday was because of triano, they were in the game until the last 6 minutes, the celtics go on a 10-0 scoring run and he refuses to call a time out, i've seen him do this several times this year, he's not hard on key players till it's too late and he uses his substitutions of bosh at retarded moments, he's ok with losing tries to find reasons why it's ok for them to lose and he's too much of a softy, the raps aren't going anywhere until they get a decent coach cuz jay triano is a moron

yertu damkule
Apr 7th, 2010

if that. y'know when you're really hungry, and you're out at a restaurant, and you know the wait for your food is gonna be like, an you figure you'll grab an appetizer or two to tide you over 'till the main comes, so you order, i dunno, some nice bruschetta or a pita & dip (doesn't matter what...something that you know will satisfy you for a while)...and they bring out some piddly little scraps that disintegrate on your tongue, leaving you with just the hint of what could have been, but even hungrier for some real food?

that's the raps. almost food.

Apr 5th, 2010

Yes, the Raps have looked downright ugly more often than not since the All-Star break. But let's not forget than we're 1-2 vs. Cleveland this year, and the two losses were both decided in the final 2 minutes.

In other words, we've been in a good position to win all 3 games vs. Cleveland. There's no reason why that trend can't continue in the playoffs. A lucky bounce here, and an extra break there is all it takes to swing momentum in a close game.

I'm not saying we can beat them in the series, but I defintely don't think it'll be a sweep. The Raps will steal a game or two. And 6 hard-faught games will surely help the development of Weems, DeRozan, Johnson, Jack, and even Bargnani.

Apr 1st, 2010

I heard bosh was going to stay in Toronto until he retires, and tattooed a Raptor on his back, that he's going to show once he resigns this summer.

yertu damkule
Mar 30th, 2010

ever consider that bosh could, literally & figuratively, take a steaming crap at centre court each & every game from here on out & it would have the same impact on his 'market value' as anything he does basketball-related? his value has already been established, whether you (or anyone else) feels that it's a good value or not is irrelevant. whether he's retained or is dealt in a S&T or he simply walks, he's getting the max.

the end.

Mar 27th, 2010

"after a few days off"? so we get one good game out of him every week? that's retarded. He's being payed an insane amount of money for a "good" game when he's rested?! wow... good thing we only play 82 games in 7 months! Don't make excuses.

I get that he's talented and he's not playing the same role as in Orlando but he doesn't make a significant impact, assists aren't crazy and I don't need him to score big if he makes plays but that's lacking too.

I'm with the Red Baron on this one - When I heard hedo wasn't playing I looked forward to the game because we might have a chance at getting a W.

Mar 26th, 2010

In the current NBA, Chris Bosh is a max player, no doubt. But that just says so much about the current NBA, that I something in me doesn't want the Raptors to be the ones paying him that max money he's going to get, just for the sake of keeping him and being 1st round losers for 5 more years. Comparing him to KG in his prime just justifies what I just said. KG. Prime. Now that's max money.

We already have 2 (maybe 3 - Bargs) overpaid players.

But good article. I still feel disgusted, but am consoled a bit by the realization that we do, in fact, resemble Minnesota a while back. And sadly, unlike Boston, we don't have the pulling power to suddenly attract aging free-agents in search of a title.

Mar 24th, 2010

Difference betw Jazz and TO?

HOF coach vs a newbie
A system is entrenched and everybody knows their role vs rolling with 12 guys and a "fluid" system
Players don't play within the system -> HOF coach "persuades" said player to conform vs lack of accountability

Turk would surely understand the meaning of dog house if he played in Utah. And instead of responding Ball, he'd be saying "BOne"

yertu damkule
Mar 23rd, 2010

of all the things that have disappointed me w/ respect to turk, his incessant whining & complaining to refs is the most repugnant. STFU & play. a close second is the 'barrel into the lane without a plan, flail my arms & hope to get a call' move. he carries himself like a star, and expects star treatment on the court. must be a shock to his system to realize that the true stars of the league get the star treatment because they've put in star performances over the long haul.

turk is the neauveau riche hick at the ball; his paycheque says his belongs, but that's about it.

Mar 23rd, 2010

maybe i don't understand the game of basketball at all, but what i have a problem is that i feel like the raptors team never exploits other team's weaknesses. I alwayse hear about toronto's weaknesses; such as communication in defense, not athletic enough. I never hear of other team's weak points. It feels like every game no matter what opponent this team faces, they always initiate the same plan. They never adapt to other team's weak points. i dunno maybe this is just futile rambling.

Babyface Killah
Mar 19th, 2010

Thank god my cable was out.

Mar 17th, 2010

Sometimes I think that BC constructed this team to keep the three point shot made streak going.

Just a random thought

James G.
Mar 15th, 2010

There is four things that will 100 percent take place and all of them hurt us in the end.
1. We will make the playoffs in the 8th seed thus losing our first rounder next year.
2. We will get absolutely demolished in the first round and again will be one of the laughing stocks of the nba (and still have no first rounder next year).
3.Bosh will leave this summer and it has nothing to do with money but the fact that too many bad decisions have set this team back for atleast (being as optimistic as I can be) 2 more years. Now that point leads me into my next point.
4.We have Turkoglu locked up for another 4 years at a rediculous salary and unfortunately will still have Triano on the sideline next year.

...but hey as Toronto Raptor fans from day 1 I think we should all be getting used to this.

Blind Man
Mar 14th, 2010

I can easily see myself being the type of person who is drawn to watching over the carnage of a traffic accident, but even worse, while watching the Raps against GSW tonight, I found that I was rooting for the accident. I read somewhere that they have now lost 12 third quarters in a row now, and I was rooting for it. I don't dislike Triano, but I enjoyed the look of panic in his eyes during the third quarter. I like Bosh, but I enjoyed looking forward to his next turnover. I found it comical that Jose gave his best performance of the season on a game where he couldn't possibly make a difference. And the son of the all-time nicest Raptor twisted the dagger, making it all so poetic. I'm going slightly mad, but I'm enjoying it.

Brain Colangelo
Mar 13th, 2010

Bargnani has defended well at the end of close games. He's always been Triano's measuring stick - tap into his potential for 48 minutes a game and you have a good team. Fail to do that and you have a team with a star PF and mediocre, jump-shooting centre.

black angus
Mar 11th, 2010

Unfortunately it looks like Hedo is here to stay. A core that involves Hedo, Bargnani, and Jose MAY get you in the playoffs, but will not do much beyond that.

If Bosh re-signs... BC will have to look at moving Bargnani and/or Calderon to get more athletic multi-dimensional players in return. Unfortunately he will not get fair market value for either of these players, but will have to take what he can get to rid himself of the long-term contracts.

Mar 10th, 2010

that moron Lapo guy should not get away with this.
I'd say lock him up in a sauna with Reggie Evans.

Mar 8th, 2010

What is the point of grabbing offensive rebounds if you can't finish and won't kick out? Reggie's rebounding is hella overrated. He should be glued to the bench.

Mar 7th, 2010

Kent Brockman: Professor, would you say it's time for our viewers to panic?
Professor: Yes I would, Kent.

Kent Brockman: Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it's time for our viewers to crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?
Professor: Yes I would, Kent.

Mar 5th, 2010

Weems doesn't bring much to the table. Like most of the players not named Bosh, he's a disposable pine-rider.
He has .2 win shares. He hasn't even produced a single win for the team yet.

Mar 4th, 2010

You know whars funny, Jamario (the bricklayer) Moon started how many games for us last year ? 70 something right ? HE WAS GETTING PAID THE LEAGUE MIN. So lets take the $$ out of the equation okay ?

Sonny should start for 2 reasons:
1) He's hotter than DD right now and DD should 'hopefully' do the same as SW does when he comes off the bench.
2) Give the kid a reality check. DD sounds like a down to earth kid and having him come off the bench I believe would promote more of a sense of urgency out of him.

It would be win-win Jay, comeon !!!

Alex T
Mar 1st, 2010

It can work both ways - maybe Bargs thinks why should I bother with help defense and rebounds when they never pass me the ball!

Sparty's Law
Feb 26th, 2010

No Bosh = No Chance. I'll be watching the Olympics.

Feb 24th, 2010

Should have moved this game to Buffalo as payback for the Bills stinking up the dome.

Feb 22nd, 2010

I was watching the Birdman's block against Boston. I must say, he sure is very fun to watch, and a win against Boston gives us some joy, so I have to appreciate the guy. But sending the ball to the stands is against one of Red Auerbach's rules (there is a video where he says that after the block you have to "grab the ball"). And that's a thing I like about Andrea: after his blocks, we've often had the ball in our hands (just think at Wright's dunk).

Feb 17th, 2010

don't they play with Huskies jerseys? If so, how can they loose?

Feb 14th, 2010

all i got to say is demar hyped himself up too much, saying that he can beat anyone in the dunk contest(micheal) and have such a terrible showing. Cant blame this on kenny, cant blame it on nate, demar just didnt preform like he could. BTW all his game dunks this year were probbaly better than his dunks tonigh, i agree that this was one of the worst contests in recent history, pretty diappointing. Next year: LBJ, Diwght superman Howard, Nate(defending champ unfortunatley) and The Air Up There!! LMAO DONTLETSHANNONDUNK!!!

The Don
Feb 12th, 2010

Reggie's nickname should be "Snickers" because he always gets some nuts

The Don
Feb 12th, 2010

Reggie's nickname should be "Snickers" because he always gets some nuts

Feb 11th, 2010

jack's a better basketball player than jose, and should continue to get more minutes. jose's a GREAT back up point guard and played really well tonight. i wouldn't trade jose and mess up the seemingly perfect chemistry that is developing with this group. but, please don't try and turn this amazing situation into a point guard controversy. Jack is better.

Feb 10th, 2010

How about we fantasize that you will provide a relevant contribution to RR?

The Don
Feb 9th, 2010

Calderon is a good regular season performer. However, I believe he would get torched in the play-offs (and his previous performances are indicative of this). Calderon thrives in the regular season because his safe passes into the post are not heavily contested. However, come playoff time, when the defense tightens up, these passes are not readily available and are highly contested. Furthermore, Calderon tends to loss his aggressiveness when the other team plays strong D.

I think our current roster lacks toughness on the perimeter. Wright brings that toughness to our team. Unless BC can trade Calderon for a tough lock down perimeter defender at the 2, I say Wright should start come playoff time. IMO, Wright has the necessary attributes to play a substantial role come play-off time and I would be reluctant to trade him.

Feb 4th, 2010

Caron Butler would be great with the raptors because he already knows how to take a back to seat to other scorers(Gilbert A. And Antwan Jamison) It wouldnt make much sense tho unless we got rid of Hedo tho. What about Hedo coming off the bench when he gets back, if Manu Ginobili can do it then Hedo can, It would give Hedo motivation to play hard and it would give us another scorer off the bench. I like Sonny starting at the 3 and I think he and DD's athleticism could cause ppl problems if they started together, not much shooting tho so Idk.......The only way Reggie Evan can live up to the hype is by coming in his first game and punching someone in the face, we're making him out to be Dennis Rodman, I just dont know if he's that serious.

Feb 2nd, 2010

Sorry, why would Colangelo walking be disastrous? His DAD is a rockstar and big name here in the US. Him, not so much.

We constantly get the short end of any trade...we got robbed in the TJ Ford trade to Indiana. Robbed in Marion. Overpaid for Turk. Jumped into hiring Triano prematurely. Jumped into extending Bargs prematurely.

Hiring a big name GM is overrated. Better to hire an assistant GM from a well-run research oriented franchise like the Lakers, Rockets, OKC, Spurs, etc. Pretty much any of the assistant managers at those franchises would love to run a rich franchise like Toronto.

I have very serious questions about Colangelo. He inherited a beautiful situation in 2006. Massive cap space, promising young all-star power forward locked into a cheap contract. Compare it to the job Sam Presti has done since 2007 with his franchise, or how Memphis retooled after dumping Pau.

BTW, all this insecurity about Canada stuff is ridiculous. Toronto is far more desirable a place to live than Indiana, OKC, Utah, or many of the other places that have sports teams. This insecurity complex and paranoia is frankly annoying and self defeating...middle-class Americans and Canadians live almost identical lives.

Don't be so scared...if Colangelo leaves, the Raptors will not die. Just hire a competent assistant GM from one of the best-run franchises in the league, and you'll be fine.

Jan 31st, 2010

The doc asks Hedo a few questions to see if he knows where he is:

Where are you now Hedo?


What did you eat for supper?


What can you see now?


Why can't you follow the movement of my finger?


Ball? elbow.

Jan 29th, 2010

I respect Hedo's game and all, and the Raps need him to play well to make that next step, but the guy is a big time cry baby. Anyone who watches these guys play on the regular would see that he gets the ball more than enough times to make an impact. Truth is he has played like crap all season. He got the ball more last night because he was having a good game. He didn't have a good game because he got the ball more. When Hedo earns the ball by playing to the level he is capable of then he will get it. If he reverts back to Hedo of the first 30 or so games then he has nothing to whine about if his touches get limited. Step up and stop pouting.

Jan 29th, 2010

The tap out should become a stat - it's just as good as a rebound.

However, a failed tap out where DOH you tap it to the other team should be counted too.

i.e. Amir was 2/3 for tap outs tonight.

And it's as ugly as all hell to watch.

Like a whale reaching up out of the water flailing a weak fin in desperation.

Jan 27th, 2010

Sorry but that's all bogus. Amir is a bench player averaging 17 minutes a game. He would be averaging 17 minutes a game with or without the fouls, as he should be. It doesn't matter if Amir fouls and he doesn't need to come out of the game if he gets fouls. BUT he's never even fouled out anyway. His fouls are there to use, and they should be used. The Raps as a team do not have a "fouling" problem in that the other team gets the most foul shots in the league or something like that.

Amir has fouls to use...and he should use them. My only problem is that he gets too many ticky-tack fouls. I'd be VERY happy if he got 4/5 hard fouls a game!

The Don
Jan 23rd, 2010

Its a zone defense!!!! Setting up the pick n' roll is negated by the fact that its a zone defense. Ever play the game? Screens Don't work on a ZONE. The loss has nothing to do with getting Bogut the ball and everything to do with the fact that the Bucks did not shoot the ball well last night and our perimeter guys closed out. Bosh deserves credit for protecting his zone and preventing offensive rebound opportunities.

My original comment about Bargnani had nothing to do with Bosh, how did he even come up in this discussion. Last time I checked Bosh was not European and my original post had to do with utilizing the zone because the Euro's would thrive in a zone.

Jan 22nd, 2010

1) Only play Hedo to score the 100th Raptor point for free slice of PizzaPizza ... and ask PizzaPizza to pick up his contract.

2) Rasho on the phone talking to his Grandma in Lower Slobovia:

Grandma: Eat good my little boysik!
Rasho: Yes, grandma.
Grandma: Go to bed early boysik!
Rasho: Yes, grandma.
Grandma: Save your money, boysik!
Rasho: Yes, grandma
Grandma: Send me some of those Tim Horton blueberry muffins, boysik!
Rasho: Yes, grandma
Grandma: .. and tell Triano he's full of sh!t !!!
Rasho: YES GRANDMA !!!!!!!!!!!

3)Strengths: NJ, Philly, Indiana, Washington, Detroit ... Weaknesses: Cavs, Celtics, Hawks, Magic, Heat, Hornets.

Jan 21st, 2010

My future doesn't have anything from Turkey in it.

Macy O'Baston
Jan 19th, 2010

So your expectations weren't high, but you're dissatisfied with a team that's over .500 and has won 14 of its last 21? Then surely your expectations have been exceeded, at which point any fan of the team would be happy. Something doesn't add up here.

It shouldn't be difficult whatsoever to divorce the first 20 games from the last 21. 9 new players. Inexperienced coach. Tough opening schedule. All added up for a slow start, which was entirely expected by everyone. Now they're more comfortable with each other, with the coaches, and have a friendlier schedule. They're winning, but it's still not enough to satisfy people because they're 'inconsistent'.
Complaining about the way they're currently playing is simply irrational.

marques johnson
Jan 16th, 2010

Bargs. Illusionary Rebounding

I think we can all agree that the cosmic forces of the universe came together the past two games, resulting in rebound totals from Bargs. we will not see again. The numbers were the result of his greater rebounding effort, two teams without dominant rebounding centres, two wild shooting teams that often shoot before they set up, two weak rebounding games from Bosh etc.

It will be an interesting test on Sunday against Dampier, who while not a dominant centre, is a defensive rebounding type.

The above being said, what I hope Bargs. has gained the past two games is a confidence that if he puts out the rebounding effort and wants the ball, he can get 8-10 boards a game and help the Raps significantly by reducing put backs and offensive rebounds. So mentally the past two games hopefully will have a year long effect.

While hard to complain about last nite, it still bugs me that as hot as Bargs was, the Raps rarely went to him, 13 shots for a guy hotter then Arenas’s pistol is poor recognition.

Jan 13th, 2010

I say the raptors plant guns in turk’s locker, and then void his contract.

Raptors Devotee
Jan 12th, 2010

I don't know where to start and am almost at a loss for words. Triano had by far his worst coaching game of the year. He easily could have sat down the guys sucking air and played the bench guys that were more than handling their own more. It is a coach's job also to use his timeouts at opportune times to stop runs and/or to rest your tired players.

Yes, Turkoglu's play was so bad in the 2nd half he should have benched himself. The coach has to grow a pair and play to win, not to appease his big contract players. Triano was hired as a Yes man for Colangelo, so it is no surprise. We need a real coach who has won and commands the respect of the players, if he is out there.

Jan 10th, 2010

I could just imagine the post-game exchange between Triano and Hedo after the game.

Hedo are you even aware that you played an NBA game today?

"Yes coach"

Did we loose because you can't play D or rebound?

"Yes coach"

Do you lack the necessary athleticism and fitness to contribute to this team?

"Yes coach"

Hedo did we make a mistake signing you?

"Yes coach"

Are you over paid?

"Yes coach"

Have you lost your motivation to improve because you are guaranteed to collect a pay cheque over the next five years?

"Yes coach"

Are you going to cost us games come playoff time because of your lack of intensity?

"Yes coach"

Should we trade you for a bag of potatoes?

"Yes coach"

Jan 9th, 2010

There are 2 key collective bargaining issues you need to understand. First there is the cap and the tax threshold. The tax threshold is meaningless from a roster standpoint. The raptors are currently over the cap but under the tax(which is where MLSE wants to be). If a team is under the cap they can sign free agents. If a team is over the cap they can only sign returning free agents(bird rights), the mid-level or bi-annual exceptions or minimum contracts. The raptors would only have 6 mil or so under the cap if Bosh leaves during the season. If they wait till the end of the season and resign Bosh to bring them way over the cap then they get the MLE and can trade Bosh if he really wants to go. Plus Bosh can get more money and an extra year on his contract by resigning. Unless they get one hell of a one-sided offer(and I dont mean Biedrins) Bosh will finish this season in Toronto.

Jan 4th, 2010

Were we watching the same game.
Johnson didn't play poorly.
He shot 1/2 and played good defense.
What do you mean take advantage.
What a stupid statement.
He played 12 mins. What do you suggest.
He play hog ball and try to score every time
he touches the ball. He's a role player genius.
Maybe they should put you under the bus.

Jan 2nd, 2010

I can't believe you're even suggesting Arenas for the Raps. He can liven up the dressing room by shooting a couple of guys. What a primo loser!!

Hardcore Raps
Dec 31st, 2009

I don't get why so many have so little respect for Jose.
Farmar (weak), Morrison (exp contract... still weak), LA first rounder (weak). Just a crap deal all around.

I think last night was another example of how our defensive issue are NOT EXCLUSIVELY DUE TO JOSE (or the PG position). How people turn their backs to this... because they want to believe (and I don't know why) that Jose is such a bad defender.

How are we not better of with 2 good pgs, and more talent... than 1 good pg and less talent. Really its absolutely ridiculous.

I seriously wish people would stop coming up with Jose deals because they get worse and worse as they go along. How thankful I am that no one around here runs this organization because it would just fall to pieces. (Although it would actually teach them a lesson)

Old Brandyballz
Dec 31st, 2009

Nash also cut out suger this year. Just saying.

Dec 29th, 2009

I don't think all the malicious comments towards Calderon are very fair (in general,I'm not saying this article or the above comments are an attack on Jose). I do think though, that Jack is a much better fit in the starting line-up than Jose. Turk has been really impressive running the point-forward position and having he and Calderon on at the same time, as has been mentioned by Chisholm, is redundant. Jose would be great running with the "young guns" as he can keep them somewhat under control, hit them for some sick oops, and his defense won't be as big a problem. Banks has done exactly what we needed him to do, but when Jose comes back, we will be a much better team with him involved in our offense as another offensive weapon in our arsenal. When Jose is on, he is a deadly shooter who makes excellent decisions that would benefit Sonny, Amir and Demar. Lastly, I don't think Jose is the type of person who is going to make a big public stink about not starting, he will accept that role and we will have a better team because of it.

Dec 24th, 2009

The classiest move would be for Jose to publicly say he wants to work his way back into game shape and his starting position. I think at this point he would be more effective off the bench were he's not facing the other team's starting PG (or they will be worn down grom Jack). Unlike Calderon, Jack's production remains the same if he's facing starters or backups.

Dec 22nd, 2009

It was the combination of a tough schedule and the lack of chemistry with so many newcomers , the lack of experience of a few of these newcomers which added up to a miserable up and down first 30 games . The team appears to be on the right track for the rest of the season . I think that a few critics will never be happy with the team performance till they are good enough to go for a championship. Unfortunately they keep seeing the glass half empty , not half full , their loss.

Red Baron
Dec 20th, 2009

With the obvious caveat being this was the Nets, this is how the Raptors need to play to be successful. They swung the ball and shared the love on offence. That way everyone put up some points, felt like they were contributing, and that translated to the defensive side of the court for them as well. The comment that Bosh was content to pass out of the double team is key. I see so many parts of the Raptors game breakdown on nights when CB4 wants to dominate the ball on offence. Triano needs to feel the pressure the rest of the season because the pieces ARE there. I would take this team over the 47 win team from 3-4 years back. Jay needs to get more energy out of these guys.

Dec 17th, 2009

Loving the blowouts. Keep it up boys...

Dec 16th, 2009

I think it's bullshit that we've played the most games in the nba with a ton of back to backs. What happens later with the schedule, we sit for like 2 weeks while everyone else gets into the playoff picture? It isn't an excuse for the raptors play, but it's still rubbish.

Fire Triano. Put him back on the assistant staff. Play him at PG. I don't care, but he cannot be our head coach. This is one bandwagon I am not getting off of.

Dec 16th, 2009

To quote a classic post by yd tonight>>

"LOL what a mess BC has made of this team, and what a terribly overrated GM he is. He and Triano's only distinction is one was lucky enough to sign Nash and the other to coach him for a few summers. Anything else these 2 clowns have done pre and post Nash has been embarassing and incompetent.

Also LOL at people saying we should blow up this team, BC has pretty much been blowing up this team every summer. Now we're stuck with 3 horrid contracts with Jose, Hedu and Bargs and BC chomping at the bit to add a 4th in giving Bosh a gazillion dollars to save him the embarassment of being known as the guy who caused Bosh to leave at season's end. Yeah let's give Bosh all that money and continue with this legendary "core' for the next few years. BC will be long gone by then anyways, at least hopefully he is.

BTW Barg's defense was so awful tonite it defies description. I've never seen a guy look so lost after 4 seasons in the league but then again why does he give a ****. Like Jose he gets a ridiculous contract for a half season of results and now whatever motivation he had is long gone. Then again Triano gets a contract for a half season of doing nothing so it could be worse."
-Yosemite Dan via RealGM

couldnt have said it any fkn better myself

Dec 14th, 2009

Why are we talking about trading Calderon? Him and Jack do well together, no egos there, they can co-exist, Jack and Jose are class acts, they just want to win!!! What other teams have solid PGs backup/starer, either one of them can start, coach's dream!!! Plus DeMar can handle the ball (did anyone see him in the 3rd (i think) where he danced around all 5 Rockets but missed the lay-up(had that gone in, WoW)!!!!

Why can't we consider trading Turkoglu/Wright/Belinelli/O'Bryant, say to a team like Portland, that wanted Turkoglu so bad! I mean, Turkoglu would absolutely hate the Raptors. I would love to see guys like Outlaw/Pryzbilla/Fernadez/Batum, when they become healthy! I mean they all can play D, super athletic (not Pryzbilla) but he would be solid at C(if CB leaves FA)or not, we can start him and have Bargs do whatever he wants at PF knowing Pryz will clean house! All these guys can shoot the 3, and Portland gets a guy they been wanting!!! I mean, is it wrong to say maybe the Turkoglu signing was a mistake? Just throwing it out there.


Dec 11th, 2009

Well, that game played out just about as expected.

This team is about as good with their chemistry as I was in grade 11. (i got a 30% on the first test, and dropped that son of a bitch so fast!)

Dec 8th, 2009

The one thing that scares me as a fan is seeing the Raptors sneak into the playoffs and get hammered in the 1st round. That's a worst case scenario since Miami gets our upcoming draft pick and Bosh may well leave in the off-season in search of a better supporting cast, or just a change of scenery. If that happened, and right now I think it's fairly likely, the Raptors are left with no picks (unless a S & T gets one) and a bunch of money tied up in a team without a star, whether a "franchise player" or something slightly less.

That's why you consider trading Bosh. This team may be mired in mediocrity despite his talents, not because. (New Orleans really looks like it will have the same problem with Chris Paul.) But you probably still have to blow a team like that up and start fresh, through the draft.

And yes, if I'm right, it's on Colangelo, although he might be as qualified as anyone (outside of San Antonio's management) to clean up his own mess.

Dec 5th, 2009

whether they won or lost was a different team b/c of the chat. this is hopefully the tsn turning point. you ever had the silent treatment with a friend? nothing happens and the vibe keeps going south the longer you don't speak honestly. the team finally spoke honestly for the first time, owned up to their job descriptions that pay them millions, and have now opened the doors to finding their identity. win or lose, i like what happened within the saw the change, the effort, the diving...and it is great that they's a whole new ball-club hopefully.

Dec 2nd, 2009

Triano is out of his element. Every other coach is playing chess, he's playing tic tac toe.

Dec 2nd, 2009

Give me 20 min of playing time, I'll get you 4 offensive boards, 2 steals, 2 blocks, 8 points, (4 fouls).. and a win. #FreeAmir #Hustle

yertu damkule
Dec 1st, 2009

what, pray tell, would you suggest he do? pass up his shots? focus all energy & attention to defense & rebounding? become the player he was with the olympic team? i guess you can look at it as 'padding' his stats, and i'd be inclined to agree with you...if, that is, he was looking entirely at padding his offensive stats. but he's doing the tough stuff...he's banging in the post, he's working, he's showing some effort. he's putting himself out there to be dunked on & kneed in the sack. i mean, let's be honest...bargnani never would have let pierce dunk on him, let alone knee him. of course, that's because he wouldn't have been in the picture. but yeah, let's quibble over WHY bosh is putting up the numbers. it's easier to do that than focus on the guys are doing DIDDLY FUCKING SQUAT.

Nov 30th, 2009

I think, from now onwards, I will prefer the Punjabi commentary compared to the Devlin drivel.

Nov 30th, 2009

I think everyone should calm the f*** down. Phoenix is one of the top teams in the league. I think we did a decent enough job on defense. Not good exactly, but not terrible for this team. It was our offense that failed, and I hate to go all smitch here, but we just needed to make shats. If we had shot our normal percentage from 3, we would have won the game. And our misses weren't due to great D on phoenix's part, for the most part they came in the flow of the offense and we just missed 'em. Bosh did a great job on the boards, Bargs was good enough, and Turk just had an off game.

To quote Walter Sobchek: Nothing is fucked here, dude. Nothing is fucked.

Nov 27th, 2009

Just two totally different teams with two totally different philosophies:

Boston - defense

Raptors - offense

Defense wins championships but you can always steal a game in November shooting the lights out, which is a best case scenario for the Raps tonight (and every other night of the season).

Why would the Celtics trade Perkins for Bargs? It makes absolutely zero sense for Boston, and Raps fans are too in love with Bargs to evaluate the trade for what it is. Boston wouldn't do the trade but I"m telling you Colangelo would think long and hard about it.

Perkins is the most underrated center in the league. D-Howard himself says Perkins gives him the most problems.

Perk would also be an amazing complimentary player alongside Bosh as Perk is MORE THAN HAPPY to take opportunistic FGA (as opposed to Bargs who needs the ball/to score in order to be effective).

Question: When Bosh settles for an 18-foot jumper and Bargs is beyond the perimeter who has a prayer in grabbing an offensive rebound? The answer is nobody and that's why the Raps have been amongst the basement dwellers in rebounding.

The worst part about tonight is that it's lose-lose for Toronto.

If they lose - they're obviously digging themselves deeper and deeper below .500

If they win - the fans (and possibly even the team) will make it like a championship has just been won in November. Kind of like when Brad Miller went wild jumping around after he hit what he thought was the game winner. Expectations will once again soar through the roof and the team with 9 new faces and an all-star nearing the end of his tenure with the Raps will once again go back to their old ways (see: Raps vs. Bobcats boxscore).

Matt Nelson
Nov 26th, 2009

As a fan there are only two types of teams worth following:

1. Watching a youth movement with anticipation, growing with the players etc.
2. Watching a contender compete for a championship

In other words, we don't watch this team with anticipation of what the future will bring and we don't watch this team to see something special...a championship run.

We can't win with horrible defenders at the 1 and 5. Those are the anchor points of a defense.

That's why its time to blow this team up.

Nov 25th, 2009

I want to get hired as the raps conditioning coach, then Ima take em up to Blue Mountain and run them for 4 days straight..........this team is still outta shape and we are 16 games in point, look at Indiana's effort tonight, they all looked fresh. Comon BC, wheres the accountability!!!!!

Nov 25th, 2009

I'm not going to apologize for the Raptors defence. Bottom line is that it needs to improve. BUT, people need to stop looking at opponents PPG as a measure of the Raptors defensive efficiency. If we score 74 points in the 1st half...or if any team scores 74 points in 1 half...that means that the pace of play is fairly quick. A quick pace of play means more possessions for BOTH teams and more chances to score for BOTH teams. I believe Indiana was shooting ~42% at half-time which I'd say is not too shabby. It'd be unreasonable to think that a good defensive effort in that half should result in a 74-38 score (for example) because of simply how quickly and easily the Raps were scoring the ball.

If the Raptors control the pace of play, they're going to win games by scoring around 105PPG. It's unreasonable to think that we're going to start winning games 105-85 every night if we start to play better defence. I'd suggest that we focus more on opponents FG%, 3PTFG% and Defensive Rebounds when we discuss the Raptors defence.

Sorry for the rant...

Nov 22nd, 2009

Defense horrid once again, gave up way to many open threes when everyone knows that will bury you against a team like the magic (not to mention you would think we'd have learned from our first meeting), and the players could not be motivated to put in the effort (mainly defensive) in the final quarter.

At what point do we stop blaming the players and look directly at the coach as the cause of these shortcomings. 9 new players, it's a team wide problem, and defence was actually stressed more than anything throughout training camp. This tells me it is not a personell problem, but a coaching one.

My confidence in Triano is being chipped away at with every game.

I try not to think about this, but I can't help but wonder how things would be with Messina.

Nov 20th, 2009

Bad ref'ing is alot like a co-worker who schemes to get you fired ... until this person is set straight you gotta treat it as just another challenge to your job. You focus on the job at hand, up your game and it forces you to deliver beyond what's expected -better than expected to surmount this draw-back's not fair, it sucks and it seems impossible to watch your back against things you have no control over.
Raptors losses are marginal enough to CLEARLY have been affected by peripheral issues.
We have 6 more games to the end of the month, a mental time-set to bring it all together ... deal with the refs, work out the game, bench and coach strategies, heal the wounded and BOND as the potential power-house team that's possible for us.
We're just squeeking under the bar! There's an element to each of the up-coming games that gives us an advantage. Time to bring it on home, boys!!

Nov 18th, 2009

Did you see how hard Bosh had to work for his 32 points? I only counted 2 easy baskets for Bosh. The guy is working way too hard to get his points because NO ONE is creating shots for him. Boozer had 22 but was getting so much easier shots because his team creates them for him. Our offense sets are total garbage if Bosh has to keep creating shots from himself 20 feet from the basket.

yertu damkule
Nov 18th, 2009

since we're fascinated w/ salaries & whether guys have 'earned' their you honestly feel bargs has 'earned' that sweet little extension? sorry dude, but i'd rather pay bosh $20M+ per knowing what he's gonna bring, than be saddled w/ bargnani's soon-to-be $10M+/yr - 5-yr deal, and having to just plain 'ole accept that he's always gonna be below average on the boards, defensively, and that his offensive game is hit or miss. see, when one's arsenal is built around the jumper, when that jumper ain't falling, and he doesn't have the mantality to focus his efforts elsewhere (D, rebounding, hustle, making those around him better, etc.), then he becomes a liability. at the very worst, if bosh's shot isn't falling, you know he's still gonna bring it on the glass, he's still going to give max effort defensively (you can question his effectiveness, but you really can't question his effort), and he's going to try to get to the line.

you can sit back & pick apart bosh's game all you like. when you show no ability to objectively critique other players (esp. your hero), it just shows that you have an agenda. critique equitably, or not at all.

Nov 16th, 2009

We hung in there with a team tied for the best record in the West. We almost won, and except for some especially boneheaded plays by ahem, our 2-guard, and some horrible shooting by Bargnani who should have pounded Frye on the inside, we could have pulled this one out.

It is disappointing because we clearly COULD have won this game but didn't. But, it is also a positive sign that we really COULD have won this game against a very good opponent.

Our defence was not atrocious, and we kept their wings from getting into the game by some nice chases off the three-point line. Anyone who would prefer Frye to Bargnani simply needs to read Triano's quote about how much better people shoot when Nash is on the floor. You think Frye is that good when Dragic is playing?

Tough loss, but a good one.

Oh, ya, and when will Triano get Jack off of that 2-spot? There is plenty of minutes for both of them at the PG.

Nov 14th, 2009

Nash is a special case - a rare breed (and former MVP). But even he's guilty of excessive turnovers as well.
The Davis example (or other risk takers like Arenas and AI) is interesting. Should Jose take more risks and hopefully generate easy baskets?
Usually this leads to much higher turnovers as well. I've been trying to find the data, but a turnover have a higher negative value than that extra assist has positive value. I.e. the extra assist equals 2 points. A turnover means a) you team missed about 1 point on avg (shooting ~50%) and the other team likely made 1 point on avg (I'm betting this is a little higher than 50%, since a decent # of turnovers lead to 2 on 1s, open layups etc - although many are travels etc that lead towards ~50% shooting).
"Look at Baron Last night with some of his dishes into the paint that has led to dunks by the guys."
Baron is a great example. He had 7 assists (whoops Jose had 9!) and 4 turnovers (Jose had zero).
A *very* simple way to look at this is:
Baron's contribution: 17 pts + 7 assists (+14 pts) - 4 TO (-8 pts or more) = 23 pts "influenced" if you will.
Jose's contribution: 18 pts + 9 assists (+18 pts) - 0 TO = 36 pts "influenced".
I'll take "safe" Jose any day of the week.
Oh, Nash (on avg this year): 17.1 pts + 11.8 assists (+23.6 pts) - 4.2 TO (8.4 pts) = 32.3 (so using my very simple method - no better than Jose's performance last night)
Obviously, I have to confirm that a turnover is "worth" 2 points, but I hope the logic is sound (or reasonable at least). And I'm also ignoring rebounds, FG% and other contributions.
(BTW, completely agree with you on AB - had a nice night scoring the ball, but hurt us on TOs, didn't really pass the ball for easy scores and didn't change the possession (or maintain it) by rebounding - only 2 boards all game)

Nov 11th, 2009

As of now Derrick Rose is NOT one of the more athletic guards in the league.

He has a bum ankle that will not permit him to plant and drive. At no point vs Denver did he even try to turn the corner and drive. Often moving backwards and sideways to create space for himself.

Rose did get 10 points in the 4th quarter on 4 made jump shots. But without him disrupting the defense, the Bulls offense is stagnant. Probably why the Bulls can't score this year.

Good news for Calderon and Jack. Just keep a hand in his face and take away his space.

Nov 9th, 2009

Hate to admit it, but Hollinger and all the ESPN analysts were at half-right. This team is exactly as schizophrenic as they thought it would be.

Nov 5th, 2009

I almost ran over Leo Routins on my way to work this morning.
He was walking 2 dogs and carrying one (someone has him whipped) at 6:30 AM on Queens Quay.
Jaywalking bum.

Nov 5th, 2009

in 07 when tj ford was injured, jose stepped up and showed flashes of being an all star caliber point guard. he shot in the ballpark of .6 .5 and .9 and was recording around 14 assists per game. he cashed in on those few outstanding months, signed a multi year contract and became an nba starter. since then? he's been a hand clapping farce with pointy sideburns who couldn't keep a lampost in front of him on d.

as a starter, hes hurting us. he gets beaten by his man more often than tina turner, and on a team that plays help d like we do thats a huge problem. ben gordon looked like he was running through a layup drill in the first quarter.

unless jose proves he's the player we saw in those tj-less months, and not the one we've seen before and since, then the fact is his game is best suited to being a backup. his offense is predictable but nearly risk free, and if he can catch the defense napping then he's capable of scoring off the drive. as it stands today, antoine wright and jarrett jack form our best backcourt duo, and hopefully triano starts giving them the according minutes.

Nov 3rd, 2009

Sometimes, defence is innate. Shane Battier is good at D because he wants to play D and he is committed to it.
Jose can't because he doesn't have the athleticism.
Bargs doesn't because he doesn't view it as a priority. Hitting threes is his priority.

So for Jose, it's not really about commitment because he just can't stay with guys like OJ mayo.
For Barg, it's about willingness.

yertu damkule
Nov 2nd, 2009

fun with numbers:

15. total fouls this season for bargnani.
15. total rebounds this season for bargnani.

can he keep it up?

sweeeeet. currently tied for 31st in rebounding...among centres. of course, he's played more minutes (by far) than any of the guys around, it's actually even less impressive (and you thought that wasn't possible...har!).

but hey, he caught fire in the 3rd, and even looked interested in playing for a while. so it's all good.

i wonder - would anyone here who plays ball actually enjoy having him as a teammate? he only seems motivated when his shot's falling, he's hit or miss game to game, and despite the fact we know he has excellent passing skills, they're on display so infrequently i'm beginning to wonder if he realizes he actually has teammates when he gets the ball. for some reason, he's concluded that the only way he can contribute is by scoring, and that's clearly his focus on nearly every possession.

i play with a guy who reminds me of VL...he's a chucker. you know with 95% certainty that if he touches the ball on offense, he's gonna fire up a shot. he's almost always the last guy back on D, the first guy to leak-out on a shot, and ventures in the key to rebound or defend every 15 minutes or so. he's there for one reason - to get his. i'm not suggesting he (bargs) is that guy (yet), but he's getting closer. i love hearing from the fanboys about how he had a 'great' game - LOOK AT ALL THOSE POINTS!! faaaantastic.

Nov 1st, 2009

Do not blame the players. Blame the coach.
Decisions on which players play with which players
have decided these losses.
Wright is a starter. Playing Calderon and Jack together
doesn't work. Running the pick and roll from the top doesn't
work. Choose a side.
Why doesn't Toronto do what Orlando did last year.
Hedo pick and roll with Bosh and Bargnani playing the role of
How about Weems. Didn't he prove in pre-season he deserves
a look. At least a chance. What kind of dumb a## coach doesn't
give a player a chance when he preforms well.
Defense wins. Isn't that true. But the coach is choosing to play
offensively over defensively.
How many times does this coach look at film. At the end of the game Bosh
isn't the "get a basket player". Unbelievable the Raptors are still
doing that.
These are coaching decisions not player decisions.

Oct 29th, 2009

The reason he didnt get 10 out of 10 is because his shooting was brutal. If they lost this game, people would have pointed to Bosh and his FG percentages. I agree his rebounding was huge, but 28 points on 15 shots in 29 minutes is even more huge. If Bosh wasnt 6-17, then his rating would have been higher. In the end who cares what there rating was, the team won and thats all that really matters.

Oct 26th, 2009

How am I feeling at the end of this preseason? I am feeling skeptical that Bosh and Bargnani can work together on the defensive end, and that we are going to get schooled for the first little while. Not having a single back-to-the-basket scorer will cause problems for getting our wing players into the mix on the offensive end (i.e. kick-outs are easier when you are already facing other players).

I feel way pessimistic, probably far more than I should. I don't think that the trade for JO was the wrong idea (i.e. two big men that can bang and board, and JO was meant to be a low-post presence) I just think that JO was too old, and too much of a blackhole.

I was high on Bosh and Bargnani being able to work their shit out - but so far I have not seen them both on the same page.

Oct 22nd, 2009

Of all the available options BC had this summer, which coach would have been significantly better than Triano? Any veteran coach would have surely commanded a much higher salary than Jay. Could we have gotten Eddie Jordan? Possibly. Would the on-court production have improved significantly under his watch to justify the additional salary cost? (keeping in mind that we're still paying for Sam Mitchell's salary). I think that's debatable.

The reality is that GM's make basketball decisions balanced with financial considerations.

I think BC hired Jay truly believing he would produce a winning season. I just can't fathom otherwise - especially during such a pivotal year where a bad season will most certainly result in the loss of your franchise player.

Oct 20th, 2009

The team needs some type of "character" considering how lame the people were last year during the Ukic era. Trash talking is pretty dumb when the guy can't back it up well, but Antoine sure set his own bar very high if he wants to be the main trash talker, he better back it up.

Oct 18th, 2009

Guys, bicep curls are useless. I am a personal trainer and I never recommend curls. Isolation excersises are an issue of vanity. For clients serious about strength I advise the following: bènch press, dips, shoulder press, squats, deadlifts, pull ups and chin ups. True strength comes from compound exercises. Deadlifts, chin ups and pull ups will hit the biceps hard enough to grow them if you do care about vanity. Strength comes from the core. It is pretty funny to see guys in the gym hitting their biceps all the god damn time. You can also tell who ignores compounds. 155 pound guys who can bench 220 and do do 20 chin ups with a 35 pound attached weight, demonstrate real strength. You think bruce lee did bicep curls?

Oct 18th, 2009

I always find it amusing that how one incident could completely change the outcome of things. Vince carter's final shot on game 7 of conference semifinals to win us the series, and send the Raptors to the conference finals for the first time in their franchise history. Had he made that shot, god knows how different our franchise would be. Vince's number could have been retired, and Vince could have been the "Legendary Raptor" to be remembered forever. God, this all sounds like a phony epic movie, but this one is real!

Oct 16th, 2009

["... the comment by Jay about how it was positive that we made them shoot from the outside, and how the next step is to deny that. ..."]

Last year we complained that teams scored too easily in the paint. Yet the manner in which the latest game is being reviewed, the emphasis has swung the other way. Apparently the Nuggets scored too much from beyond the perimeter.

In checking Raptor stats, the OPP % for 3 pointers is, or was, at .289. On this given night, Houston was popping them in at a 56.5 % clip. An unattainable average -- at least season wide. As George Bush would say ... not gonna happen.

And Hedo ... 1st game. Bosh 3rd game, but 2nd in a row -- with increased time from his first game. 11 min - 19 min - 28 min ... the latter being the second night of a back-to-back.

I think we forget what pre-season is all about. PRACTICE. MAKE MISTAKES. NO BIG DEAL. And, as FAQ pushes, it`s a lot of new guys.
But, think of a baseball player not trying a new pitch, cause ... well ... it`s a game. And if we don`t win them, people will think bad things - pre-season be damned.

I`m liking these exhibition games, not for resolving the gelling issue - that will take some of the regular season period - but to see guys like Weems, and Amir. Guys who might be that guy off the bench, when a specific position suffers an injury. I`d like to know we have adequate reserves, no matter how deep the pool.

Calderon, Hedo, Bosh, Andrea, and whoever, will find their way. At times I think we`re tainted by last year`s experiment, when we picked up another big. It was a position that wasn`t that weak -- not by the standards of our wings, that is. And we got excited. I know I got excited, not for JO coming, but because it offered Andrea a break. Or a chance to regroup. Possibly, so did BC.

We know we`re not going to the big game, so why act like we should. I want to do well this year, but if advancing the troops means taking some risks, and playing the newer guys, then so be it. Long term can be hard to swallow -- unless you`re a Leaf fan -- but the truth is, getting there, watching the younger guys gain their ability, is what makes winning that much more pleasurable.

The real games are coming. That`s when I`ll get hostile. And probably break my covenant, not to get po`d at one of the new guys when he does something stupid.

As for Jay, blame him for this year. Not last.

RapthoseLeafs (for suffering this long)
And by the look of this year ... a real long suffering.


Oct 13th, 2009

You know, any time I can remember a player being out with injury so that they don't play any games, something has consistently happened. I've seen it happen with Bosh, repeatedly; I saw it last year with JO, we saw it with Ford. It's that they play bad for a while when they come back. We know Jose took the entire summer off, and didn't play basketball before training camp.

So why is this not discussed at all? Why is the speculation that he's 'saving himself'. Isn't the OBVIOUS explanation completely consistent with what we've seen so far? Is there some reason you don't buy it?

It's kind of funny to me, because even after the first game, I was hearing "I know he hasn't played all summer, but you know he really sucked." Well, yeah, duh. Isn't that basically saying "Well, I have every reason to expect him to play bad, and boy, am I SHOCKED at his bad play!". Where's the surprise? He's STILL played better than Jack -- maybe it's your impression Jack is 'more in control of the offense' but Jack has shot terrible and turned the ball over way more than I want.

But even with Jack, I don't care that much yet. Why? There's ANOTHER explanation for why Calderon (and Jack) might be playing bad: we've talked a lot about how this is a team of totally new guys who have no idea how to play together. How is that going to come out? Is it going to affect rebounding? Athleticism? Or is it going to show up with PG's turning over the ball and getting crappy statlines because nobody is comfortable with the offense yet?

So seriously, with Jose and Jack I'll be concerned exactly when the regular season starts.

Oct 12th, 2009

there is a tight battle already brewing for the back-up 3 and the 4 positions and wright hasnt even been thrown into the mix yet. We have a few players with individual talents but none that has yet to show the complete package. our key to sucess in the back-court will consist of a strong balance of athleticism and basketball IQ. it would be nice for derozan to further develop with his athletecism with wrights basketball IQ and with sonny's activeness. the bad thing about it is that good things take time.....

Oct 8th, 2009

Fortunately for us, math does not work that way. Here is how it actually works:

(p * 1) + (p * 1) = p * (1+1)

And p is the percentage change of the shot going in. Since we know that 1+1 = 2, then shooting two free-throws at 59% is the same as shooting a single two-point shot at 59% (or one three-point shot at 39.3%).

Oct 7th, 2009

Vince was the single most exciting athlete I've ever cheered for as my hometown player

Oct 1st, 2009

Confidence is a huge issue in sports, especially in basketball. In the NBA, that's why you see players go on hot streaks, good teams coming back in the fourth quarter to win, and shitty players playing awesome for a fluke game (Roko in S.A.).
As for the newly aquired players, it's going to be hard to underachieve as much as they did last year. There's way more depth so way more compitition between the players. In all basketball teams I've played on this always translates to more effort on the court, which is something we didn't see last year. Now I'm not saying I've played in the NBA or anything but the same principles should apply.

Sep 26th, 2009

"This scenario is not unlikely to re-occur with the Raptors."

I had to read this sentence three times. It's almost a triple-negative.

Sep 20th, 2009

Euro basketball compared to NBA basketball is very different, but that has to do with the rule differences.

Difference #1) In Euro basketball you can play hardcore Zone D. Perfectly legal. So dribble penetration, especially clean looks at the rim in the paint are hard to come by. Also, you can't really islolate a defender in Zone D.

Difference #2) The 3 point line is closer in Euro. This, combined with zone defense, allows the defense to not get 'stretched' making it even harder to penetrate as you defend from 3-point line and in.

Because of Zone D and not being able to penetrate easily or isolating, the offense depends heavily in movement off the ball, screens, and quick ball rotation to find a hole in the D and to get a clean look at the rim.

I'm only pointing out some obvious differences to help you get a better understanding at why the NBA and Euro basketball are played so differently. Hope it helps.

Sep 13th, 2009

I kind of like the fact we have so many new faces.

The culture on this team had to change. I don't really want to hear the old excuses.

So I can't fault Bryan for tossing last years team to the curb. If it wasn't him, I would want his replacement to do the same.

This situation also pushes Bosh and Jose to come into training camp with incentive to adjust to their new teammates. So this camp will require a little more focus from those two. I think that is a good thing! Believe it or not, Vets like to prove a thing or two to rookies as well, new faces sometimes have a positive effect on competition and renewed commitment to responsibility.

Andrea... umm, not his greatest fan, but I hope that the new guys on the team give him an incentive to be more assertive and leave his rookie shell in the past.

Sep 4th, 2009

While starting DeRozan would certainly be beneficial to his individual development, the team will suffer through the opening months from October through to the end of November due to the strong wing play of our opponents. Jay Triano's job is to find a balance between player development and winning games, and this year that balance has shifted more towards winning games and being competitive as this year will determine the future of Toronto's franchise for years to come. Plain and simple, we need to get out of November at around or slightly below .500 to be competitive.

Now if it so happens that DeRozan shows excellent defensive prowess in training camp I'd have no problem with starting him, but it's not likely that he'll be able to confidently defend the likes of LeBron, Mayo, Vince, etc.. as a rookie wing.

Most likely Wright starts, with Belinelli backing up the SG spot. DeRozan backs up Hedo at the three, possibly sharing minutes with Wright IF he's not that polished yet.

Aug 28th, 2009

I can't believe that 8 people voted for Carlos Rogers over Mo Pete. It's proof that Carlos and his family are loyal followers of this blog!

Mike D
Aug 24th, 2009

4 offseasons ago when we signed BC, did you really think we would find ourselves in this position four years down the road? Coming off a 33 win season and reading a post by Arsenalist about how we still don't really know what we have? I'm trying not to be negative, but I sure have been disappointed by BC a lot in the past. I thought we would have at least won a playoff series by now, considering that 4 years ago he inherited Bosh, Calderon and the #1 pick. I guess we've added Turks under his regime. Could many other GMs done better with 4 years of time to work? I say yes. If that's a negative opinion and not a practical one, I guess I can live with that.

Aug 20th, 2009

There is not one reader/blogger on this site who know enough about the play of Banks or Carroll to offer a sound judgement.

Two weeks ago we all said Banks is untradable - well BC got rid of himn for someone who, if still with us, contribute more than what Banks would of.

Anyone concerned about the length of Carrolls contract has not been paying attention to the BC years.

Aug 20th, 2009

Carroll to provide leadership to Marco is like
Yogi Stewart brought in to provide leadership to POB and Johnson.

Aug 18th, 2009

This whole POB business was probably Colangelo's worst move of this marvelous summer. (Its good when the worst move involves the 15th man on the roster)

Wasn't his contract 'not guaranteed'? I guess BC figured he needed a Persian Flaw.

Aug 17th, 2009

The Bosh critique which includes a reference to "team defense" is where you make your best point. Individual defense works only for short periods. A long season and frequent lagging by teammates on defense takes its toll on the good individuals. Remember Bosh had a terrific Olympic tournament defensively. It was a short stint and everyone must have been committed to the switches etc.

In the context of the above you could have mentioned a "thumbs" rating on coaching of a system and holding individuals accountable especially now that the team have viable backups.

Tom L
Aug 12th, 2009

I'll admit that's a tad embarrassing - his eFG5 on DUNKS is 76% (
I mean, you know, those rims move on you sometimes and all those camera flashes in your eyes, its tough to shoot a high percentage from zero inches.

Aug 11th, 2009

Hollinger is one of those losers who stares at stats all game rather then actually watching games. i can guarantee he hasn't watched a raps game in 4 years. dont take anything he says seriously. If you disagree with him hell make some elaborate formula to prove your wrong while he hides behind his laptop while avoiding the sun. Vampire

Macy O'Baston
Aug 7th, 2009

Not to mention that suggesting Pops, O'Bryant, and Brezec were brought in for their 'toughness' is a complete misrepresentation of those moves. They were all midseason acquisitions, 2 of them involved trading disgruntled/highly ineffective players and the other was signed during a lost season. They were certainly not part of any scheme or vision, simple pawning off one unusable asset for another.

"He's got everything but playoff success" - I guess those conference championships in PHX have been disallowed. Were there recruiting violations? Plus, we all know about the terribly timed bad luck that seemed to hit the team come playoffs.

Further, to say his philosophy now 'starts at the defensive end' is ridiculous. Sure, he may consider defense more now than he did in the past (although that's certainly debatable), it's impossible to argue that his moves originate from a defensive perspective. Bargnani, Bosh, Calderon, Hedo? The 4 highest paid players are not what anyone would call stoppers.

If anything, Colangelo has proven to me that he can adapt. I don't believe for a second that he'd take anything over the run'n'gun, but his tools here don't favour that system so he's built a more half-court team that still has the ability to break out when the opportunity is presented.

Aug 4th, 2009

Don't mean to throw cold water on the upcoming bball season, but epidemiologists are predicting a Swine Flu pandemic starting soon and peaking in the winter months.

As a matter of public health, governments may ban large gatherings since Swine Flu is very hard on younger people.

This would stop bball for 2009-2010 ... and the team owners would have to declare "force majeure" on all their player contracts .. which means no money for anybody. Easy on the multi-millionaires, but tough on the rookies with no paycheck unless there is some kind of player's emergency fund.

I suppose, the games could be played in empty gyms with players wearing masks or something .. and only televised games .. pay-per-view undoubtedly.

No Raptors ... no Leafs ... nothing ... Let us Pray ...

Jul 30th, 2009

I like the Singleton suggestion, but waiving Banks does not take is salary off the books. It would serve no purpose other than freeing up a roster spot that we cannot really afford to fill with anyone but a vet-minimum player. Trading Banks is the only option. He could be worth more next season with his expiring contract. Our best tradeable assets at this point are Delfino in a sign-and-trade, and Douby and Ukic. Though Im not quite ready to tie a can to Ukic yet, but if he can be part of a deal that would get us a backup SF who can rebound and play D, it would be worth considering.

Jul 28th, 2009

Why would we need energy during garbage time!?

Jul 28th, 2009

The Vince thing is getting old, well pretty old actually, but the big big problem about last year is that our home games (including the one that Vince dunked the game winner) did not give any of our boos any merit due to the fact that our team blew 20 pt leads and just simply lost those both games. I won't tell Toronto to stop booing Vince, they should still because it is fun, but I just didn't want to boo along anymore that year when the case-at-hand was that our team just EPIC fails right in-front us. I know we actually might distract our own team and give VC a boost by booing, but our team has to know that they have a job to and they have to win the game no matter what the fans say!

Jul 25th, 2009

Regarding Joey Graham:

If you compare Graham and Delfino's Per 36 mins. numbers from their last seasons in the NBA, it goes like this:

Graham: 13.9 Pts, 6.8 Rebounds, 1.1 assists, .542 TS%
Delfino: 13.8 Pts, 6.7 Rebounds, 2.7 assists, .527 TS%

One is an average defender, has a damaged shoulder and is asking for 5M/year.
One is a good defender, makes highlight reel dunks and could be had for the 1.3M veteran minimum.

I'll take Joey G. any day.

Jul 23rd, 2009

Calderon is not good at playing off the ball. He can catch and shoot from outside the arc. That's it. He doesn't cut, he doesn't come off screens well, he doesn't do much of anything when he doesn't have the ball in his hands.

Jul 21st, 2009

Never believe anything about Summer League.
Never quote anyone from TSN if it has to do with basketball.

Wait 'til training camp and then it will be clear.

Elliot Ness
Jul 21st, 2009

If you look at last years stats, there's a clear correlation between Bosh being "run ragged" and averaging 25 and 11. I agree with Arse's point about Bosh risking the loss of his quickness should he try to bulk up too much but, more importantly, that quickness is going to fade as he ages anyways.

Bosh is a jump-shooting PF who is able to shine right now because he also happens to be quicker than others. Those qualities alone are not what I find attractive in a power forward unless at least one of his SF and C bookends are the heavy-lifting type.

Also, the KG/Bosh comparison should be done away with. While Bosh said early on that he modelled his game off of KG's, there remain glaring differences. For one, KG has a much better back-to-basket game than...well, Bosh doesn't really have much of one to speak of actually. That same style of offense also allowed KG to become a much more proficient passer than Bosh, thus a better distributer. Finally, Garnett's defense has been dominant at times, while Bosh has NEVER dominated at that end of the floor, nor has he ever been nearly as physical in his play as KG.
I'm annoyed by KG's antics as much as the next guy, but the Bosh comparison doesn't come close to ringing ture, in my opinion.

Jul 16th, 2009

We should be focusing more specifically on defensive rebounding. Crappy defensive rebounding will kill any team. That's not necessarily the case with offensive rebounding though. You can offset crappy offensive rebounding with an efficient or explosive offensive attack (which I think we're capable of), and still be successful. Just as long as you lockdown the defensive boards. Just look at last year's Magic team or the contending Spurs and Suns teams of the past few seasons for examples.

In that respect, I'm more optimistic about Andrea Bargnani. He's always been a non-existent offensive rebounder, but last year he was a fairly decent defensive rebounder. He doesn't let players rebound over him like in his rookie year and our guards/forwards rebound better because he makes an effort to box out every possession. What he needs to do is become more assertive and have better anticipation this year. It's not enough to box out and let your teammates grab the board. He's strong and athletic enough to take his man out of the play and get that ball himself.

Brian Gerstein
Jul 13th, 2009

I think his vertical leap is negative.

The Ambiguous Pedestrian
Jul 12th, 2009

oh contraire mon frere,

I think we do need him. Calderon is liable to go down this season for several games, if not games in double figures. Ukic is third string material. We will be over paying for Jack, but if he has a year like he did this last past, we could have a point guard tandem that could be a stable of this franchise long into the future.

I think its risky, considering the cap, but ultimately I think this makes us a much better team

Jul 9th, 2009

What a sweet trade. When I looked and saw BC turned Marion's quickly decaying corpse and Humphires (whose offensive rebounding will be missed, tho not his offensive choices) into Antoine Wright and the 5th guy on that Lakers team, well I almost shit myself.

Antoine Wright is a very good player, a good defender on the wing, cheap AND young. Really? We got him?

Joel Anthony as backup center? He's not great but he's a hometown boy...Rasho "The Human Iceberg" will cost too much.

Brevin Knight as backup PG? I watched a Clippers-RAps game last year at the ACC and the guy is still really quick & very smart.

Still need a decent 3 as a backup tho could still go small as a backup unit, rotate bosh and bargs at the center with ukic, derozen and some combo of delfino/evans/pops.

Jul 7th, 2009

This trade, if it happens, is simply BC doing a favour for Marion, his Agent, and the Mav's, at no impact to the Rap's except possibly some cash or draft picks, as they cannot take on salary and sign the Turk.

It allows the Mav's to aquire Marion, and gives him more money than the MLE from someone, as the Mavs are using their MLE to offer Gortat, a RFA of Orlando a contract.

There may or may not be a possibility for BC to expand the situation to
include someone else to make cap room to sign FA's.

Jul 4th, 2009

Toronto... "where signing semi-washed up Euros happens"..."and the fans are happy about it". 44 wins & the 6th seed, let's get 'em baby!

Jul 1st, 2009

I like the back-up PG situation if Delfino signs. Another dude on the ball along with Parker and Rokoko is good enough for stretches as long as Uno, Dos 3 is healthy.

10 mil would be worth the money to see the Turkish Jordan hit game winning shots and wag his tongue. Oh yeah, his little jig is priceless.

Rasho's son is Canadian and he would love to come and play in TO again. Plus, he probably knows the Canadian national anthem. That's definetly worth a strong consideration.

Parker isn't going anywhere, he likes Toronto. He told me so, well maybe not me directly. But I was looking right at the TV when he said it into the camera.

Looks like Joey's days in purple, eh I mean red are done. Maybe he could fool BC by pretending to be his brother Steven.

That's what I would do.

EC 2nd round - Here we come!!

Jun 29th, 2009

if i want a carney in toronto, i'll wait for the CNE thanks!

Jun 24th, 2009

He has even said in interviews that when he was at USC he was asked to do different things every night; score, rebound, pass, play defence.

Isn't that also known as... playing basketball?

If all this kid can do is score (and that's unproven) and he needs the ball in his hands to do it (not going to happen) why is everyone so high on him?

Yea, Derozan adds some much needed athleticism, but I just can't see him coming in and having the immediate impact Vince Carter is. I find those analogies kind of strange, considering VC was a pretty darn good college player.

Flynn reminds me a lot of TJ Ford, but in a good way. And that might actually be exactly what this team needs... a TJ like pace changer -- without the drama. And neck brace.

Jun 23rd, 2009

Maybe a cap of 200 words should be used for posts

Jun 21st, 2009

But signing Bosh as a centrepiece of the Raptors whether to a max contract or something less is exactly what I believe condemns the Raptors to treadmill status or something just a little better (maybe perennial second round playoff team). The issue is how good a team can you have when Chris Bosh is, as yertu says, the alpha dog of the team. I don't think you ever make it beyond treadmill status. That's why the Stackhouse example is a good one. Bosh has to be better for him to be "the guy" on the Raptors. He is very good. He's also about as good as he is going to be and no amount of coaching is going to vault the Raptors to contender status without another genuine star player being on the team. Maybe that player is Bargnani, although I think he was drafted to replace Bosh more than complement him.

If Babcock had dealt with VC the way Kupchak dealt with Kobe, we might be singing a slightly different tune as Raptor fans. Of course, Babcock would still have had to luck out with the equivalent to the Gasol trade.

Dino Gunners
Jun 18th, 2009

I think the major support behind Derozan is the fact we have no wings signed for next year and he bring in some qualities that the Raptors need. I am unsure what I would do if I was in BC's shoes between drafting a wing like Dero or trading down. I see significant value in trading down as there are many similarly skilled players available mid to late first round. If we can pick up another late first rounder and buy one more, then thats three depth positions filled with quality at the rookie scale. Also, with a team like Toronto, it would be best to accumulate assets by trading down.

Jun 16th, 2009

DeJuan Blair to me will be the steal of the draft

Dino Gunners
Jun 14th, 2009

1. Teaching the Raptors how to play tough, fundamental defense

2. Peterson, Curry, JYD

3. Chris, you have proven to be one of the better players in the league. This front office, despite its countless mistakes, is striving to create an elite team around you. You are not in the realm of LeBron or Kobe, a player who can will his team towards a win, but you need a bit more help to get success. With that in mind, you should consider staying in Toronto and not taking the max. You are the face of the franchise and have always tried your best for Toronto. Us fans appreciate that, especially coming off of the Vince Carter ordeal. Please, please stay for less than the max and convince one of your buddies (Johnson etc.) to come over. We are a few pieces away from being an elite team.

TM Williamson
Jun 11th, 2009

The bottom line though is that the same xenophobia exhibited by members of the American media exists in the mind of American players as well. There's not a particularly legitimate reason that American FAs aren't attracted to Toronto, but unfortunately that's the way it is. Some of them view Canada as a foreign place that's a lot more different from the US than it actually is. So as frustrating as it is for us to read "why would he want to sign THERE..." stuff, what's even more frustrating is that NBA players are reading that stuff and agreeing with it, to some degree.

And the Detroit rumours have nothing to do with Bosh's willingness to play there. They are a team that could potentially offer the Raps an attractive package for Bosh. If that package is good enough, I don't think BC will be too concerned about sending Bosh to run down city or to a team with a depleted core.

Jun 9th, 2009

Reggie Evans' contract lasts for the same amount of time as Kapono's does, and is almost a couple million less in 2010-2011. So to be honest, even if Evans doesn't contribute AT ALL, I think this is a decent trade. However, I think Evans will add some rebounding and toughness and this will be a pretty good trade. The Raptors have enough shooters, but they need more rebounding and toughness, Evans adds some of that. Trading a defensively retarded turnover prone non-shooting three point specialist for someone that can do anything counts as a good trade in my books.

Jun 6th, 2009

I'm afraid all our discussions on building a team for a championship are in vain.
I think the Lakers, Celtics and Lebrons will monopolize the fight for a title over the next few years, just because of the talent level they attract and the unlimited cash their owners are ready to spend around their stars. Sure there will be second tier pretenders every year in the mould of the Magic, Nuggets and Rockets.
Ultimately, I think that the fight for the small market teams or messed up ownership teams is delusional. No more San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons. I don't even trust the Blazers to make the jump and keep all their pieces.
When it comes to the Raptors, keep Bosh.. surround him with talent, but it's not gonna be enough to go to the finals, i'm afraid.
The age of the dynasties is back!

Jun 4th, 2009

Pity the draft pick rookie being thrown into the current Ratpor roster of miscreants. The Ratpors are pregnant and ready to be blown up and reborn.

Jun 3rd, 2009

phdsteve or Arsenalist,

I will make you this standing offer, in effect until 12 noon, June 26, 2009.

I will wager that the Oklahoma Thunder neither drafts nor trades for James Hardin in the upcoming NBA Draft.

If I'm right, you owe me $100 [or a nominal amount of your own choosing].

If I'm wrong, I owe you the same $100, instead.

[If I'm wrong, I will pay you via Paypal. Likewise, if you're wrong, you will pay me the same way.]

Deal, or No Deal?

[Personally, I think that Arsenalist will decline my offer; but, phdsteve, I'm not quite so sure about you.]

Jun 1st, 2009

Why doesn't anybody ever write long articles about trading Andrea Bargnani to get Chris Bosh some real help in the middle? Does anybody really feel safe building a team around Andrea Bargnani?

I choose to build around the better player, every time. Why trade Bosh, your best player, unless he is on a downswing or you can for sure get equal value? Since when is getting even 80 cents on the dollar EVER a good trade?

The O'Neal McCoy
May 31st, 2009

If Colangelo for some stupid reason decides to sign Bosh for the full max, I will shoot myself. You're defintely right about how crippling one of those contracts can be, and Bosh is not worth the full max. I personally think we could build around Bosh, Bargs, and Calderon, but without the right pieces that can be pretty futile. A trade would be nice, but not for a player in my opinion. We should trade for picks and cap space and rebuild a la Portland or OKC. And hire a new GM, since I don't want Colangelo anywhere near a totally rebuilding team. He would probably just sign all of CKSA Moscow and think "Yep, we're contenders now!!"

May 28th, 2009

bosh's situation is similar to pau gasol's back in memphis. he was the team's best player and among the top players in the league. yes, he did lead memphis to some playoff appearances after having bad seasons, but did they ever win a playoff game? no.. they were swept in all their playoff appearances.

i think we just have to improve the whole team itself. dump the crappy players. will marion stay for less money? will bosh stay? who will we draft? what should we do with AP, joey? who will be the assistant coaches?

this should be step by step, not so high expectation. i've had it with that, and it only breaks my heart. last year, everyone expected us to be able to challenge boston in the atlantic division when we got JO. result=FAIL. so why not have a lesser expectation like, let's say... i expect the team to win at least 40 games, and HOPEFULLY, sneak in and be the 8th seed.

The O'Neal McCoy
May 25th, 2009

I'm sorry everyone. I think I just saw the light. You guys are all absolutely right. Why didn't I see it before? I mean, if you put Chris Bosh on the '95 Bulls, they never would have made the playoffs. I mean, Bosh is just such a terrible leader that that team would've imploded and Jordan would've went to baseball permanently in shame. Again, sorry you all. Chris Bosh is that bad. I'm serious, if you ever see Bosh walking towards you on a street, run the other way because he will turn you into a loser.

May 19th, 2009

See what happens when owners dick around with Stern?? Maloof's you've been served.

May 16th, 2009

Leadership is important but so is skill. Dirk has the latter in spades. Might be the most efficient offensive player in the league. And he got jobbed out of a ring by Bennett Salvatore. Admittedly, the GS loss was on him as much as Avery Johnson and the rest of the Mavs.

I'm not a Bosh supporter. Hell, if GS offers Randolph, Biedrins and one of Belinelli or Azabuike I'd make the deal even if Bosh wanted to stay. The question isn't keep him or trade him, it's what gets the Raptors the best roster. And yeah, someone on the team has to step up and lead when things aren't going their way and Bosh (and Calderone and Bargnani and everyone not named Garbojosa) has been a bit deficient there.

The Raptors don't owe Bosh a ton so they shouldn't sign him to a max deal just because he wants one and he doesn't owe the team/fans a ton either. If he goes after next year, I won't hate him for it. If the rumours are true and he really wants out right now, he did way better than Vince in giving the team a chance to get value as he walks out the door.

May 14th, 2009

Well, I will put it this way:

I give Caldy a 70 % chance to be a starter elsewhere around the NBA.
On a playoff team ? Probably only LA
On the other hand, this season show us that TJ isn't a starter in Indiana either so I still think that BC made the right call.

On Andrea: I think that he can start on at least 15 team. And I bet that when AB will become a FA, he will receive quite a number of calls, of which only one is a real risk that is NY. Great city, full of Italians, he is one of the few Center that can run.
On CB4, I think that he can replaces Gasol anytime on LA. It doesn't show it because Raps doesn't have Kobe. That is the real issue.

yertu damkule
May 12th, 2009

if it's 'essentially the same roster' in september, i'm gonna essentially walk off a bridge.

May 12th, 2009

There's no denying Triano is a very good coach with lots of international experience and lots of NBA assistant coach experience.

What will make or break this its if the players respect him, listen, buy into his koolaid and drink the koolaid - it's hard to tell from their body language whether they totally bought into him during this season.

Outside the Raptors the rest of the league is saying who the fuck is this Triano guy I ain't never heard of him.

People would rather star fuck Avery Johnson or some other unemployed coach for their name and hope it's a chemistry fit.

Unless they make a major move, this team will suck again and barely make the playoffs. And then we can all thanks the MLSE for that.

Scott G
May 4th, 2009

Ben Gordon is worth 6-7M per year, to be a BENCH scorer. His defensive and rebounding deficiencies, mostly due to his small size and questionable focus when the ball is not in his hands, are far too great for him to be an effective starting 2. Anyone wondering why Ray Allen is suddenly looking 5 years younger? Guess who was "guarding" him...

A GB4 for BG sign and trade absolutely cannot happen.

I think Wafer fits into a similar mold; he's best in the role the rockets are using him now - he comes in for 15-22 mins a night and has free rein to fire away. Any more PT than that and he starts killing the team.

As for Parker, I really hope we resign him and relegate him to a full time backup. He's tough, can shoot, can defend, and can handle the ball, but he's just not talented enough to be an elite 2. Off then bench, he's very solid.

We need a big, athletic 2. Given the assets that we currently have, there's no way we can get this sort of player in any way OTHER than through the draft. First choice is Harden, but more realistically, I say we take Tyreke Evans or DeRozan, in that order.

Btw, when are we going to see a full-blown draft preview here? Or are we waiting for workouts to get underway? It's really so hard to tell until you put these guys on the same floor...

Apr 30th, 2009

just to clarify the bargnani situation:

his nummber from January 1 (40 games) are: 19ppg, 6.5rpg 2bpg with excellent shooting %.

with less experience and a slower body, bargs already is a better defender than bosh, the wannabe mvp.

I agree: you don't trade the superstar.
but bosh is not a superstar, he has just the allure of one.

he has the same number of zach randolph. is zach mvp worthy, superstar worthy?

bosh is good. just not 133 million good.

Apr 29th, 2009

1) I don't know enough about either to make a sensible comment, but I like the idea of a 2 guard who can score in bunches.

2)I'm in the camp of keeping Bosh, but if we know he won't resign, then I agree a trade is the best way to salvage something. I've never been a big Prince fan (save for his Purple Rain stuff), but I feel it's important to get something for Bosh. There's a guy named Tayshaun on the Pistons who might be worth considering, though...

3)I hold out no hope whatsoever for Giorgios. I expect as big an impact as Uros Slokar.

As for the swine flu, I think people are getting too worked about it. The important thing is to make sure you wear a condom when making sexy time with pig and you should be just fine.

+1) I did not know Alyssa Milano was a Raptor Fan. I would be interested in testing to see if she can handle a big man down low. Or at least contain some dribble penetration as I take it hard to the rim.

wes mantoooth
Apr 28th, 2009

didnt gasol and the griz" have a 50 win season a few years back?? im not the biggest fan of bosh but the guy can ball. there are maybe 5 players in the league that can really lead a team. garnett didnt do shit in min' until he had stars around him and niether did kobe. its not on bosh to carry this team its on bc to get him players. i think we're stuck with him because we're never going to get equal value for him unless we luck out in a draft. we need to spend money on him and other players now rather then let him go and rebuild. i actually think the raps are 2 players away from competing again. trading bosh is as retarded as nunyas use of the word cunt or my run on sentences.
correction. there are 2 players maybe 3. y'all know who im talking about.

Apr 27th, 2009

I've become a tribal honking fan of the Bulls .. shouting at the TV and cursing the Celtic horde with evil spells ... it's fun because I want Chicago to bust the sucky Celts outta the playoffs ...!!!!

Nobody here watching the Bulls can say that the current Raptor roster is anywhere near the athleticism or bball IQ of the playoff Bulls ... not even close ... blow them up and start the rebuild now ... ya hear BC?? ... NOW !!!!
Apr 24th, 2009

Fantastic post. The only thing I would have added would be Bargnani's stats as compared to Dirk's per 35.8 minutes.

If you look at Bargnani's numbers shifted for 35.8 minutes as opposed to his actually of 31.4, you see some pretty remarkable stats (representing a 14% increase):

Bargnani/Dirk year 3 stats per 35.8:
STL: 0.5/0.8
BLK: 1.4/0.8
TO: 1.9/1.7
PF: 3.5/3.1
REB: 6.0/6.4
AST: 1.4/2.5
PTS: 17.6/17.5

Considering his second half stats are pulled down heavily by his horrible first half, I think Bargnani has already made the jump and is only really half a year behind Dirk in terms of progression.

Apr 21st, 2009

I don't want the Raptors to take on any salaries that go past a one year offer. Not Marion, not Delfino, not Parker, not Graham, and not the MLE (although, exceptions possible for MLE, for exceptional talents).

So, I'm against signing them. I'd like Colangelo to rescind the club's rights to each player.


Under Colangelo's plan -- of signing these players, and keeping Bargnani.

Under that plan, yes, great idea from Chisholm. A declining contract would give the Raptors more cap flexibility in the years they need it, and would give Marion relatively better trade value. It's an excellent idea.

Under Colangelo's plan, the team's attention should switch to 2011 as the earliest possible time to have any cap flexibility. When Kapono, Banks, and Hump come off the books and free up $15mil. Still, if you have Bosh, Bargnani and Calderon, those guys will eat up most of the cap by themselves .... even in this scenario, a third year on any one of Colangelo's signings from this summer (including Marion) could be very damaging.

But yeah, I think a declining contract for Marion is much better than a flat or increasing contract.


Will Colangelo give Shawn Marion a declining contract? I don't think so.

If Colangelo continues with his plan, which prioritizes winning as much as possible next season, then he's best off having the lowest possible contract figure this season. The lower contract figure will help him sign more players -- Marion + Delfino + Parker + (Graham?) + MLE + LLE -- a larger first year contract for Marion may take one of those players/options off the table.

The only virtue to Colangelo's plan is the 2009/10 season. Under his plan, the Raptors should win more games. The more talented players he's able to add to the roster this summer, the better his plan looks. Therefore, a larger first year Marion contract doesn't suit his needs.

Then again, Colangelo might not execute his plan well .... so there's some hope Marion gets a declining contract.

Apr 19th, 2009

Bosh is a nice offensive player, but if he were in the type of market he’s looking for and playing on national TV all the time, nobody would be talking $133 mil for the guy. You’re judged by wins and losses, and superstars take over games which are up for grabs. They will their teams to victory… on both ends. Half our losses this season have been up for grabs. Bosh does not do that. He’ll make a big block or grab a big board, but not THE big block or THE big board. He doesn’t hit the big shot, because it’s usually a bad shot in stead of driving. We lose games superstars win.

If these games were on TNT, everybody would know this: You can’t ride Bosh to victory, so he’s not a superstar. If he’s not a superstar, he doesn’t deserve $133mil from us or anybody else.
Problem is, folks have Bosh believing he IS a superstar. Our former little nerd (everybody loves nerds!) has grown up into a man who thinks he’s cool, funny, and a leader. He used to know that he needed to get better, now he’s resting on the same game which peaked three years ago. Losing doesn’t seem to shake that new self-image, so nothing will. WE take HIM for granted? M-V-P, bud. He’ll never hear that anywhere else, other than his own foolish mouth (THAT’s the day this season ended). Even Lebron and DWade are defending well these days, or at least when it counts. And Kobe always has.

Bosh is good enough to be 2nd best player on a team, but he doesn’t have the all-around skills to be a good 2nd banana for a winner. Bosh as a 2nd banana would be exactly like JO as 2nd banana, useless without the ball and stopping it dead when he gets it- forcing shots because he’s got to “get going”. Bosh is not Pau Gasol, he can’t make plays for anybody. Bosh is a face-up big who looks at the rim, not the rest of the team like a post-up guy, and who doesn’t pass or catch particularly well but NEEDS the ball to be effective. He’ll get you 20 points with the most touches, but what is he going to do to help DWade and LeBron? And defensively? He’s a brutal man defender, and he doesn’t have the base or balance to ever get better. His help D is spotty at best. His overall impact as 2nd banana might actually be less than JO’s, and teams will be asking the same question: 20 million per, for this? For a #2 guy who can’t play with my #1 guy?

Think our boy is headed for a career of being the best player on a bad team, or mashed together with other stars in a series of failed experiments. It’ll be fair, because that’s his game and he’ll still be rich.

Apr 15th, 2009

Dear BC,

Extend Bosh to whatever he wants - he cant be replaced and trading him for prospects will give you $0.50 on the dollar. Hopefully he shows class and takes 15ish per year.

Extend Bargs - do it before he commands big bucks. Hopefully he'll take 10ish per year.

Resign Marion and Parker - Marion for 6-8 per would be best and parker (6th man) for 3/per and since both are on the decline make sure to keep the contracts relatively short.

Sign the best ballhandling SG that you can get for the mid-level to push Parker out of the starting spot.

Buy as many late first and early 2nd rounders you can get your hands on - preferably 3+.

Apr 15th, 2009

from Bill Simmons' column

"37. Chris Bosh
From my 2005 Trade Value column: "The runaway winner of the 2005 Shareef Abdur-Rahim Award, given annually to a tantalizing young star on a losing team who everyone assumes will keep getting better and better, when the reality is that he's close to hitting his ceiling already, and his numbers look so good mainly because he was playing 35-40 minutes a game on a bad team. Remember I told you this when Bosh is making $15 million a year on a 22-win Toronto team five years from now, and he's the subject of 370 trade rumors before the 2009 draft." Just call me Nostrasimbo."


Apr 13th, 2009

best quote i have heard all year:

"Just because we're good on paper right now doesn't mean anything," Bosh said. "It would be a shame and a waste of this season to do the same thing next season."

Raptors Freak
Apr 11th, 2009

Man I didn't even know that they did a "Boogie" night tonight.
Between the TSN2 debacle, the Jays rain-out affecting the radio(good to know the Jays are now are over the Raptors like curling), and the fact that the season is almost over the team is playing for nothing now, how am I supposed to know that they were honouring only my favorite Raptor ever!

Fuck you MLSE!

Apr 9th, 2009

Ford, Hibbert, Nesterovic and HO traded for 4 points and a gambler? BC is the saviour of this franchise.

Sign Carl English
Apr 7th, 2009


I do not like Bosh. At all. I want him gone. But by paying him max you are not saying "you are worth the same as LeBron and Wade". Both of those players would get MORE than max if it was possible. Contracts in the NBA are not relative, you can't say "LeBron and Kobe get X, you are 47.8439% the player they are according to your stats, so you get that percentage of their salary."

Apr 5th, 2009

Aside from the surprising lack of touch around the basket that Marion often displays, there’s something about the quality of his play that might make him what some call the ‘glue guy’ on the floor during these last half-dozen or so games. I really like having him here and I hope we keep him.

The shooting yesterday was decidedly on the cool-ish side, especially early on but Bargnani upped his game just enough to get things going in the right direction.

You ever get the feeling that when Bargnani ‘ups his game’, he does so enough just to get it done? I do. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to … show everybody up too much. I understand (of course) how ridiculous that sounds and it’s probably just my interpreting what I see as I imagine I see it … but I’d like to see Bargs, just once, load the WHOLE team on his back (Bosh included) for a spell to see what he’s really capable of. I’m convinced there’s a whole other level there that if he knows about, he only knows unconsciously. To this point in time, anyway. Maybe playing for Italy this summer will get his blood roiling enough for him to glimpse the edge of that next level, if it is there. Good post as always.

Apr 2nd, 2009

You need to nunyaed.

Macy O'Baston
Apr 1st, 2009

Doesn't Jake comes more expensive than Jawai due to his experience? Why bring back the old guy who is good for only 6 fouls rather than the younger, cheaper, hungrier guy who's good for 6 fouls? I don't understand.

As far as O'Bryant goes: We traded a guard who would get no PT for a big man who would get no PT. We have an abundance of crappy guards, and were thin up front with Hump out and Bosh injured (when the trade happened). Why is this hard to comprehend? As far as I know Solomon had a guaranteed contract for next year, so the money is a wash. Even if it isn't, O'Bryant will count $500K against the cap next year if he's cut by July 1 (or so). This comes from Doug Smith, who doesn't post stuff he doesn't know.

Why buyout Banks? It doesn't provide any cap relief and now we have to spend on another warm body to store on the bench. I personally don't give a shit about MLSE's bottom line, and that is the only justification for cutting him, unless you think he's somehow killing the team's chemistry.

We saw what Joey could do when Garbo went down 2 years ago...he was great those last few weeks. Then he sucked last year. The reason his playing time is inconsistent is because his game is inconsistent. Now that Bargnani's improved Joey is by far the team leader in head-down-plow-through-the-defense charges. The guy's been in the league for 4 years, I think it's time we stop cutting him slack and accept him for what he is: an athlete who can't gauge his own strength and doesn't grasp the nuances of basketball.

Signing Joey is exactly the kind of move that would be widely panned when it inevitably eats into the cap. "You know what you had with him, and you still paid him $3M a year! We could've had ________ with that money!! BC is the worst manager of any business the world has ever seen!!!"

Note that this is directed at nobody in particular.

Mar 30th, 2009

Gordon is not the right man for the Raptors. He is a shooter only, another Kapono, dosen't pass the ball, dosent dribble drive to the hoop, dosent play defense. He can score but 26 shots will not be available with the Raptors for a shooting guard.

Babyface Killah
Mar 29th, 2009

Who else believes with all the winning that management and fans both might want triano and most of the roster back (like the leafs every year). If they finish the year strong and management believes that this team with a couple of minor signing (like delfino {oh god!!!}) is ready for next year who else thinks that were going to fall flat on our ass and be at the same position as this year. We need not just a roster overhaul but a change of culture starting with the coach. If not the losing ways and culture will stay with this team and we will truly become the Eastern Confernce Clippers.

Mar 28th, 2009

No team is going to trade the #1 overall pick for a Chris Bosh one year rental. I just can't fathom a GM being that short sighted, even with the history of GM stupidity in the NBA. Blake Griffin looks like he COULD be a great player in the NBA. It isn't a foregone conclusion, but the fact that he COULD be great is enough for any GM to pick Griffin #1 overall and not consider any trade for that pick except for Kobe, Lebron, Wade or Chris Paul.

I don't think you can point to the Wizards and say that they can do with Bosh, what Boston did with Garnett and Allen, like that is some sort of blueprint for success in the NBA. Boston did not trade the #1 overall pick to acquire Ray Allen. If they had the #1 pick, they would have kept it.

The only way the Raptors are getting Blake Griffin is winning the draft lottery.

Having said that, I do think Bosh could be worth a late 1st round pick + a prospect + a solid rotation player if traded to a team with serious championship aspirations next year. Orlando doing a sign and trade with Turkoglu + Courtney Lee + their 1st rounder for Bosh could benefit both teams. Also, New Orleans may consider trading Chandler + Julian Wright + their first rounder for Bosh.

I may be wrong in estimating what Bosh's value is with only one year left on his contract, but if I were a GM that thought my team was one solid player away from being a serious championship contender, I would at least consider making a move for Bosh.

Mar 27th, 2009

Bargnani is a better 'team' player than Bosh. I hate the idea of a "go-to" franchise player in game-ending desperation situations. I prefer an intelligent team effort and finding either the hot hand player or the unexpected.

Inadequate, impotent, and usually obese, tribal honking fans slobber over their 'all-star' hero and want him to be the one to crush the hated opponents ... even without the help of his teammates.

A team with 3 consistent scorer-defenders is preferable to a marquee, all-star scoring machine surrounded by scrubs. Bball is a team sport, not a hero circle jerk a la tribal honking fan delusions.

I'd rather watch the Raptors win or lose as a team, and not be dependent on a 'floor leader all-star type' to save the bacon. Bosh does not belong in Toronto any longer ... his time has run out and it's time for him to depart.

Sweet River Baines
Mar 27th, 2009

Check out what Z-BO said about Bosh:

"I'm better than Chris Bosh," he said. Told that line will make headlines, Zach gave a dismissive wave and said, "I'd tell him to his face."

Mar 25th, 2009

Well they have no rights to Marion or AP so they cant renounce them, but Joey's Qualifying offer and declinging O'Bryant's option would be a difference of 4.5 million or so. Even after doing this they would only have 12-14 million to outright spend on a Ben Gordon/Ariza/Hedo etc to fill the wing spots. Once they spend their way back to the cap they only have minimum contracts, Draft Picks, and the right to sign restricted free agents that they own rights to (most notably Delfino) and would not have the mid-level or bi-annual exceptions since they started the offseason below the cap. Either way its going to take some crafty moves and alot of money thrown at late 1st/early 2nd round draft picks to make anything more than a fringe playoff team next year (again)...

Mar 23rd, 2009

Buddy of mine is a season ticket holder. When ticket renewals came out he complained to the rep. and wrote an open letter, copying Devlin on it)substandard product, etc..). It eventually made its way into the hands of B-Co. Colangelo called my buddy at work. He said they spoke for about an hour, and given my buddy's in-depth basketball knowledge, it was more for a "why I did this move, etc..". It was interesting some of the points brought up - and I give B-Co credit for going to those lengths for a true basketball fan. Sadly, the sum and substance of the conversation ended with B-Co alluding to Bosh leaving. He did not expressly state that, but that was the tone and inclination of the conversation. B-Co is aware, knows, and is already thinking of ways to maximize value. I was unsure of Bosh's future as many have speculated both ways..but after hearing that (and I trust my buddy's ability to read through the lines), I now believe what will happen, one way or another.

On another note, its nice to meet you all. I have been reading this site for a while, just never commented. I signed up on the NCAA pool (Sooner's sons) but was hoping to wait to win the tourney to start posting (and chirping). This seems a bit easier in case the expected outcome doesn't occur :)

Mar 22nd, 2009

wow I couldn't even bare watching most of the game, I was flipping in between the channels all the time. The fact remains is that there is nothing to play for this season anymore and a blow out win against the Clippers was a snoozefest.

I am already getting tired of hearing Bosh say "we are still trying to make the playoffs" - give it a rest man, the fans are more intelligent then you think they are and you should know better then parroting what the PR department is still trying to promote. You will be better off exerting pressure on Colangelo this coming summer by saying that he either improves this dysfunctional team or you will be asking for a trade. You will do a better service to your career, the Raptor's organisation and the fans if you voice your opinion loudly because losing sucks and this is not what Colangelo promised you when you signed your rookie extension contract.

Hey it worked for Kobe in L.A and it might just work for you. Worst case scenerio, you will be traded to a better team and be booed in town when ever you drop by to play here again, as if the current pizza boo's aren't enough to shake your head in disgust.

Mar 22nd, 2009

I'll bet every player on the Ratpor team would like to be traded to another team. As for playing defense, why bother in a losing cause? The only stat that is important is the scoring stat when your team is tanking and it's everyone for themselves.

Bosh and Bargs are saving their energy for offensive effort and scoring ... and they will snag their share of uncontested defensive rebounds anyway.

I figure it will take at lease 4 seasons before the Ratpors will be a playoff team .. maybe.

Mar 20th, 2009

I didn't want to sound too harsh. I disagree with the basics of what Steve is proposing but so what? The kool aid is out of my system and I'm looking back over the past 2 seasons. There's a deep problem with this team that infusions of talent at any position alone won't address. The on-court chemistry of the team has to be changed pretty drastically before this team contends. And by contend, I mean being able to go 4 quarters with Cleveland, Boston or Orlando. Right now, Milwaukee makes life difficult for this team and they fold. No amount of coaching or player movement is going to solve that problem unless the move includes a means of altering how well the players on the team play together and deal with adversity on the court. My vote is for Bosh to be traded since he's the best trade chip, might be going anyway and it sends a clear message to the rest of the team. I suspect Jose may need to go too although I would not have said that at the beginning of the season and may be letting one, injury-plagued year overwhelm good judgment.

Frankly, I don't think even a good draft (with multiple 1st round picks) totally turns the team around but it's the critical 1st step.

Mar 19th, 2009

Sorry to post in this forum... but I'm kinda desperate! I have an extra ticket for tonight's Raptors Red Party. I'm willing to take any offer at this point so if you need a ticket let me know! Face value = $250 (open bar, all-inclusive food, silent auction, mingle with Pops)!

Let me know!

Mar 18th, 2009

Wow, thanks for killing my excitement over the upcoming draft

Mar 17th, 2009

it's not just the team that's pitiful. it's the entire presentation. from the horrid announcing team that can't refrain from godawful, irrelevant and unwanted hockey analogies (yes matt devlin i'm wafting this stink in your direction) to the putrid post-game pedantics and downright laughability of paul johnson (almost makes me miss the feckless norma wick). the radio side isn't much better, with eric smith claiming he invented the vacuous 'it is what it is' as he apologizes yet again for the horrid play of our raptors. Hearing sherm and eric insist that EVERYONE is shocked by this team's underperformance adds insult to injury when it has been apparent since colangelo took over that we have been on a steady downward slide.

i'm utterly depressed by this team, its broadcasts, its marketing department embarrassments (didn't they learn their uniform lesson after the ridiculous 'everyone in new jersey red' debacle during the playoffs two seasons ago?) its post game 'pundits'.

i realize i'm ranting but i can't help it. i'm disgusted. I'm especially pissed that whenver -- on those oh-so-rare occassions -- when the raptors are selected as a national US game, that instead of piping in the intelligent and relatively objective American national broadcast team, we're stuck with our parochial and hopelessly un-savvy local yokels.

/wrists. make it stop!!!!!

Mar 17th, 2009

No one cares anymore.. This team put together by Colangelo, looks like a daughter we raised and she turned out to be a slutty hooker. Every game we watch is like watching a porn of our own daughter getting gang banged.. lol.. Of course you couldnt watch till the end...

Tarun Joseph from Newmarket
Mar 17th, 2009

Raps now have to focus hard on losing good games.

Raptors currently sit in the 8th spot but if we just lost a few more games we could get 6th. GSW is 19 games under .500 while Min just broke the 20 win mark and OKA has 19 wins with a real bad end to the year we could secure the 5th pick.

Mar 15th, 2009

pops is givin us what JO shoulda brought only for 100x less the price

Mar 14th, 2009

I want to see BC trade one of our big men and get real value in return. I think the Raps could trade Bosh to the Knicks for David Lee and his new $9-10 mil contract (which is what I think he's worth in the strange world that is the NBA) and filler + a draft pick or, hold the filler and give us Galinari. Then flip Calderon to the Clips for Baron Davis. We might even be able to unload Kapono in that deal. The Raptors end up with a mercurial PG who can defend and play up-tempo (if he wants to) and a PF who does the dirty work to complement Bargs (who I think is better suited to run than Bosh). Galinari strikes me as worth a shot if he can be had - not sure if he's more than a 7th man but worth a shot. The Clips get a PG suited to Dumbleavy's "system" which doesn't seem to involve running and get rid of a guy who isn't trying. The Knicks get a star to lure Lebron and sell seats in the meantime and don't have the hassle of deciding how much of their 2010 cap space they can afford to invest in Lee.

In the alternative, send Bargs and Banks/Kapono for Lee in a sign-and-trade.

There, all problems solved.

Mar 12th, 2009

Man, at least VL is decent. And same with Bargnani. Bad joke, I apologize. But seriously, this Raptor team sucks. Even against average teams like Philly, its gotten to the point where we assume the Raps will lose. I'm not even disappointed anymore, I've lost the will to care. Oh well, I'm looking forward to the playoffs. The east is going to be awesome with a few teams that look great (Boston, Orlando, Cleveland) and the Detroit team that you never know what will do. This site should just become an overall b-ball site for the next few months, cause its pointless to rehash what makes the Raptors suck.

Mike D
Mar 10th, 2009

I am a hardcore Indiana Pacers fan and I look forward to facing your franchise on Saturday, March 15. It will be nice for us to get an easy win on the road against the second worst team in the conference as we make our final playoff push coming down the stretch.

I stumbled across this site when I went looking online for information about some of your players - aside from Bosh and the person impersonating Shawn Marion - the rest of your roster is not very well known around league circles. Apparently, you have someone named Pops on your roster that you guys are just delighted with. I have never heard of him. Perhaps he will allow you to move into 13th in the conference standings.

I was also looking for information about who was going to back up your point guard - you know...the one who just scored 3 points in 31 minutes against the Jazz and subbed in occasionally for the Spanish Olympic team? Luckily, I checked around and found information on an Ukic and a Solomon. I hope our scouts are well versed in the Euro leagues, because we sure don't want to be caught off guard by some awesome foreign talent. Are these guys any good? We have a pretty decent point guard ourselves named TJ Ford that we were able to steal from you guys for a cap-crippling corpse named Jermaine O'Neal. I hope your starting point guard, Jose, gets to guard TJ. While his decision-making still sucks, at least he is quick enough to guard some of the other point guards in the league.

We also have a player named Daniel Granger that your GM was kind enough to leave for us in the draft. Thank you, Toronto, for that. I guess you guys were already stacked with too much talent. BTW - very interesting to see that there is a debate around here about what to do with Joey Graham. I wonder if that is a debate that would take place among teams that are higher up in the standings.

Anyways, good luck on Saturday Toronto. I understand that you all will be able to watch this game on T.V., provided that the Brier finishes on time.

Mar 10th, 2009

Excellent post, well done. Can you find out Bargnani's shooting percentage when his mouth is closed vs. when he's mouth breathing?

Mar 10th, 2009

This whole fucking team has been built around the premise that Bosh IS that fucking go-to is STILL being built around that premise and ...the Star and Globe comments sections have been full for the last 3 fucking years of comments from cretins who have been told by shitty, lazy media that Bosh IS that go-to guy...
Bosh considers himself that fucking Go-To guy as have most of the people here and all the cretins who think his fucking videos are cool and his twitter posts interesting....

I have been sounding like a lunatic because for 3 fucking years I have been saying he is NOT that Go-To guy and that we were going to end up like Memphis (with Gasol) as long as we continued as though he were....

You don't sign shit/semi shit like Parker, Graham, Kapono, Moon, Delfino and Solomon (or Voskuhl) if you don't think that Bosh is a fucking superstar MVP GO-TO guy...the media around Bosh has manufactured this conceit and the cretinous Raptor fanbase has lapped it up for years....why do you think I am so fucking angry?

I'm not "asking" him to be clutch...I have known since the fucking New Jersey series that he is not and never will be clutch no matter what position he's not just his position, it's his fucking mentality...

Bargnani critics never could get their fucking pea brains around the concept that he was always intended to be a "project" many times did Colangelo have to say it for it to sink in?? The problem is, were we really in a position to be drafting a "project" or did we need immediate help which Brandon Roy would have delivered?
The worst thing that happened to this team was the fluke win in the Titanic that led the morons to think this team was much better than it really was and that Bosh could carry a team...that and his poor man's Garnett impersonation at the Olympics, which lead people to think he could replicate it playing with one of the weakest teams in the NBA as opposed to playing as a reserve behind the best players on the planet...

It is obvious to anyone that isn't a fucking moron that Bosh is another Gasol at best...and that we have dug ourselves a fucking hole...that although he's the only player with real trade value, his contract situation, in that he can walk away from anyone he gets traded to, SEVERELY limits his real trade value...we cannot sign/ trade for enough talent to put around him (ie what the Lakers have around Gasol or the Celtics around Garnett) and the only teams who will give up true value to get him have to believe that he will re-sign with them in 2010.

Bosh and Toronto are not a draw for free agents and the coaching situation would make even a mediocre player think twice....does anyone have faith anymore that the goddamn Raptor braintrust isn't going to fuck up the draft pick?

These dumb "are we expecting too much?" comments are like picking out typos on your Madoff investment statement....

Mar 8th, 2009

It was an entertaining game. Even though it was a rerun.

Mar 7th, 2009

********************PAPER BAG OVER HEAD************************

Top 10 Reasons I Hate Being A Raptors Fan:

10. We STILL don't have a play book.
9. Another loosing year could DROP us below Leaf Fans
8. I try Harder having a Bowel Movement then some Raptors.
7. Raptors got more EXCUSES than a pregnant nun!
6. Our Media sells MEANINGLESS Stories instead of RaptorRepublic.
5. Nobody takes your Basketball Knowledge serious. (Stupid Raptor Fan)
4. A Broadway show is a cheaper Date. (PLUS you'll get some!)
3. We Develop AWESOME talant & Trade it!
2. MLSE doesn't even know what a Basketball looks like.
1. Does this RollerCoaster ride to a Championship have a end?

Mar 6th, 2009

1) March 27 versus Oklahoma City. I can't wait to tell my kids I saw Kevin Durant when he was 20 and was finding his stride. Oops, I guess I should be on Thunder Republic.

2) Matt Bonner - this may be less true now that they have Gooden, but he is going to have a major role on a championship-caliber team. I would have agreed with the guy who said Chauncey but I think Denver is 1 and done.

3) Messina as coach.... Sure, why not? The last guy Colangelo found coaching in Italy turned out to be pretty good, so perhaps lightening will strike twice? However, as time goes on, it appears that Colangelo is trying to recapture the glory he had in Phoenix but is not succeeding. He reminds me a bit of Uncle Rico in Napolean Dynamite that way. "Ohhhh, man I wish I could go back in time. I'd take state."

yertu damkule
Mar 5th, 2009

when i'm matched with someone who's a better offensive player than i am a defender (which is often the case), my main goal is to force him to do something that he doesn't want to do...even if it's rudimentary, like forcing him to use his off-hand, or crowding a shooter who can't drive, or sloughing off a driver who can't shoot. but the main thing is to apply defensive pressure, and force your guy to beat you with his weakness. aka: basic fundamentals.

the thing that bugs me most about the raps' defensive philosophy as a whole is that they tend to wait & react to what the offense is doing, as opposed to the other way around. same goes for their offense - they tend to take what the D is giving them, which usually ends up backfiring; since they're a jump-shooting team, they go through hot/cold stretches, which is what the D wants. you think houston wants the raps to work it inside, forcing yao to defend? - here's a newsflash: yao's a shitty defender. they're more than happy to let the raps fire away from outside, because unless they (the raps) are able to sustain an above-average FG% from the perimeter, it's not going to hurt them in the long run.

Mar 3rd, 2009

1) Tough to say only one thing that Colangelo needs to do, but I think his biggest need is to nail their draft pick. I know that this year projects to be a weaker draft than most, but without a continuous influx of good young players through the draft, the options a team has to fill out it's roster with NBA-level talent becomes very thin. So far Colangelo has traded away more draft picks than he has used, and has brought in a plethora of players with questionable basketball ability. For a team like the Raptors, (i.e. a team that can't seem to hold on to high caliber players), the pattern of throwing draft picks away like trash needs to stop. I do not think it is a coincidence that the best teams the Raptors have assembled came after several years of good drafting. It needs to start happening again. This off-season.

1b) Tell Calderon he can't play for Spain this Summer. Calderon has proved this year that he can't handle full time NBA starter minutes and play full time for Spain in the off-season. His injuries are related to fatigue. Professional sports have off-seasons for a reason. Most players need the rest.

2) I feel bad for Triano. The Raptors are a bad team. He can yell and smash stuff all day for all I care. I am sure what he really wants to do is punch players like Jason Kapono in the face, but since he can't do that...outburst.

3) Play Banks. The Raptors are stuck with him for better or worse. They might as well see if he can earn some of his money. There are already too many players on this team that don't.

Mar 2nd, 2009

Andrea was trying for sure, but how many boards did he secure tonight? 7 rebounds in almost 40 minutues.

The guy is an inefficient shooter for a centre, period. As long as we continue make him a primary option on scoring, we're in trouble.

I've watched the games, I know Bosh hasn't been up to snuff, but I don't get this Bargnani love. He does not rebound which means EVERBODY ELSE on the goddamn floor has to be an above-average rebounder, and he doesn't have the game to be an efficient scorer.

I agree that he has improved (how could you not for that extreme disaster which was last year) and he has further room for improvement, but what has this guy consistently proved? nothing.

Feb 28th, 2009

You are out to lunch, kid.

Stop drinking the Bosh Kool Aid. Dude is gone already. And I can name 5 Rap teams, if not more, that were better before Christina Botch showed up here.

Again, stop blaming the fans for making him leaving and talk to "the guys who get paid millions to know these things". They are the ones that surrounded him with Roko "I had one good game vs Spurs I think I am the Big O" Ukic, Jose "Spanish Clap Your Hands Defense" Calderon, Will "Who?" Solomon, Jermaine "I should have retired in 2001" O'Neal, Jacob "Everytime I act though my team loses" Voskuhl, Nathan "I've just seen a bball for the the 1st time in my life" Jawai... etc.

Yes, you sell you stock when its high and the Yankees think he's an MVP, let them have him. I'd rather build around Andrea "IceMan" Bargnani anyway.

Feb 27th, 2009

the way you beat shaq is by attacking him and getting him in foul trouble.bargs did a decent job fronting him but our dbl was soft and bosh was a fucking pylon.whats the point of a soft dbl if your not going to contest the lob over bargs or contest the shot?.....bosh was horrid as was whatever help came over.the fouls were all soft and we gave up so many layups and and 1's.90 POUNTS IN THE FUCKING PAINT.WERE SOFT SOFT SOFT.......HARD FOULS FTW.

Mike D
Feb 26th, 2009

I will comment on question #3, pertaining to the resigning of third year phenom Andrea Bargnani and his translator, Maurizio Gheardini:

First of all, you throw the kitchen sink at Bargs and hope to God he resigns. I say BC should rent two trucks and fill them both with max contracts in one dollar denominations. You drive the first truck over to Bosh's house and dump it in his driveway. You tell him that you will be back in a minute with 30 million more and a coupon to First Choice haircutters as soon as you get MLSE's approval. Then, you drive the second truck over to wherever Bargnani and his weed carriers are sleeping at. You dump Bargnani's load of cash in a highly visible so that he will find it easily - don't put it anywhere he won't look - like the in the shower or under his razor. Send Gheardini over to explain to Bargs that this is his reward for teaming up with Bosh and leading us to nearly 30 wins. If he feels guilty about taking it, remind him that Jermaine O'Neal made more money in 2008 than most African countries.

Once you have these two under contract for the better part of the next decade, you use your remaining dollars to lure Jamal Tinsley and his prosthetic leg over to the Raptors to back up fellow cripple Jose Calderon. Lure Robert Pack out of retirement for the veteran's exception. The rest of the roster can be filled with players that Gheardini and BC find winning MVP awards in strange house leagues over in Eastern Europe.

Mike D
Feb 24th, 2009

The real GMs are so great!! They make sweet trades and give out good contracts to players that are well worth the dough. Fake GMs would trot out Roko Ukic and Will Solomon to solidify their backup point guard positions. Then they would sign 3 point specialists that can't hit 3 point shots to long term deals - but only if they refuse to play defense as well!!! Maybe they can make these great moves because they trade for underpaid overachievers that resemble a corpse but are actually named Jermaine O'Neal!!! You've got to let go the overpaid bums like Delfino that are killing your cap and bring in the former all-stars in the last years of their deals!!! That's being a real GM!!!

Feb 24th, 2009

If the Raps lay an egg in this game, I am DONE with the team this season.

Feb 24th, 2009

The Raps definitely have to resign Marion this offseason. Hopefully we can keep playing the uptempo style we saw Sunday. Shawn is hella underrated by alot of fans imo. He easily has the highest bball iq on the Raps and on top of being a double double machine is a great passer. If Calderon dosen't want to push the ball let Marion bring the ball up. I'm glad we made that trade with Miami. Moon is GARBAGE and O'Neal is a shell of his former self. For all you Moon fans who rave about his value at 700k check this:

Moon : 132 games played 4 dd's 0 games with 5 or more assists

Marion: 3 games played 2 dd's 2 games with 5 or more assists

By the end of the week Shawn will have done more in a Raps uni than Jamario "just happy to be here" Moon ever did.

Feb 23rd, 2009

I love how considerate Bosh is when he gets the ball on offense - catching, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, letting the defense make sure they all have their guy, waiting, waiting, pump faking, waiting, waiting, then jacking up a fadeaway shot instead of driving so the defense doesn't even have to worry about having to help. So AWESOME!

Feb 21st, 2009

I was not a fan of doing it before but it's clearly time to put this into a NoseDive & Tank HARDCORE. Raptor's are playing at career lows. Nobody believes in themselves or the Team as it stands right now. We have to pull the plug. It easy to rip 1 individual player, but it just not a combination that works. We need to salvage for next year.

Congratulations to anybody who seen it coming. I had my hopes ups for the Raps going into the 2nd round when this season started. Now…

There is no longer any untouchables on this squad now. The trade market is wide open next season. Should be interesting, but here we go again Raptor fans.

The perfect storm over came the Raptors ever since the cough....cough...gory days of Wince, Oakley, Davis and my favorite Alvin Williams. Things just haven't worked out since. Blame this or blame that.... I'm just getting tired of being very patient... very, very patient…

Feb 19th, 2009

Useless trade. You got to give it to Colangelo he remained consistent! just like last season he traded Dixon for Brezec! woopty doo!! I am curious to hear what were the offers for Parker because this mancrush of Bryan for Parker is unexplainable!

Feb 18th, 2009

Seems both your points of contention start with "you may have a point" and "that may be somewhat true". You gotta contend more vehemently, you're a lawyer, after all! "While I can see the defendant's point..."

1) This is hammered into the ground by too many an NBA fan. Any GM should be able to see through this transparent effort and address the player's oeuvre (yes, I went there) as a whole. Personally, I wouldn't hire a guy that starts trying two months before he's up for renegotiation.

He also doesn't make us into a playoff contender, and that's not his goal. As you stated, his objective is to compile PERSONAL STATS. Not the same as winning (see Davis, Ricky).

2) The system brought out the best in Shawn, but I can't argue with the facts: It's clear Starbury also brings out the best in people.

Other than that, love hearin' from ya, as always.

Dan G.
Feb 17th, 2009

As a heat fan, I had the distinct pleasure of watching a fair bit of Banks this year - he was given some run early in the season and again later.
He is incredibly frustrating as he has the physical tools (hence the reason Phoenix gave him his terrible contract) for PG. He is both quite strong and very quick. Also, he can actually shoot reasonably well (streaky but he is not inept at it) and he is a very good defender, man to man. He can consitently beat his man off the dribble as well.
Sounds great right?

The problem is that basketball is a team game and not a one-on-one competition. Despite having played for several good coaches, he is very inefficient at involving teammates on offense and doesn't play well in a defensive team concept.He overpenetrates frequently and finds himself with the ball in bad positions and no options. He jacks up shots when he's not open and gambles too much for steals.

I think alot of teams have thought that with his skills they can mold him into a good player but it hasn't happened yet and probably won't.
The best bet is to use him as an undersized 2-guard off the bench.

Feb 15th, 2009


The Raptors only have the $10mil of cap space if they do not sign Marion, Parker, Graham, Delfino and whoever else is a free agent this summer. If they re-sign those players then they have no cap space, and instead have their MLE to play with.

Also, a team either has their cap space or the MLE, but not both. For example, if the Raptors choose to use their cap space and spend their $10mil, they then do not have their MLE to spend. The MLE, and LLE, are exceptions given to teams over the cap. The Raptors wouldn't be able to spend the MLE until the following summer.

Feb 15th, 2009

Wow! I can't believe the negativity.

The Raptors just got the Matrix!! This guy never got the respect he deserved - he never got to an All star game and was not really given credit for how good he was in Phoenix. The guy can easily average 20 and 10 at the small forward position for us and makes the Raptors a LOT more athletic! He'll guard the other teams best 2/3 guards, grab some important boards for us and throw down some big dunks to get his teammates and the fans going.

O'neal was not working out in Toronto and this was the best deal available for the short term and probably the long term. I'd definatley try to sign him in the off season and then our ONLY weakness becomes the 2 guard spot and the bigs on the bench. I think Colangelo tries his best to keep Marion in the of season and drafts a 2 guard or tires to sign one in the off season and we're good!

Also I don;t think having all the extra cap space available in 2010 is that important to Colangelo - The chances of getting a second max contract player that year is slim to none and I think signing Bosh and then maybe Steve Nash would be a best case scenario for us in 2010. Remember he'll need to keep extra cash available going forward to resign Bargani.

Feb 13th, 2009

So now we just went from “twin towers” to just having Bosh, Andrea, Hump and Jawai as our post players. Why didnt we get a Joel Anthony or another backup big man??? To all you BC apologists talking bout Marions expiring contract, why didnt BC just keep Rashos 8.5 mill expiring contract and trade TJ for an expiring contract, while keeping 2(!) 1st round picks and not having to take on Banks’ shit 3year (4mil/yr) contract???

We coulda just traded TJ(8.5 mil) to the clippers for cap space this summer, let rasho(8.5 mil) and moon(1 mil) expire at the end of the year and have ~20 mill without having to take on a me-first cancer in Marion who’ll just play for himself and Banks terrible contract, all while keeping out draft picks.

People complained why we didn’t have a draft pick in 2007 when we could’ve got a solid young player for the future(Rudy Fernandez or Wilson Chandler anyone?? coulda got em!), well this kind of draft pick giveaway is what screws up the future.

Feb 13th, 2009

How da f. did this happen ha?
Simple.. Roko Ukic takes over the game in the crunch minutes just like the time against Orlando.
I kept repeating this over and over like a broken tape: let him finish games, the guy is clutch.
Don't forget that these are the only 2 quality W's worth something this season and that the Spurs recently beat virtually all of the NBA powerhouses.

Plus he goes for season/career NBA high: 22 pts on 9-13 shooting for 2 and 2-3 for 3, + 14 in +/- 3-4 assists, game winning runner and so on..

Anyways, I bet Triano goes with Salomon next game just like after the Magic..

Feb 13th, 2009

More of a brain fart than a typo.

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