Morning Coffee March 3

“If we have a meeting now, it’ll be with Scott,” Triano joked, referring to trainer Scott McCullough. “When we were 7-13, we had no injuries. Now we have three-quarters of our top four who can’t play. I don’t see any reason to panic right now.”


Morning Coffee Feb 23

The inference being that when it’s time to get serious, Turkoglu will get serious. Whether that time is right now or closer to the playoffs, he wasn’t saying.

Second last off the practice floor Monday spoke volumes, however, about Turkoglu’s intentions.


Morning Coffee Feb 21

“The most important thing we did tonight and last night is we shared the basketball,” said Raptors head coach Jay Triano. “Without Chris where you can give it and you can make cuts off of him, and you know that he’s going to create, we have to create without the basketball. We have to move and makes screens and roll hard.”


Morning Coffee Feb 20

“It’s actually pretty remarkable,” Jack said. “In my opinion, basketball is a game of rhythm and he hasn’t been in the lineup for a while so for him to come in and contribute the way he did is really unbelievable. It’s just a testament to him always being ready when called upon and me giving him the ball.”


Morning Coffee Feb 18

“We kind of screwed up on the coverage,” Triano said of the defence on Mayo’s three-pointer.