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Looking at potential buyout market targets for the Raptors


The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and the Toronto Raptors opted not to make a move. That decision, the reasoning behind it, and the risk that comes with it have been covered. The Raptors are what they are now, with two important qualifiers: DeMarre Carroll will be back at some point. He’s played just 23… Read more »

How Rudy Gay Could be the Key to the Raptor's Offence Afterall

Small Ball Salvation?


How Rudy Gay could be the Key to the Raptor’s Offence after all Many of the top offenses in the league have been winning this year playing ‘small ball.’ Miami, New York, Golden State, Houston and (though to a lesser extent) Oklahoma City have all taken a cue from the D’Antoni Suns and had success… Read more »