Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee March 21

The Nets tried to defend Bosh by either denying the ball, staying with his first move, or double-teaming on the catch to force a pass. Boone admitted that if Bosh gets that first step, he’s among the best in the league at finishing the play. And even when Bosh struggles, he remains capable of reeling off a stretch that reveals the reasons he’s one of the top three potential free agents this offseason.


Too Many Cooks, Part 2 – And “Who Should Start/Finish”?

I would like to beat a dead horse – bare with me. Let me briefly revisit the Jack-Calderon-Turkoglu end-of-game combination, the final straw for me likely occurred a while back, but the “final final” straw occurred Tuesday night against the Lakers.


Morning Coffee March 8

“I don’t think I can fault the energy or the effort, but maybe the focus,” coach Jay Triano said. “We just didn’t seem to be as locked in on this team as we should be.”