Kyrie Irving

Calderon Trade Scenarios

With the trade deadline looming, all the GM’s/agents in the league will be in the same city for a couple days in a row, somethings going to happen. For the Raptors, that something might center around Calderon.


Turns Out It WAS VC Tribute Night

Magic 104, Raptors 96 – Box In what amounted to another middle-finger being pointed at the Raptors by our ex-franchise player, Vince Carter had the last laugh again. How ridiculously illĀ conceivedĀ is this plan to honour Raptors greats of the past? I mean, Oakley was cool because he is years removed from playing, and he’s interesting…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Fool’s Gold

Maybe this will buy BryCo some time till the summer… It’s times like this where I wished I could smite BC for his idiotic abuse of this franchise and its fans. The latest obscenity happens to potentially be the most expensive. When this team was in desperate need of a wing player who could create… Read more »