Kyrie Irving

Weekly Review/Preview

A 2-2 week which could’ve been 3-1 or 4-0 if we had played a lick of D in San Antonio and Turkoglu’s effort had rimmed in. The disappointment in San Antonio was followed by two poor first half showings against the Bulls and Clippers, but the team found a defensive gear and pulled out wins… Read more »


It all comes together. Only problem? It’s Game 82

Bosh had something to play for Raptors 109, Bulls 98 It ends the way it began: with an unlikely win on the road. This time it was against the Bulls who had everything to play for as a win would’ve avoided the Celtics in favor of the Magic. The gunning Raptors jumped on them early… Read more »


High drama on a Sunday afternoon

Haven’t seen Bosh this pumped up in a long time. Bulls 129, Raptors 134 (OT) Crazy win, one which would’ve pumped me up to dangerous levels if it actually meant something in the playoff race. We played our fourth ideal game in a row and maintained a sizable lead throughout the afternoon. When the fourth… Read more »


Winning ain’t right, not now at least

Salmons – could’ve had him fairly cheap. First up, you know how we have that silly pizza promotion? Well, the Bulls have one too, they give out Big Macs for each 100 point game and guess what, the fans boo there too! On to more important matters, anybody else think this winning’s get out of… Read more »


Toronto at Chicago Open Thread – Jose could play

Check the Opening Tip to find out why Aaron Gray is called the White Panther. So Zo got everyone excited for no reason yesterday, turns out he finally announced his retirement which is a little funny because I thought he did that when he got traded to the Raps in the Carter deal. Funny guy… Read more »


More 4th quarter choking

The PNR defense cannot result in matchups like these! Bulls 102, Raptors 98 Terrible finish to this one as Chris Bosh gets blocked by Joakim Noah on a fadeaway jumper with the Raptors down two. Hindsight is 20/20 but even at the time it made too much sense to go through Bargnani who was having… Read more »