Slapped silly in Boston

Raptors 103, C**tics 116 – Box Settle in fellas, it’s a long one. Grab a JD if you have to. Option 1: Rip this team a new one for pussying out. Again. I mean, are our coaches really the toughest people on the team? Again? Option 2: Debate whether Triano’s sub-pattern in the third along… Read more »


Podcast: Weekly Review/Preview

Not a good week for the club, we got clobbered in Denver and then put up little resistance against the Jazz with the defense going from bad to worse. We gave up 108.25 points per game and our league-worst defensive rating went further down a couple notches to 116.4. Thankfully Miami came to town and… Read more »


As good as it gets without getting the win

Chris Bosh can’t wait for Kevin Garnett to retire Raptors 109, Celtics 115 The end result wasn’t there but the overall effort, team play and the desire to compete was, so you can’t complain too much about a reverse in overtime against the team that’s had our number the last two years. The Raptors get… Read more »


Things we learned yesterday that we can use today

Too bad that the highlight of yesterday’s game was Joey Graham getting in the face of Carrot Top’s love child. We got down early and never recovered until the C**tics took it easy in the fourth and Kapono, Graham, Moon, Ukic and Bargnani pulled us back. The C**tics promptly returned to thwart any designs we… Read more »


Is effort too much to ask?

Calderon overplayed Rondo all afternoon and got burned. Celtics 118, Raptors 103 Silly me, I was thinking that with the crowd ready to explode behind them the Raptors would come out with energy, passion and a killer-instinct against the Champs. I figured they’d be looking to erase NJ from their memory and do whatever it… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Atlantic Division predictions

Why not? There’s nothing going on anywhere so it’s time I write the ultimate filler post. Without further ado: Boston: The Celtics trinity are a year older but they’re still only 31, 32 and 33, one could even argue that they’re in their prime. They lost James Posey who was instrumental in their title run… Read more »