Kyrie Irving

Beyond the Raptors: New York Knicks


How about we not deal another franchise player to a division rival? I’m supremely confidant that Colangelo is an idiot like Babcock, but I needed to say that out loud.


Cavs beat Raptors in open practice


If this is any indication of how a first round playoff series might play out, count me in as part of the crowd wanting to play the lottery. There have been many degrading moments in my life as a Raptors fan but losing handily to a team that’s not even trying to win the game has to be a first.


Effort wasted as big guns misfire


Raptors 100, Cavaliers 108 – Box The argument that Chris Bosh is not a “max player” has died down considerably this year, but this game jogged some old memories and reminded us that there are tiers in the class of 2003 and Bosh isn’t in the top one. Unexpected bench performances from Wright and Belinelli… Read more »