Clippers preview + What Raptor draws the most charges?

The starting lineup changes have had one effect which I think is very important: it has reduced the pace of the game, i.e: the number of possessions played. The combination of having better defensive players on the floor longer and having to guard less has helped us become a better defensive unit.

Kyrie Irving

Weekly Review/Preview

A 2-2 week which could’ve been 3-1 or 4-0 if we had played a lick of D in San Antonio and Turkoglu’s effort had rimmed in. The disappointment in San Antonio was followed by two poor first half showings against the Bulls and Clippers, but the team found a defensive gear and pulled out wins… Read more »


Paper clips don’t stand a chance

That’s not a promo, these are the players who aren’t 100% for the Clips. Every time we play the Clippers this memory is conjured up. I remember Swirsky calling that on the radio and going into mild cardiac arrest. Nine years later the Raptors are embarking on a potentially lethal four game road trip with… Read more »


Newsflash: Clippers lose

Athlete’s shouldn’t Twitter. Clippers 76, Raptors 100 It’ll be a miracle if the Clippers win another game till April 7th when they play the T’Wolves at home. This was their last shot at a win this month but Baron Davis and Marcus Camby checked in with stinkers as the Raptors found a team bad enough… Read more »


Clippers East vs Clippers West

I was checking out Jonesy’s latest article where he’s making a mild case for giving Triano another chance by saying that coaches like Mike D’Antoni, Jim O’Brien and Greg Popovic also struggled in their interim roles but came back to have strong first full seasons. The argument might’ve carried some weight if we’d had seen… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors survive VL to beat Clippers

Raptors drive the paint against paper-thin Clips Raptors 97, Clippers 75 On the day the Raptors fell to dead last in’s power rankings, we finally found a team that was bad enough to beat. The Clippers had come back from a 5-game Eastern swing and were playing without Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby, both… Read more »


Roll Call – December 22nd vs Clippers

AltRaps is back for the Kings game, so bear with me for another one of these. I’ll follow with a recap around 11AM or so… It’s the “Simpsons” edition. Adams – He’s the guy you find in malls testing those massage chairs much to the annoyance of the sales staff. Asked Triano if he could… Read more »


Still A Few Stickers Short Of An Album

Baron Davis might be the luckiest man on Earth, according to today’s Opening Tip. ********** Let’s continue the discussion PhDSteve left off on yesterday. 10 -17. .357 win %. 15 games behind the division leader. 3 games out of the final playoff spot. 5 losses in a row. When I was a kid, I loved sticker… Read more »