Shifting the Narrative About Jonas Valanciunas’ Defense


To solidify my spot on the Raptors Republic rotation as the guy who presents unpopular opinions I am now going to mount a spirited defense of the defensive abilities of often-criticized Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas. At this point it seems almost inevitable that anything written or said about the Raptors defense will include some kind… Read more »


Jonas Valanciunas and the Hope for Rim Protection


Jonas Valanciunas is written about constantly, and still remains a mystery to be figured out.  At 22 years of age, Jonas is already in his third year in the NBA and is central to the Raptors goals, both immediate and future.


Clippers preview + What Raptor draws the most charges?


The starting lineup changes have had one effect which I think is very important: it has reduced the pace of the game, i.e: the number of possessions played. The combination of having better defensive players on the floor longer and having to guard less has helped us become a better defensive unit.