Raptors finish 23rd in the NBA…

…in nickname rankings. That’s your Raptors headline story for the day. I was going to do a big spiel about how crazy Raptors fans are and how we should all try to get along despite our differences and opinions. It seems Raptors nation is split on our off-season and any point of view supporting an… Read more »


Offense chokes in the fourth as Raptors exit NBA playoffs

Toronto Raptors 92, Orlando Magic 102 As I watched the final two minutes tick away on mute I realized that this was my least favorite Raptors team ever. Yes, even worse than that third year crew that went 16-66. It’s probably because with that team there were no expectations or hype, just a hope to… Read more »


Game 3: Raptors fight past Magic but its only one game

Orlando Magic 94, Toronto Raptors 108 Excellent performance, great win, but the job’s not yet done. Before we get carried away we need to realize that this game will mean little if we have a letdown on Saturday and head back to Orlando down 3-1. I’ll just say a few more words of caution before… Read more »


Game 3 Preview: Sea of Red looks to even series

It’s do or die time, no exaggeration. If we lose Game 3, there won’t even be a point in continuing in the series and we may as well empty out the bench and get Maceo Baston some playoff experience in Game 4. The Raptors have their backs against the perennial wall but lucky for them… Read more »


Game 1: Horrible defense, lack of plan kills off Raptors

Toronto Raptors 100, Orlando Magic 114 The Magic came out with a plan. The Raptors came out with nothing. In addition to said nothing they also came out with a defensive attitude so complacent that instead of setting a tone for the series in the first quarter, they allowed the Magic to dominate and establish… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Chris Bosh’s 40 make Dwight Howard’s 37 seem quiet

Orlando Magic 110, Toronto Raptors 127 Move the ball, go inside with Bosh, shoot well from the outside and play just enough defense. Sounds simple enough but the chances of all four things happening on the same night are rare, but when they do happen, it’s a sure sign the Raptors will win a blowout…. Read more »


Jamario Moon got robbed

One usually give two shits about the dunk contest but this year it would’ve been nice to see the crown return to Toronto and the Raps get a sweep of the top two ASSN competitions. Kapono’s demolition of the field (take that Lebron you pompous little prick) wasn’t a surprise and if anything, I was… Read more »