Talking Raptors with Jack Armstrong

I spoke with Jack Armstrong about the state of the Raptors and the importance of the upcoming draft. We also discussed Jay Triano and he gave his take on NBA intricacies like the overuse of timeouts and the possibility of coach’s challenges being used in the future. We also talked about Bryan Colangelo who he… Read more »


Jack Armstrong answers your questions

OK, I tried to get as many questions in as I could, Jack only had 15 minutes and I had about 25 questions so there were many that were left out. I’ve basically taken the questions that were posted and asked them verbatim, there wasn’t much time for follow-ups. He had just crossed the border… Read more »


Ask Jack!

I’m going to be talking to Jack Armstrong on Thursday and thought instead of asking him the same old lame questions which he answers every day I’d let you guys do the asking. You’ll probably come up with better questions anyway, so go ahead and fire away questions for Jack: Here’s some classic Jack: Vid… Read more »


Lots of things need to go right for us to be good

Captain Jack’s predicting 48 wins but at the same time says that 7 things need to go right for us: 1) We stay healthy 2) Unheard of second unit provides consistency 3) O’Neal plays 70+ games 4) Two of Humphries, Bargnani and Kapono have career years 5) High level team-defense and rebounding 6) Consistent effort… Read more »


Jack Armstrong’s back on TSN

Start off today with Ron Ron landing in Houston for Bobby Jackson, a 1st rounder and the always shrouded in mystery ‘player to be named later’. Luol Deng is also staying in the East after re-upping with Chicago but I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the Bulls or not. Tim Chisholsm is… Read more »


What a disgrace!

Toronto Raptors 105, Denver Nuggets 137 My puke bucket was full midway through the first quarter. After suffering through a few more minutes of watching the Raptors get their ass absolutely spanked by the Nuggets, Jack Armstrong dropped a gem, and I’m pseudo-quoting: If your plan is to outscore teams and you start playing the… Read more »


Al Horford had no malicious intent, Anthony Johnson did

Atlanta Hawks 78, Toronto Raptors 89 If you’re going to be a big enough coward to hit a man on the head while he’s got his back towards you, the least you could do is not feign your innocence and openly acknowledge conflict. Instead Anthony Johnson pretended he had nothing to do with Jose Calderon… Read more »