Morning Coffee – June 23

Toronto Star That’s not to suggest there’s a gem to be found at No. 9 this year. According to a variety of experts and NBA talent evaluators, the draft is thin on all-stars but deep on parity, making it more troublesome for general managers with picks outside the top two or three. No one knows… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Morning Coffee – June 11

Philly.com “Seven years in the [NBA], each time the season ended, I was always on a plane for home [Pensacola, Fla.] the next day,” Evans said yesterday. “This time, I stayed in Philly a week-and-a-half. I never did that. “I was getting real comfortable. We had put in 2 years together, but it was an… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Morning Coffee – May 19

Canadian Press "Picking on position alone is dangerous because you might be passing up a better talent that’s available," Colangelo said. "What you hope to find is a player that satisfies both talent and need." The Raptors GM hasn’t been shy about making moves on draft day, and could do the same this year. "After… Read more »


Sunday shakedown

The free agent camp continued yesterday but so far no reporter has covered the proceedings. Check Smith’s or Grange’s blog, maybe they got something. Eric Smith tells us of some of the things he saw. There’s also this scrum interview with Marerresse Speights. I know I’m reaching to get the Raptor fill for this post…. Read more »


What’s really going to happen in the draft….

Raptors War Room Colangelo: Who do we take in this draft? Mitchell: I need a rebounder, a scorer, a playbook, some athleticism and defense. Gherardini: I know a few guys overseas who can supply that in one package. Colangelo: What? Who? Mitchell: Oh no, here we go again…. Gherardini: Ronalds Zakis. Mitchell: Who? Colangelo: Who?!?… Read more »