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Can DeRozan Buck Raptors Playoff History?



Carter and Bosh both floundered in their first playoff appearances. That doesn’t have to spell doom for DeRozan and the Raptors.

Bye-Bye Bosh



Another Raptors star opts to leave the first chance he gets.

Delfino’s Interview Translated (Injury concern)


Kyrie Irving

This interview is a week or so old, but Raúl Ruscitti did us a great favour in translating this interview… In an interview with a basketball radio show in Argentina, Carlos Delfino talked about the possibility of returning to the NBA, his right shoulder injury that limited his participation last season, and his decision of   …Continue Reading

Raps Fan’s 3pt Shot + 1


Kyrie Irving

1) If you’re Colangelo, and both these guy are available. do you draft DeMar Rozan or Stephen Curry? 2) If we know Bosh wont resign, and Detroit comes knocking in the summer with an offer of Prince/Afflalo/Johnson, do we bite? 3) Is Giorgos Printezis a keeper, a poor mans Jorge Garbajosa, or is BC just   …Continue Reading

Free Agent camp, more workouts + Final word on Jorge Garbajosa



We got a free agent camp happening June 20th – 22nd at the Air Canada Centre. This is where Jamario Moon impressed us enough to punch his ticket to the NBA, this year we got a few players vying for a summer camp invite and without further ado I present John Lucas, Sean Banks, Brian   …Continue Reading

Bosh out, Lucas in, Garbo walking, team toughness and Tyler Hansbrough



Chris Bosh won’t be playing in the upcoming mini-roadtrip against Charlotte, Orlando and Miami. I suppose it’s a precautionary measure, the last thing you want to do is aggravate it and have him out for an extended period of time with the playoffs coming up. The one thing that is worrisome about Bosh injuries is   …Continue Reading

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