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C**tics preview + Triano, Calderon on the offense


Jose Calderon

I know pre-season’s all about preparation and practice but there’s something different about tonight’s game against Boston. Or at least there should be. They’re playing their Big Three 20-23 minutes a game so far this pre-season which means there’s a good chance we’ll see a competitive first quarter with the “real” lineup for both teams,   …Continue Reading

Training Camp: Day 1


Kyrie Irving

We were finally able to get beyond the madness of Media Day and are ready to get down to business. Day 1 had a couple themes: Health Bosh is on the shelf for the next few weeks, which is a big blow to this team. This is Triano’s first training camp, and you know he   …Continue Reading

Russell Hicks gets the call + PG or SG?



Russell Hicks = KrisHumphries-0.9-beta.zip News is thin these days. Once our lottery position is known on May 19th things should pick up as the Raptors and the ever vague Jim Kelly will begin working people out. We have an 81% chance of selecting 9th and a 1.7%, 2.0%, and 2.4% chance of getting the 1st,   …Continue Reading

Raptors vs Bobcats – It’s Time…


Kyrie Irving

It’s time to step up and be men. It’s time to show some pride. It’s time for heart and character to shine through. Dramatic I know, but the chips are down, and these are the moments that separate the men from the boys. When everyone is healthy and the shots are falling, it is easy   …Continue Reading

Down goes Boston! Down goes Boston!



Toronto Raptors 114, Boston Celtics 112 What a game! The Raptors take out Boston in a clutch and tense affair which put a premium on the proverbial ice in the veins. Jose Calderon’s two clutch free throws followed by a decisive drive to the rim for a three point-play put the Raptors up by two.   …Continue Reading

Garnett scores 9 straight on Bosh and Ray Allen drains the game-winner. Fuck.



Boston Celtics 98, Toronto Raptors 95 (OT) Sometimes I question why I even keep a blog but losses like these remind me that it’s because frustration and anger needs an outlet and this is it. Let’s keep everything aside and state that Chris Bosh was dominated by Kevin Garnett to a tune of 9 straight   …Continue Reading

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