Thoughts on the Jermaine O’Neal trade

They say the team that got the best player in the deal won the trade. ┬áIt’s simplistic but often true. So if you want to feel good about this one, that’s all you need to know. When I first heard O’Neal got traded for Marion, I was happy. Then I heard Marcus Banks was coming… Read more »

Bargnani and Solomon charge down Heat

Bargnani started and looked pretty damn good Heat 96, Raptors 107 If you take any great pleasure out of beating the Heat in your own backyard you’re probably the type that likes to post-up your five year old nephew and trash talk after each score. Nothing wrong with that except you’d be thinking too highly… Read more »


Heat preview, podcast and RR is your TV today

Miami in town today and what’s so special about them? Instead of the boring mugshots every NBA team uses they’re dressed up like the Reservoir Dogs. Classy to say the least, except for Chris Quinn who looks a lot like…well…Chris Quinn. I previewed the game by talking to Mike Wallace of the Miami Herald. Some… Read more »


Unmotivated Raptors crawl past Heat, get Magic in playoffs

Miami Heat 75, Toronto Raptors 91 Before the game Chris Bosh was asked to speak to the crowd and he mumbled something about how great the fans were and how they appreciated us coming out and so on. Then he said something that caught me by surprise, Bosh goes, “we’ve had a great season”. Haha… Read more »


“If your team sucks, it may as well be in Miami”

Toronto Raptors 114, Miami Heat 82 That’s Charles Barkley’s take on the Heat. It’s also what’s keeping Riley from jumping off the nearest bridge. In all the years of watching Riley coach, this is the first one where he seems calm and serene even when his team’s getting pounded to the tune of 40 points…. Read more »