Kyrie Irving

Lowered Expectations


Wolves fans can relate with the current Raptors situation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily help you.


Gameday: Raptors vs Timberwolves – Mar. 22/10


Crawl. Walk. Run. Stumble. Fall. Get up….? This is where we are with this squad right now. Every single playoff team is running into the post-season except the Raptors, who have the luxury of stumbling in because the Bulls are absolutely brutalized by injury. 14 games left in the season, and there is major talk… Read more »


Podcast: Weekly Review/Preview


A quick one today. Another roller-coaster week, two disappointing losses sandwiched between an expected and an unexpected win. With injuries to Bargnani and Calderon, there was a chance for some reserves to make their mark and Jarrett Jack made the most of the opportunity. Sonny Weems had a nice run against Houston which many of… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Timberwolves – Dec. 8/09


The first danger tonight is playing down to the level of your opposition, the second one is underestimating Minnesota by judging them based on their 3-17 record. If we bring the seriousness and effort we played the last two games with, this one will be ours, but so often have we seen the Raptors drop… Read more »