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Raptors Weekly Podcast, June 30 – Caboclo Tease, Totally Not Jose Calderon



A packed pod with Andrew, Tim, Will and Zarar looks back on draft night and into the near and distant future while commenting on Russian thuggery.

Toronto Raptors Draft History Over Last Decade (With Hindsight)



With the benefit of hindsight, we look across the decade to the Raptors and how the’ve fared at drafting.

Doctor Is In Podcast, May 23 – Big Board 1.0: It’s a Draft Extravaganza



The Doctor unveils the draft season’s first Big Board as the crew give their view on the NBA draft, the combine, and what the Raptors need to do.

Rapcast #184 – Doc Is In: Legit Contenders? Fickle Fans, Overrated Draft? #Tank4Bosh, Deng-Bynum Trade



This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, we talk whether the Raptors are serious contenders, what to do with Kyle Lowry, should Bryan Colangelo be thanked, and lots more.

Big Board: Raptors leaning towards Avery Bradley



Assuming that the ping pong balls on Tuesday night keep everything the same, and that the Raptors pick at #13, look for the Raptors to draft 19 year old Avery Bradley, the 6’3″ Texas guard.

Rapcast #74: Talking NBA draft with Chris Denker + The Big Board



This week on The Doctor Is In, Chris Denker, basketball scout and Managing Partner of NetScouts Basketball drops by to talk about the updated big board (also seen below) and who the Raps may have their eye on.

NBA Lottery results no good for Raptors



The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days. The Bulls won the NBA lottery which sets the stage for John Paxson to do something really funky with the #1 pick – like draft a Euro and ignoring the plethora of NCAA talent. Lightning doesn’t strike twice and he’ll end up bringing Derrick Rose   …Continue Reading

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