Scanning the scene


Colangelo’s labeled the Raptors as “buyers” this trade deadline but what exactly he’s buying is anybody’s guess. It could be a tweak for salary cap reasons or it could be a mini-overhaul of a position, the rumour mill has us interested in Josh Howard, a player that was mentioned last year around this time. You have to believe that where there’s smoke there’s fire which means Colangelo is at least open to the possibility of a shake-up as long as it makes sense. The 2/3 positions have given us minimal point production this year (21st, 22nd in the league) as Turkoglu has failed to get himself going and DeRozan and Belinelli struggle with consistency. Is this reason enough to address the wing spot?


Raptors disappoint as trade deadline passes


Remember our three off-season acquisitions which Colangelo insisted made up the best Raptor team he’s built? Jermaine O’Neal, Hassan Adams and Will Solomon are all off the roster as Colangelo’s officially gone 0-3 for the summer. Nice job guy. I was expecting Anthony Parker to be moved and the only reason that I can think… Read more »