Gameday: Raptors vs Magic – Dec. 16/09

So much for unfounded optimism in calling games (my pre-game call), I will be sticking to my gut feeling from now on (my podcast call). Pitiful display by the Raptors last night. We’ve owned the Heat over the last few seasons, so you knew they were due for a win, but not like that. After… Read more »


Podcast: Weekly Review/Preview

A quick one today. Another roller-coaster week, two disappointing losses sandwiched between an expected and an unexpected win. With injuries to Bargnani and Calderon, there was a chance for some reserves to make their mark and Jarrett Jack made the most of the opportunity. Sonny Weems had a nice run against Houston which many of… Read more »


Raptors Roll Call Nov 22 vs Magic

The “who’s your daddy” edition. Banks – he was in uniform tonight. Really. Only person more pissed off than a Raptors fan should be is Marcus’ dry cleaner. Bargnani – a board shy of his third straight double double. Entered the game feeling under the weather and it showed. Fouled out late 4th quarter. Looked… Read more »


How bad do we want revenge?

There will be no Vince Carter tribute at the ACC because he declined any such possible ovation/appreciation/boos. Turns out he’s smart enough to figure out that half the fans in the building wouldn’t stick to what the jumbotron tells them to do and would start raining down cat-calls and boos and showing off their Jorge… Read more »


It’s only pre-season…oh wait

Soooooooooo……….where’s that defense you been talking about? Magic 125, Raptors 116 – Box Caught this one on the PVR knowing the Raptors had lost. Was expecting a total crap performance and true to rumour, they started out like they finished in Memphis – spreading the cheeks wide open for unproven perimeter players. This time it… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Gameday: Raptors vs Magic – Nov. 1/09

Wow, Friday against the Grizz didn’t work out at all. The Raptors looked like…the Raptors. They were getting burned from the perimeter, interior defense was suspect, team rebounding was non-existent, they weren’t sharing the ball, and weren’t hitting their shots. Perfect storm. Today, the Magic roll into town, and the unspoken rivalry is born again.


How The Raptors Stack Up Against The Rest Of The Atlantic

After a pitiful 33-49 season, Colangelo replaced two starters, the first five guys off the bench, and 2 of the last 5 at the end of it. Two make things more interesting, we have a “rookie” head-coach who has to integrate all these parts while trying to get this team into the playoffs, and possibly… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Talking Draft with Chris Denker Part 1

I’ve had the pleasure of trading some tweets/emails with Chris Denker, Managing Partner at NetScouts Basketball. Chris has a wealth of experience in the basketball industry accumulating over 22 years as a coach, scout, advance scout, video editor, clinician, consultant, writer, and administrator. Chris Denker is a 14 year veteran of NCAA Division I basketball… Read more »


Raps Fan’s 3 Point Shot

1) Pritchard, for reasons unknown, comes calling with a straight up trade of Oden for Bargnani. Do you make it? 2) What do you think this big announcement Chris Bosh has been advertising for June 1st will be? How disappointed do you think we will be? 3) Who’s got the Magic tonight? Who’s got the… Read more »