Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Will the real Raptors please stand up?

The Bosh-Howard matchup rarely disappoints. Raptors 99, Magic 95 A man can try to watch a game on tape-delay without knowing the score, he can try to avoid all human contact, he can answer the phone with a warning instead of a hello, he can not check his email, he can cover his ears in… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Alice Fine She Aint: Raptor Fail

“Yes Dwight, it does feel tighter” Grab the Opening Tip. Sorry Dinosty, don’t mean to bastardize your family tradition here, but duty calls. I sat down to write the Pre-Game for Orlando, when I realized it was a waste of time (I’m still gonna do it, don’t worry). If the Raptors got Bucked by a… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Free Ukic and good things “Will” happen!

Howard’s second foul was key in the Raptors’ great first quarter. Magic 102, Raptors 108 Sorry for the lateness of this post-game, but after the Raptors notched their second quality win of the season (second of 2009, both without JO…), Realizar, Arsenalist, Dinosty and me went to Philthy’s to celebrate, a drink led to a… Read more »


Offense chokes in the fourth as Raptors exit NBA playoffs

Toronto Raptors 92, Orlando Magic 102 As I watched the final two minutes tick away on mute I realized that this was my least favorite Raptors team ever. Yes, even worse than that third year crew that went 16-66. It’s probably because with that team there were no expectations or hype, just a hope to… Read more »


Just win, baby!

For all practical purposes this series is over, the chance of a Raptors series win is 1.69% since only 2 out of 118 teams have come back to win after taking a a 3-1 deficit on the road. I can also guarantee you that those two teams didn’t have a defense that could be broken… Read more »


Eventually the Magic were going to make their threes

Orlando Magic 106, Toronto Raptors 94 The thing we feared finally happened, Orlando started hitting their threes. They were getting wide open looks for the fourth game in a row and it was only a matter of time before they started going in. That time came in the second half of Game 4 where the… Read more »


Series hinges on pivotal Game 4

The good feelings after Game 3 should be wearing off by now and the stark reality should be setting in. If we don’t win pivotal Game 4, this series is practically over. A repeat performance is very much needed and there’s little reason to believe that it can’t happen. The Magic will no doubt come… Read more »


Game 3: Raptors fight past Magic but its only one game

Orlando Magic 94, Toronto Raptors 108 Excellent performance, great win, but the job’s not yet done. Before we get carried away we need to realize that this game will mean little if we have a letdown on Saturday and head back to Orlando down 3-1. I’ll just say a few more words of caution before… Read more »


Game 3 Preview: Sea of Red looks to even series

It’s do or die time, no exaggeration. If we lose Game 3, there won’t even be a point in continuing in the series and we may as well empty out the bench and get Maceo Baston some playoff experience in Game 4. The Raptors have their backs against the perennial wall but lucky for them… Read more »