Beyond the Raptors: Kevin McElroy & The Knicks

In order to give Arsenalist a break from his insane-post-a-day commitment, I had the chance to sit down with Kevin McElroy, über blogger from the ESPN TrueHoop Affiliate Knickerblogger, to talk about the Knicks, the Eastern Conference and the Raptors


Gameday: Raptors vs 76ers – Mar. 7/10

The Raptors are 1-0 during this must win stretch, which goes till the last game of the season against the Knicks. When I said that every game is a must win from here on in, I meant that each game must be approached as if they are. With Toronto and Milwaukee currently tied for 5th,… Read more »


It’s not how you start…

Raptors 108, 76ers 106 You know that Turkoglu commercial that looks like it’s been shot with an iPhone where he’s chomping pizza? I honestly think that’s how he is in real life, just too bloody laid back. At the tail end of a 0-assist stinker he had two chances to be the hero but faltered,… Read more »