With the glitz and glamour surrounding NBA All-Star weekend, we thought we’d use this moment to drop some fresh extra flavour to ‘the game’ by releasing the premiere episode of our new RRTV original weekly series called LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!


Morning Coffee – Feb 11

In five minutes, Evans never lost sight of what makes him tick and what qualities he brings to Toronto's table.

As expected, he lost his wind about two minutes into his debut.

Not surprisingly, he tried things he would normally not attempt, understandable given how excited he appeared.

All in all, it was quite the debut, a coming-out party that has no parallel in Raptors history.


Morning Coffee – Feb 10

No matter who’s in town the Toronto Raptors continue to win at home. The suddenly surging Philadelphia 76ers, however, might have a good chance to change that.


Morning Coffee – Feb 9

Head coach Jay Triano marvels at the fact that Evans could be out as long as he has with an injury that immobilized him for much of his almost four months and not add a single pound to his bulky 245-pound frame.

Evans though sends the credit for that to the trio of assistant trainers Rory Mullin and Ray Chow and assistant strength coach Jonny Lee.


Morning Coffee – Feb 8

For the better part of three quarters, the Raptors do enough good things and just enough bad things to keep a game close. But with the game on the line, these Raptors find a way to close things out and that more than any reason is why they have won nine of their past 12 and are openly talking about a playoff push and even home court advantage for the early going.


Morning Coffee – Feb 7

At one point on Friday, Turkoglu made reference to a doctor suggesting he wear the mask for six weeks to allow for proper healing.

He may be wearing it now, but a betting man wouldn’t give the mask much more than a week or two at the very longest the way Turkoglu was talking Saturday.


Morning Coffee – Feb 6

The only injured Raptor not named Reggie Evans who is expected to be a question at all for Sunday is Jose Calderon.


Morning Coffee – Feb 5

Now at the 50 game mark, the Toronto Raptors players have put together their second five game winning streak of the season and are no longer considered to have only a marginal shot at the playoffs by those in the know. Assuming one believes ESPN knows everything.


Morning Coffee – Feb 4

Turkoglu is one of those high maintenance kind of players who needs to have things precisely right, both on and off the court.

A few years ago, he broke his nose as a member of the Orlando Magic. Turkoglu wore a mask for one game before discarding it because the apparatus proved too cumbersome.


Morning Coffee – Feb 3

And as was the case for 47 of the 48 minutes on Sunday, the Raptors had to play without Hedo Turkoglu. The small forward suffered a small fracture of the orbital bone under his right eye early in the last game, and without a mask to properly fit him, he did not play in the rematch against Indiana.