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Raptors save $12.4M in Rudy Gay Deal: Here’s How



Here’s what matters in the Gay deal.

The Raptors, Chris Bosh, and the salary cap



The Raptors will no doubt renounce the rights to O’Bryant, Wright and Nesterovic thus freeing up a cap-hold of $5.57M. This amount would otherwise be counted against the cap when making any transactions. The only question is whether they will renounce Amir Johnson or not. His cap-hold is $7.88M.

Bargnani extended, salary cap, pick barter



Put your money where your mouth is! Two major items this morning. The NBA’s moratorium period has ended and they have released the salary cap and tax level number for the upcoming season. The salary cap will be $57.7 million and the tax level is $69.92 million. The previous year’s salary cap was $58.68 million   …Continue Reading

Hassan Adams deal + Salary cap + Signings from elsewhere + Las Vegas


Kyrie Irving

Good morning. Hassan Adams signed a 2-year deal with the Raptors on Tuesday. Terms aren’t disclosed but I’m thinking its Jamario Moon Year 1 money which was around half a million per year. A nice chunk of change just to warm a bench, or at least I’m hoping he’s going to warm a bench while   …Continue Reading

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